Canon Thursday Photo 2012: #16

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Happy Thursday everyone! Mr. Laur had a nice photo of the space shuttle piggy backing on the 747 for a final time over in the Nikon thread and I wouldn't be surprised to see one pop up here. I shots some ducks myself this week. I went out early one morning to a local wetland and got this shot of a Blue-winged teal drake. Gotta get back to studying...finals week. Can't wait to see all the awesome photos!
  2. For this image of a Braccia, I blended two exposures, one shot at f25 that gives, what is to me, a nicely natural depth of field and falloff, but at this aperture the focal point suffers badly from diffraction, the second was shot at f8, the sharpest point for my lens and body combination. I then took the sharp center and put it on the diffracted full image. I haven't seen this technique outlined before, though of course it is closely related to focus stacking.
  3. 40D
    M42 Vivitar 35mm/2.8 (Tomioka made) with tubes
    He stands against the coming dark...
  4. In the museum.
  5. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

  6. Here's one of those shots you take when you have been waiting forever to get that perfect shot of the Red-tailed Hawk swooping down on it's prey or the American Avocet in breeding plumage taking flight. I had to shoot something to see if the camera still worked so here it is, a Rock Pigeon.
  7. Alice in Wonderland tea party
  8. I spent last Friday at the Oxford University Parks shooting cricket. Cricket may be the summer game, but it certainly didn't feel like the summer.
    The player here was on his first class debut and this was the delivery that gave him his first, first class wicket.
    7D+300/4+1.4x, 1/800, f5.6, ISO-200
  9. Icebergs floating in an unusually calm Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, South Iceland.
  10. Very nice images so far. Beauty of shot, Nathan.
    My son ran in the Boston Marathon this past Monday. I was fortunate enough to have seats at the finish line thanks to my wife's brother who is a VP at John Hancock. Fighting the extreme heat, severe shin splints and fatigue, he managed to cross the finish line 3 hours and 22 minutes after starting. I missed the shot of him running by the grandstand and stopping to give my wife a hug when the two guys behind her stood up, blocking my view. AARGH! His name was inked onto his arm by some one at the start of the race.
  11. Little Blue Heron
  12. A wacky video self portrait made by shooting a picture of myself displayed on a monitor while looking at the small web cam. Then I added weird post processing via onOne software free plug-in.
    20D, EF 50mm f/2.5 Macro, ISO 800
  13. Spring working its way up the slopes of Hawk Mountain. Light moved around with the clouds throughout day and made for pleasantry all around.
  14. I just wanted to catch this backyard rhododendron before it withered away...
    Benton, IN on the Elkhart River 4/15/12
  16. Very nice photos everyone!
    I got my bosses EF 400 f2.8 this past weekend but had little time to use it. This turtle came out to sun himself on the log as it floated around the lily pads.
  17. My 2 year old grand daughter running around the yard yesterday.
  18. [​IMG]Canon T2i, tamron 28-75mm @ 75mm f/7.1, ISO 100, 1/4000th Sec shutter speed
  19. See the hat?
  20. From last summer. 5D2, Canon 50/2.5 Macro, f5.6 at 1/800, ISO 100.
  21. Sunrise on South Carolina coast.
  22. kts


    cool processing on that fly shot David....
    really like those icebergs and reflections Martin...beautifully peaceful
    mine is from Huntington beach on Lake Erie Monday morning......the group of red breasted mergansers in the backround were corralling and feasting on some shiners but as they moved them closer to shore a flock of Bonaparte gulls moved in and starting dive bombing, relegating the mergansers to casual observers
  23. "The one I really wanted! "But "missed!" From a local Farm Pond yesterday.
    Great shots this week, and I'm priviledged to get to participate!
    Jim j.
  24. Great Horned Owl
    Canon 7D, EF 500mm f/4L IS, EF 1.4x TC, Induro C414 Tripod, Arca-Swiss Z1 ballhead, Wimberley Sidekick, Av Mode, ISO 400, +2/3EV, f/10, resulting in 1/320-sec:
  25. Just Walkin'
  26. Waiting for the sunset at Fort Bragg California. 5d Mk2 70-200 2.8L 1/800 f/2.8 ISO 200
  27. The kiwi plant is showing flowerbuds.. 5d2, 50 macro
  28. Visited the Lincoln Memorial during my kids' spring break. I decided to try a different view looking up one of the columns.
    XSi, 18-55 is @ 25mm, f/16, 1/6 s, iso 400
  29. I went for a walk yesterday looking for abstract views of architecture, statuary and artworks in the Seattle area. This is a shot of some artwork I found at Myrtle Edwards Park along the Seattle waterfront.
  30. Self portrait with my mom in the Carneros wine region last week. She likes to visit me every April and we always have a lot of fun!
    EOS 7D, 24-70 lens. (resized to 700 px wide with MS Paint -- LOL!)
    (And Nathan - that duck photo is one of your BEST) (creative self-portrait Louis) (WAH to go! John with your Fort Bragg shot)
  31. Great photo's again this week.
    Here is my contribution:
  32. Rape Fields of England
  33. Now I see how it happens!
  34. Rented an MP-E65 f2.8 Marco Lens and a MT-24EX Macro Flash for a week recently (spring break). Had lots of fun, and learned a lot about Uber Macro (thank you Canon for live view!). This is a herd of aphids indulging in one of my rose blossoms from the garden at 4 times life size. Only the smallest specimens seemed to stay in place, the larger ones quickly vacated.
  35. Father Goose...
  36. Airborne...
  37. Incredible stuff as usual. My 70 - 300 seems to be having problems but I manged to get this at my first track meet of the year.
  38. Ken-Thanks for the shout out.
  39. Happy Canon Thursday
    Canon 40D - Canon 17-40mm L - 40mm - 1/20 sec - f/4 - 400 ISO
  40. A lot of great work and variety again this week gang.
    Louis, that self portrait has the feel of an interrupted news spot from the 70's or early 80's, can almost hear the static.
    From New Egypt Speedway this past Saturday.
  41. [​IMG]
    350D, 35mm f/2 @ f/4
  42. A huge crop from a 7D image (about 7% of the original). 7D, ISO 400; 500 mm f/4 L IS; f/8; 1/3200 sec.
  43. Thom, thanks for the compliment.
    John C, wonderful shot of the Fort Bragg area. I ride my motorcycle up there every chance I get. One of the best places on earth.
  44. Sorry, out of town at a professional meeting.
    but on the "better late than never" principle:
    I think a Rock Wren, but could it be a Cactus Wren? This cutie was at the Grand Canyon South Rim.

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