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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Dec 21, 2011.

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    Happy Thursday everyone! I've spent the past week taking photos at my dad's annual basketball tournament; he's the director of one of the nation's premiere high school basketball tournaments right in the heart of basketball country, Kentucky. The championship game was tonight and Christ Presbyterian from Nashville, TN took home the title. I asked a couple questions earlier in the week about remote triggers for my 'behind the rim' mounted camera. Here is a photo from that camera from tonight's game. The player is tournament MVP Jalen Lindsey.
    Numbers have been down lately; don't let the cold weather keep you from getting out and shooting. Let's see those photos!
  2. [​IMG]
    350D, 85mm f/1.8 @ f/1.8
  3. Winter solstice at the lake
  4. Long winter nights.
    Merry Christmas to everyone.
  5. 5D2, Contax Zeiss 50/1.4, about f2 at 1/40, ISO 3200
  6. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    This happened during an exorcism. I feel much better now that it's been banished from my system.
  7. This shot was one of a series published on the Guardian web site.
    5D + 24-105, f5.6, 1/250, iso-400, -1 ev
  8. Sebastian
  9. First thin tiles of ice on park ponds and canals... Cold and damp, but this does not intimidate photographers and... happy mothers ;)
  10. I was able to get close to this Egret.
  11. [​IMG]
    Canon 5d with 50mm 1.4
  12. Excellent shot, Nathan! I'd like to see the rig you used to attach the camera to the backboard.
    Robin Smith - a good example of how one can break the rules and still come away with a very nice shot!
    Jeff Spirer - Don't move; we've got paramedics on the way.
    I'm away shooting wildlife in a National Park, so I apologize in advance for the bad editing. I just can't edit well on my laptop. Here's one of the many deer I've seen.
  13. Here's another one of "de Staat" a rockband from Holland. This is the singer (Torre Florim), and in the background the keyboard/percussion/vocals (Rocco Bell).
    5DII, 28-80 2.8-4.0 L.
    I should have taken the uv filter off the lens to reduce the light reflection, but in these venues i'm always prepared to flying beer...
    They were using a lot of smoke, sometimes you couldn't see the other side of the stage.
    @ Stijn: where is this? Looks familiar..
  14. @Jan: This is the postoffice in Oldenburg, Germany. Next to the trainstation.
  15. Happy Winter Solstice. This is gravlax. It will cure for the next few days. It will be breakfast on Christmas morning.
  16. Wow! Some great shots here already. Nathan, that's great. I really like the B&W's as well. So who do we think really took that shot of the pines?
    I went to Cape May NJ this past Monday. I am not a beach person, but during the winter I can handle it. The lighthouse at the Cape May Point, with birds.
  17. [​IMG]
    30D and 20-35L
  18. This week, I decided to do some shooting with my 17-year old EOS Rebel G, using the original 35-105mm kit lens and shooting Kodak BW400CN film. I wanted to see if the chromogenic BW film had improved from my last experience with it about 10 years ago. It hasn't.
    Anyway, here's one shot, necessarily the best one of the day, but at least it has some humor...
  19. Went to Pasadena this week to photo the bleachers being set up for the Rose Parade. Saw this interesting wall and gate adjoining a private residence nearby.
  20. On Sunday I headed over to the east side of the Sierra to try some ice climbing. I have seen these two abandoned houses along US 395 between Lee Vining and June Lake many times, but finally stopped to photograph them.
  21. kts


    some really great shots this week....nice work everyone
    had the first snow of the season here on saturday and thankfully it was gone by tuesday......
  22. Mushroom season -- thriving in SF Bay Area in December.
    Photo is from above Bon Tempe Lake (reservoir) last Saturday hiking. Fungi was all over.
    EOS 7D, 35mm (24-7), ISO 400, f/3.5
  23. Chickadee in a Russian olive tree:
    Canon 7D, EF 500mm f/4L IS, Av mode, ISO 800, f/4, +2/3EV resulting in 1/1600-sec.
  24. Nice shots to all you Canon folks again. Robin that is a very Cool shot, no Pun intended:))
    John P. from the Nikon side.
  25. Taken last night at my grand daughters 2nd birthday party. Mother and daughter blowing out the candle.
  26. Not a flower from me this week but my own Christmas/New Year card:
  27. My Dad and brother have arrived from Germany to spend X-mas with us in Ohio.
    20D, 17-85IS, 420ex, flash diffuser
  28. The best part of making Gingerbread Houses - sticky fingers (and sticky table . . . and sticky shirt . . .etc.)
    Merry Christmas!
  29. My daughter's high school drama department is putting on Legally Blond. I did some promo shots for them. Canon 7D, 17-55 f2.8 Softbox to camera right, shoot through umbrella low to camera left.
  30. My granddaughter taking a foul shot.
  31. Nice to have blossoms year-round here in S. Florida. I was playing with the selective focus preset of a free trial version of a "creative effects" plug-in and wanted to see if I could do pretty much the same thing on my own. This is the result:
  32. I just got home this afternoon from a business trip down in Chile, and all-in-all I was quite disappointed with the lack of photo ops I came across. Anyway, in keeping with the bird theme we usually have going on here, I'm submitting this crane reflection. I'm not sure of the species - not sandhill, not whooping... any guesses, birders?
  33. That green grass won't be green too much longer.
    These black posts were put in several years ago but it looks like they've been taking a beating. I imagine there are some cars with dented bumpers thanks to them.
    This is at the end of the street where the beach starts; Lake Michigan is 50 yards from the benches.
  34. Just some interesting bark!
  35. Mr. Farabaugh it is obviously an orthogonal stilted crane. We picked up my son and grandson at the Indianapolis airport which had this tree on display.
  36. Noticed this sunrise outside of my sister-in-law's back door at about 7 in the morning. Grabbed the camera and tripod. Took a bunch of bracketed exposures, and found 4 that I could make an HDR image out of without a ton of ghosting from the tree branches.
  37. I was walking around Annapolis when I spotted this boat decorated for Christmas.
    xsi, 18-55 is @18mm, f/7.1, 1/400s, iso 200
  38. I'm never without a model when I am home. Here is our dog Georgie posing... for free I might add.
  39. Merry Christmas everyone X
  40. Bird fromThailand
    EOS 5DMK2 70-200 f/4 L (no crop)

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