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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Happy Thursday everyone! I don't know how it is in your area, but the weather is beautiful here in Southern Indiana, which is a bad thing when school projects are bearing down. I found a few minutes this weekend, okay, a few more minutes than I should have, to take the new kayak out and shoot some birds. I drove up to state forest and put it in the lake in hopes of getting closer to the wood ducks. I didn't get the woodies, but I am starting to love it more and more each time I use it. I should have bought one a long time ago. So here's a shot I got from the kayak that I wouldn't have been able to achieve from land. It's a Pied-billed Grebe; I've shot these birds before, with lackluster results, and wondered if a great photo was even possible with such a small, bland bird that rarely takes flight, but I got my answer...$400 later.
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  3. Red surrounded by green.
  4. If anybody tells you pine trees don't loose needles in fall, don't believe it!
  5. Following up on Dennis Zaebst’s great shot of the female Red-breasted Merganser last week here is one I got a while back. Never seen a male. I heard a rumor that these birds are credited with the spike hair craze that started a few years back :)
  6. Nice shot of the Grebe, Nathan.
    Lupo, I see that egg sweating; and I'm sure for good reason too!
    Frank, I believe pine needles are harder to remove than leaves.
    Obligatory iconic postcard shot of the mill.
  7. Last week I showed Martigues, the "Venice of France." This week it's Venice.
    5D2+24-105, 24 mm, f8, iso-200, -1/3 ev
  8. This week it's art.. My niece had another exhibit in Amersfoort last weekend.
    This is part of her installation. Big windows left and right in this room. Hard to get the reflections out of the picture.
  9. Nathan - Glad you have nice weather. Can't say the same for here. Overcast fall days ... makes one think of time passages. This one fits that mood.
  10. This is pretty exciting to folks who look at fungi seriously. It is a full, intact cortina from basal bulb to the top of the cap. This is the fragile web like structure for which the genus Cortinarius is named. A few mature specimens with collapsed cortina had broken through a large bed of moss, but ones in this condition appeared as lumps in the moss bed and were not visible. As the moss and cortina are attached to the cap it's very easy to cause damage. The dark rusty brown spores have begun to fall and collect. Eventually the web will fill up with spores and collapse onto the stipe, looking like a wooly brown tangled mess. These van be very difficult to ID to species and this one is no exception. In over 20 years of looking at fungi I've never seen a member of this genus in this pristine condition, so even if the shot lacks grace, it represents a very nice moment.
  11. Taken last weekend during a stroll through the Wissahickon Creek Park. This 8 mile long park is located entirely within the city of Philadelphia. I've been shooting this park for several years now with the intent to put a photobook together. I hope to have the book done by Thanksgiving.
  12. Try again.
  13. Nathan, and all, I have noticed that our friends over at the Nikon forum have gone to a sort of a "cluster" approach to their Wednesday POW. They can post more than one image as long as the images are related. Any interest in doing the same here?
  14. Here's a shot from a visit from a B-25, "Made in the Shade". The bomber visited Topeka KS for a few days and even offered rides for $400. I chose to take a photo.
  15. My daughter's backyard in the Adirondack Mountains.
  16. Northern Lights at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, South Iceland.
    On last week’s tour we got three nights with good displays of the aurora, but this one was the best.
  17. The weather was lousy, and I forgot my tripod, but still managed to get some fair shots at Cumberland Gap, TN. This one is from Pinnacle Overlook on the Tennessee side, looking toward Middlesboro, KY...
  18. St. Cwyfan's (Eglwys Cwyfan)_The church in the sea... 13th century church, Anglesey
  19. Found some interesting fungus (I believe) growing on a fallen tree in upstate NY. Not sure what it is but perhaps Laura could help me out ;-). There was quite a bit of it around so I imagine it's pretty common, but eye-catching nonetheless.
  20. Halles Abbey Ruins (near Winchcombe England)
    Canon 5D MkIII, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS at 24mm, Av mode, ISO-200, +2/3EV, f/11 resulting in 1/125-sec. hand held, processed with DxO Optics Pro 7.5:
  21. kts


