Canon Thursday Photo #52

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by lgw, Dec 29, 2016.

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    Let's get the last week of the year under way. While there were many things to photograph at Rockefeller Plaza, the flags catching the breeze captured my attention. What got yours? Happy New Year everyone.
  2. A white Christmas morning in the San Gabriel mountains of Southern California with Mount Baldy the highest peak.
  3. Bethlehem Steel
  4. Canada Goose Takes Off
    Big Buck Considers Taking A Drink
    Canada Geese Take Off In Front Of Rocky Mountains
  5. French Empire in America
  6. Don't really have anything to show. A very simple portrait of my grandson taken on Christmas Day.
  7. Puppy enjoying the destruction of a small stick.
  8. The usual from me
  9. Thanks Laura for the kickoff.
    Was kinda bored today, so i went to the zoo. Not a good idea during school holidays. Had to park at isle Y (off A-Z)
    Never seen this place so busy.
    Still have to process the photo's, just got in.. so here's some from last week in Amsterdam.
  10. ever changing colors
  11. inspired on the Tom Waits song: What's He Building In There.
  12. These decorations has been the same for the last thirty more years. Nothing new. Just different angle.
  13. Ring-necked duck.
  14. Canon 5D Mark IV - Canon 17-40mm F/4 L
  15. Mark, is that Pigeon Point?
  16. Hi Laura, I had to look that up. Yes, I believe it is Pigeon's Pont. We were driving back to San Francisco from Santa Cruz. We had spent the last few days driving the California coastline from Big Sur to San Francisco.
  17. Canon 5D Mark IV - Canon 17-40mm F/4 L
  18. Canon 5D Mark IV - Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8
  19. Mark,
    That's a nice stretch of road. I did a lot of hitchiking on it. Fortunately the scenery is so good that it's not a problem to get stuck for a few hours in any location. My grandfather photographed the same lighthouse back around 1960, maybe earlier. I still have his home processed prints. I was visiting family in the Bay Area about 10 years ago and we went out to visit the location. It's familiar to me for many reasons. I hope you had a great time. Looks like you had some fine weather.
  20. A walk in the woods.
  21. That's a nice stretch of road.​
    Yes it is and very beautiful scenery. I also noticed there is no cell phone service up around Big Sur for many miles in both directions, I checked on two different carriers. It is a remote area. Being over the Holiday week, there were a lot of folks up there but spread out over 60 miles or so.
    Seemed to notice the crowds at the places to eat. The weather on Thursday got up into the 70's in the sun and was great. It does tend to dip down a bit at night. But those dips are a far cry from the 17 degrees last week in Bucks County., PA.
    It would be interesting to see how much has changed in over 50 years. Maybe try to shoot the same shots today with as close a lens as you could to what your grandfather used in the 60's. Then view the shots side by side comparing then and now, the cars for sure. Perhaps some of the landscape. What does the ocean do to the coast in 50 years, what changed?
    I am having a blast with so many photo opportunities.
  22. A snowman near our neighborhood that my wife found...

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