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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Feb 29, 2012.

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    Happy Thursday everyone! March is here and I hope everyone had a great Leap Day. For once I actually have an abundance of photos to choose from to open this week's thread. I shot birds, college basketball, and baseball this week; which are Louisville Cardinals so I guess they can be considered birds, too. Well, you guys know my soft spot, so the photo I chose should come as no surprise to anyone. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. Friday to drive 2 1/2 hours to get the first light at a birding hotspot. The weather didn't cooperate for the sunrise so the early rise was kind of unnecessary, but we still witnessed some amazing wildlife. It was definitely worth the trip and we'll be going back. Here is one of about 10 Whooping Cranes we saw that day. There's no way to describe the feeling of watching such a majestic bird.
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  3. I'll throw a bird in this week. Went out to try out new lens. I could use a little more practice for sure on moving subjects and remember to switch auto focus modes. Canon 7D ISO 200 1/1600 f4.5 Canon 70-200 f2.8L zoom.
  4. Went out this morning to get some atmospheric mist shots, came away with this.
  5. This week we caught some sunshine and warm enough weather for me to get outside and try out my (new to me) 1D Mk. II and my (new to me) Sigma 120-300 f2.8 HSM lens. I have to say I am pleased with the combination.
    Canon EOS-1D II, Sigma 120-300 f2.8 OS HSM, f3.2, 1/1250th, ISO 200
  6. I just got the Kenko extension tube set and needed a subject to test them on to make sure they worked. They did. This is a few cashews piled up on a white paper towel. I used the on camera flash but it didn't do much this close to the subject.
    Canon XSi with 18-55 is @55 with all three Kenko extension tubes, f/36, 1/100s, iso 800
  7. [​IMG]
    Dolomite Peak, viewed from the summit of Cirque Peak. The glaciated peak top right is Mount Hector, which I haven't climbed yet. I shot this photo a few weeks ago. I'm grounded right now due to high avalanche danger - time for processing photos!
  8. Wow! I haven't had a chance to view, much less submit, an EOS POTW for many weeks. Last Sunday, however, I saw a commercial mural I just had to capture and post. So, I'll be #3 this week if I hurry...
    This mural was painted on the side of a small store with the interesting name "Big Chic of Monticello, Georgia". Not sure if, much less how, they relate. For some reason my teenage son did not appreciate the bathroom humor as I had expected. Oh well, who can guess about teenagers!
    The brick, domed Jasper County courthouse and square are often photographed as an example of a quaint, small Georgia town. There really are a few left.
    Technical details: 2/26/12, 2:55 pm, TV=1/125 sec, Av=f/7.1, ISO 100 (manual Av/TV with Auto ISO), no flash, EFS 18-55mm IS lens at 18mm.
    So much for third! Oh well, that's what it would have been if I'd uploaded it without the story. ;-(
  9. Hudson River landscape
  10. 5D2, 24/1.4, f2.8 at 1/25, ISO 800
  11. [​IMG]
    Canon Elan 7, Kodak 400VC, lens: unknown
  12. Some truly beautiful and inspiring shots already this week. Here is a Black Crowned Night Heron I shot at a nearby wildlife reserve early last week. I had gotten the juvenile form standing a few weeks ago and was fortunate to get this adult in the air.
  13. I found this little chap on the way home from photographing my wife riding
    7D+300/4+1.4x. 1/400, f5.6, iso-400, +1/3 ev
  14. [​IMG]
    I spent a few days in Athens this week.
  15. Nothing special, but it made me happy to verify Canon 15-85 handles flares pretty well. Shot with a 7D:
  16. Got a new TS-E lens. Huzzah!
  17. When I think they can't get any better, you folks prove me wrong. Wow, superb start this week!
    I shot nothing this past week. Here's one from a few weeks back.
  18. Here's a random one I found in among my archives.
    Tech info: ISO 400, f/2.8, 1/250, 75mm
  19. Our school's spring musical opens this weekend so I shot one of the dress rehearsals. I don't know who this young lady is but I may have to find out and give her a print.
  20. That photo of Bonnie is superb. Thanks for sharing Bruce Gibson
  21. Good Morning. Here is a trio of Gadwalls enjoying the afternoon sun..
  22. [​IMG]
    5dc and 24 1.4
  23. Many nice images already, keep 'em coming!
    Robert- I'm sure that the girl's family would cherish such an image. A beautiful capture.
    Here's another from last year at Wall Stadium, can't wait for the season to start at the end of the month.
  24. Great shots, and i too hope that Bonnie gets her rabbit!
    I did get out and take a few shots this week, and I'll submit this one from Sunday night.
  25. [​IMG]
    XTi w/ Tamron 28-75 SP
  26. kts