    berea falls
  22. 5D2, EF 100mm f/2.8 macro, ISO 800
  23. Ed V., that is a nice little cluster of Trametes versicolor. Yes, they are very common and widespread, but that doesn't detract from their beauty when fresh. Color can vary and include blue and orange. These can be used to make dye for wool and silk. ;-)
  24. [​IMG]
    Street art in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. 350D, 35mm f/2 @ f/6.3
  25. Lupo, Very creative. Just what I had for breakfast this AM.
    Nice photos everyone.
    John P. from the Nikon Wed. side.
  26. Happy Octoberfest
  27. After the rains we had lately.
  28. Haystack Rock - Canon Beach, Oregon
  29. Gray fall day at the National Wildlife Refuge
  30. Forster's Tern.
  31. Wood Stork, up close and personal. This guy was looking at me as though to say: "Is there a problem here?"
  32. Great shots everyone. Lupo, that sweaty egg really does look nervous!
    This shot is from a Canon, but not an EOS, I hope that's OK. I didn't bring the big camera on the boat, but was able to get a few shots with the S95. Cold in Montana, but fish still got to eat!
  33. Great photos from everyone.
    I finally had the time to use the 50D this week.
  34. Great photos from everyone.
    I finally had the time to use the 50D this week.
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  36. Robert,

    I noticed that, and I like the idea. I'll run it by Josh to make sure that's okay.
  37. Last show of the year at Shuttleworth.
  38. Great shots to all!
    I had planned to go out after birds, but homelife sidetracked me. I did get a decent shot of my cat, Prince Charming, as he attempted to stalk birds in a tree.
  39. Marvelous pictures all. Perhaps someone can help identify this bird for me: Sacramento County, California.
  40. to DL Anderson, Looks like a Black Phoebe (Flycatcher). He's a resident of Northern California and Southwestern U.S.
  41. This was taken Monday at the Stillwater wildlife refuge near Fallon Nevada. I remembered to set my 7d for the fast frame rate and was able to get a series of nice shots of this Egret taking off. I had the 70-200 2.8L with the 2x converter. Now I know what the 600mm and 800mm are for. The birds spooked really easily. They have permanent blinds set up in some places to enable you to get closer to the birds. I just shot form the car as I was a little pressed for time. No wonder Lupo's egg is sweating with that heavy blanket of bacon wrapped around it.
  42. Thank you so much Daniel.
  43. [​IMG]
    Fun Chasing Sheep

    Canon 5DMkIII with 24-70L
  44. The Pelican migration seems to be in full swing here along the Kansas-Missouri border. The Oxbow lake of the Lewis & Clark State Park had somewhere around two thousand Pelicans on it and a few Canadian Geese and one lone Bald Eagle whom was very shy. But with all those birds in the air, who could have resisted!
  45. Nathan, I hope you are enjoying the Kayak, they can be great fun. Last week on a reservoir this gentleman was putting on a skills show. Able to turn on a dime in the middle of a bunch of anchored boats. At least it looked impressive to a non sailor like myself.
  46. JDM,
    Which refuge is that?
  47. Sorry - it's the Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge (link). The university, the Shawnee National Forest, many state parks, and the lake and wildlife places--these are the things that keep me here, despite the "central location"* That same day, I got deer, grebes, geese, a heron, and some other misc. creatures.
    *"central location" is real estate code for "equally far from everywhere"
  48. From last night's landing.
  49. Thanks, JDM. I knew you were in the midwest and that pond looked similar to one at Muscatatuck NWR in Indiana. I'll have to check Crab Orchard out if I'm out that way.
  50. After resurrecting my dead EOS-3, I had to test it. Nothing remarkable on this test roll but all the images came out. I pronounce the patient fit for duty. :)

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