Canon Thursday Photo #51

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by robinsmith, Dec 21, 2016.

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    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all Photonetters! Show us your pick for this week.
  2. Here's a single shot I took before going into London to see the lights.
  3. This really isn't a good photo by any standards. But it's a funny story. My mother owns a small forest through which the local government laid down a public walk path. For the last 5 years, at Christmas, someone who remains anonymous keeps decorating. It is Christmas trees with lights in them, small scenes with Santas and colorful decorations and glitter everywhere. It is removed as suddenly as it appears. It's always interesting to see what's new this year.
  4. Here's a few from the Amsterdam Lght Festival.
    We started with a boat trip (Lovers semi open boat, open sides but with roof, hard to find on the webside, but they are there..) , then took the Metro (subway) to Waterlooplein.
    it was a nice evening for a city walk.
    First one is the Amstel. I think i was on Blauwbrug taking the photo.
  5. One of the installations, from the boat..
  6. And another Rainbow bridge.Not as spectacular as the one in Arizona, but a lot closer...
    taken from the boat. More to come next week.
  7. Big Buck In Sub-zero Snow
    Pink Clouds At Dusk
    Flehmen Response
  8. A red-bellied woodpecker visits my feeder on a -15F day.
  9. A very interesting tree.
  10. Interesting tree #2.
  11. Interesting tree #3.
  12. A classic camera now, I'd argue, but early Canon EOS - Canon 20D
    picking up on Lindsborg, KS, from another forum.
  13. JDM von Weinberg; that's so interesting (I'm Swedish). "Herrans ord blifven evinnerligen" means, freely translated, "The word of the Lord are forever". Did not know there was a large Swedish settlement in Kansas.
  14. This is my only usable image from this week! Reduced to cat portraits....
  15. Bill Todd, I loved your B&W study of that wonderful old tree.
  16. Not from last week, but I want to see some colour:
  17. My Buddy Logan a real sweetheart.
  18. Merry Christmas
  19. Pushed exposure a bit on this.
  20. Canon 5D Mark IV with Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8

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