    a cat doing what cat's like to do......laying out in the sun.
    from monday afternoon at the metroparks zoo
  27. Shonan - Japan
  28. Today a.m. first jasmines of the season. Canon 10D, Canon 20-35mm.
  29. LOL at the Bearlax. Enjoyed also the rest of the contributions. This is not on a par with them, but I stepped out to attach the new license plate stickers and it felt almost like spring. Of course when we really get in to March there will probably be (ugh) snow. In like a lamb etc.. Canon T2i kit lens.
  30. Mt. Tamalpais & Barbed Wire
    (to borrow Simon's words somewhat) An element of friction against something calm.
    Hiking up the steep Miwok Trail last Sunday morning and looking north here.
    EOS 7D + 24-70 2.8L.
    - Robert C. - a VERY excellent portrait!
    - Mark K. - super flower arrangement photo.
    - Horse: boat! Love it.
    - Phil: what an excellent heron shot.
    - Jeff: rock-n-roll portraiture, one of your best.
    Those five quickly stood out to me on the first page. Every photo seems pretty good already. Now, with the extra day last month, will this thread break 80?
  31. Randall: classy HDR! Looks great.
  32. [​IMG]
    Doing some HDR work on Mt. St. Helens from a few years ago.
  33. acm


    Phil Richardson,
    Superb job this!
  34. Neville Guitar
  35. [​IMG]
    5DMII + Sigma 50mm/1.4 @ 1.4
  36. [​IMG]

    Auction Day

    Amish horse and buggies parked outside of an auction house in rural Elkhart County, Indiana
  37. 7D, Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, iso 200
  38. Hope I am not the last contributor as I was the last weeks.
  39. Plus 1
  40. Enjoying this lens!
  41. variation to last weeks theme.
  42. [​IMG]


    Camera: Canon EOS 7D
    Lens: Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L USM
    Exposure Program: Manual
    Exposure: 0.004 sec (1/250)
    Aperture: f/13.0
    Focal Length: 70 mm
    ISO Speed: 100
    Exposure Bias: 0 EV
    Flash: Off, Did not fire

    200ws strobe with a 16" beauty dish attached as the keylight. High camera center.
    200ws strobe with a 24x36" softbox attached as the rim light. Behind model camera right.
    Triggered with Phottix Strato II wireless triggers.
  43. Last Friday afternoon at the farm.
  44. Last Friday afternoon at a friend's farm.
  45. Happy Canon Thursday everyone.

    Well I Just got home from work and Nathan has set the tone with that great shot of the Whooping Crane, Nathan did you throw him in the laundry with bleach, wow he is so clean. Great shot.

    Jeff, nice concert shot.

    John C. the 7D is working nicely, great detal.

    Scott F. where is that? Looks like you went a million years back in time and I am looking for a dinosaur. lol, neat shot.

    Brian W. super shot capturing the little one. I really like how you caught her in a patch of sun light really creating a nice contrast. Great tone and that Sigma is giving a nice Bokeh. This will be a great keeper looking back years from now.

    Andrew - wow cashews, they are huge! lol. I first thought it was ice cream. :)

    Arie, great country for photos!

    Larry, very cool Bearlax ad, never seen or heard of it.
    Nice light and Blue sky. I have a late night shot of cool old ad painted on a building, but need to catch it again in daylight. When I do will have to submit it in Canon Thursday forum.

    Robin, nice open space shot across the river.

    Horse I'm ready to go fishing. Looks like a litte HDR. Nice.

    Nice tone Mike.

    Rob, nice composition, wow. Great eye.

    Phil, :) gotta love the 7D

    Lupo, your are not making it easy for me to get through these shots, I'm hungry and now I have to go make super. lol.

    Great shots gang!

    Will try to continue this after super and find which shot to submit this week.
  46. English Coin

    Today I acquired a bellows attachment. The coin dates from 1816 and is in a box I inherited. EOS 7D Canon 100mm macro. Liveview to focus.
  47. Mark,
    Thanks, no dinosaurs but lots of alligators. It is, unbelievably, a man made wetland that is the final stage in processing sewerage from the greater Orlando area. Unlike Nathan's two and a half hour drive, it is about twenty minutes from where I am staying.
    It is a shame the image is so small, the actual subject is the dew filled spiders web on the hockey stick shaped brown reed, but it doesn't translate as well at 700 pixels :)
    Thanks again, Scott.
  48. A hole to see the sky through – inside an ice cave at Svínafellsjökull glacier, Iceland.
  49. Wow, there are some really impressive pictures here! Here's one from this past week...
  50. Spring is starting to show here in northern Virginia - the first daffodils turned into a still-life experiment, and we decided we liked this version the best.
  51. Well all done with supper and cleaned up, back to the photos.

    Pete, it look like summer, I see green, a welcome sight. I hear we may be in the 50's or 60's tomorrow here in PA.
    Love the shot, on my monitor the bird just pops.

    Alex, sad image skillfully captured in a photojournalistic reality check.

    Massimo, were you using a filter?

    Danny, nice and great news on a new lens. Sorry, too late to make me hungry, Lupo's shot forced me to make super, but now I am thinking pie and coffee for dessert. lol.

    Mark K, I see you are working on next years Valentine card. ;)

    Mark A.K. Clark Kent's glasses?

    Bruce, perfect caption for a great shot.

    Robert C. Wow, great candle light shot. Makes me want to grab my 7D and get some candles. Nice shot.

    Laura, I hoped I'd find this in your portfolio larger. ;)

    Dan P. self potrait? I like the spacial feel and angles, great composition.

    Randall, love the car shot, tone, contrast and lines on that curve, I couldn't imagine a more perfect position for this shot.

    C Warren, Happy Easter. :)

    Thom, nice, love the color.

    Robert M. - does he see Godzilla?

    John, I see your growing season has already started.. Enjoy.

    Randy, spring will be here soon.

    Ken looks like that fence has been there for a while.

    Robert L. wow looks like Mt. St. Helens has recovered, thinking back at the images after the eruption many years back.

    K.D, do they play a nice as they look. Love guitars,

    Toralf, magical quality, simple, the stone is a nice touch.

    John, it could be an image from Lancaster PA, about 45 miles from me.

    Louis, how do you like that Tamron with the 7D.

    Marcel, the last shot is the coveted bumper shot. Nice shot.

    Jessadang - I haven't played with cross processing techniques, at least not intentionally. One of the reasons I love PN, always cool seeing what other photogoraphers are doing.

    Rich T. - very nice. Great detail.

    Dean - cool.

    Gene, every once in a while we get some coming through the nieghborhood, maybe one day I will have my camera when i see them.

    Adrian, great old coin.

    Martin, very cool, no pun intended.

    Andy, great close up and detail.
    This week is like a class photography seeing so many great shots. Inspiring stuff.

    Well, I'm going to have to dig through my latest shots and try to find something worthy of this weeks Canon gallery.
  52. Love Robert L's shot of Mt St Helens. I really like the tonality of it.
    My contribution of the week. My friend Todd toplighted by the can lights at Black Raven Brewery (Redmond, WA). 5D, ISO 3200, 1/30, f/4, 17~40 @ 40.
  53. This is a recent street photo in New Hope, PA. Canon 5D Canon 100-400mm L @ 390mm F/6.3 Speed 1/400 sec ISO 400
  54. Spring sports have started. I managed to capture this shooting through a chain link fence.
  55. A little late this week.
    Toralf- Incredible photo. The composition is spot on and the DOF is perfect.
    Richard- Astounding detail and color on the butterfly. Well done.
    Three wishes
    40D, FDn 50/3.5 macro, handheld
  56. Mark K,

    I've put the full size version in my portfolio. I also included the source photo, at full size. If you have suggestions for improvement, please let me know. I can think of a few things and I've played with the image a bit.

    Nice to see the shot of New Hope as we'll be down there tomorrow. I have to remember that bakery.
  57. Massimo, were you using a filter?​
    I had a thin Hoya UV filter just for safety
    Toralf, love your picture!
  58. No bleach, those birds are just that incredibly beautiful. It could also be that it's hard not to blow the highlights without
    the rest of the scene being dark.
  59. This 'Twin Sails Bridge' at Poole Harbour is not yet open to the public, but I was nearby when they were testing it. Beautiful.
    Canon 60D 1/400, f13, ISO 200 Tamron lens at 21mm
  60. Scott, I don't think I've ever seen a better looking sewer. :)

    Laura W. - Cool, always like to see the detal and shot blow up full screen. I like how they caught the light, sun looks low on the horizon.

    Massimo - I catch lens flare all the time with my filters, sometimes it cool, other times not so much, since I am into photography I catch myself looking at all photos for all the details, even when I watch movies and TV shows, appreciating the light, composition, angles, tones, contrast when they get it all so perfect and yeah the lens flare too. lol. Those filters are great for protecting the lens, cheap insurance. :)

    Nathan G - wasn't meaning to insinuate it was photoshop whitening. :) They just looked amazing for any bird living in mud and water to look that sparkling. lol. I have had a couple white cats over the years and we also had ducks when I was a kid growing up in Central PA. I know exposure in that situation really compliments the birds. Great presentation, I really like the shot.

    Great shots this week, everyone!
  61. Thanks Randall, Ken and Mark for the comments on the portrait. I was very lucky she stood still for a few seconds.
    Laura - two weeks in a row with the bird trilogy? Can't wait for next Thursday.
    Robert L. B+W, excellent, spot on!
    Toralf - beautiful, simple yet expressive.

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