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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Happy Thursday everyone! Halloween has just passed and I've had mine and my fiance's share of chocolate over the last few days. Of course, school is still keeping me busy, but I did make my way up to the Muscatatuck NWR in Indiana to see what kind of wildlife was around. I found this American Coot swimming around in a pond. This was the first time for me seeing one. I also saw a few Pied Billed Grebes for the first time. I went to see if Sandhill Cranes had arrived yet and while I didn't see any, it was still a succssful day. Can't wait to see your photos!
  2. Early snow in the northeastern US
  3. Earth Signs
    I chose this for the high color contrast and an intriguing work of art on the SF Embarcadero at Pier 14 that has fascinated me since its install 15 mos. ago. It's a bit steampunk.
    Raygun Gothic Rocketship. How far do you want to go? How much do you have to risk -- to Barnard's Star or to the red dwarf Proxima Centauri ("Alpha Centauri C")?

    Shot 10 mins. before sunrise last Friday the 28th.
    EOS 7D - ISO 800, -2/3 EC, f/3.5, 16-35 lens.
  4. [​IMG]

    Camera: Canon EOS 50D
    Lens: Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM
    Exposure Program: Aperture-priority AE
    Exposure: 0.001 sec (1/1000)
    Aperture: f/1.4
    Focal Length: 50 mm
    ISO Speed: 160
    Exposure Bias: +1/3 EV
    Flash: Off, Did not fire
  5. Fall in Eastern Pennsylvania
  6. [​IMG]
    350D, 50mm f/1.8 @ f/1.8
  7. T2i / 17-55mm 2.8.
  8. Cheesequake State Park, NJ
  9. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Dia de los muertos
  10. Yesterday morning the river was glassy smooth. A juvenile bald eagle passed by driving the all the ducks away.
  11. Some really great images so far, that bagel is making me feel fantastically hungry though.. First time contribution, though I've been checking these EOS Photo Thursdays for several months
    7D, 24-105 - The view from my window in the morning
  12. This is a shot from 2 years ago, taken in Ypres on a weekend away celebrating our wedding anniversary.
    I sat outside the Cloth Hall and immediately saw the possibilities for the shot I wanted and it took no more than 5-10 minutes to get this one.
    5D+24-105; 1/40, f8, iso-50
  13. Chilly morning, clear sky ... Perfect for a walk.
  14. I took this shot from my backyard which overlooks the local high school stadium. Took quite a lot of post work though since I intentionally underexpose because I only have the 300 f/4 IS USM.
    Technical Information:
    • Camera: Canon EOS 7D
    • Flash: No
    • ISO: 3200
    • Lens: Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS USM
    • Focal Length: 300mm
    • Aperture: 4.0
    • Shutter: 1/320
    • Exposure Adjustment:-1
    • White Balance: Auto
  15. 5D2, Contax Zeiss 50/1.4 Planar, about f2 at 1/30, ISO 3200
  16. It is getting cooler in Florida and the alligators are beginning to come out of the water to stay warm.
  17. Nice photos - lots of early morning light highlighted already this week. That alligator would be something to find in your back yard, Bill K! Here's a scene that caught my eye as I drove from northerrn Virginia to Richmond yesterday morning - I had to do a u-turn and get back to it before the light changed, but I'm happy with the result. The steam is from the Fairfax County landfill site, and I'm sure there's a message in this photo somewhere. I just thought it looked very dramatic.
  18. I am shooting mostly soccer these days. My daughter is the goalkeeper.
  19. Sorry, double post. Please delete this one.
  20. Well, Nathan...I had picked out a nice American Coot to post for this Thursday thread, but you beat me to it. I'll find something else...
    Some really nice photos...
    Robin Smith - I like the colors in the leaves against the snow. Snow?! Yikes, brrrr.
    Ken Papai - Awesome sunrise shot!
    Dean Schreuder - lighting is perfect. Nice controlled DOF.
    Lupo - The only thing that would make this photo better...if it was on my plate.
    Alex Sanchez-Cabello - Welcome to Canon Thursday. Nice photo for a first one!
    Peter Meade - Even though it's not a recent shot, as we are encouraged to post, it was perfectly panned. Nice job!
    Ervin Bacik - Super shot, Ervin. Can't get anymore mirror-like than that.
    David Cavan - I often find myself wishing I had turned around to shoot what I just passed.
    Another great start this week. I experimented a bit with depth of field on this fellow. I wanted just his eye in razor sharp focus but was limited by my lens.
  21. What laptop?
  22. Bit busy with the other hobby, recording 3 concerts this week. (For a local composer who wrote a requiem) So here's an older one. A little walk bridge at a friends contry home where he celebrated his b-day.
    @Lupo: good thing i waited till after lunch with photonet.
  23. jpk


    Yesterday morning in Warsaw, typical November weather... :)
  24. I shot a small college football game this past weekend, NAIA Menlo College Oaks and the NCAA D-III Linfield College Wildcats. Linfield is ranked #5 in the nation for D-III. I had a tough time deciding from several shots and I finally decided on this. Even some of the the best will try to force a pass into double coverage.
  25. stp


    Tracking down distant relatives from the 1800s, photographed yesterday (11/2/11)
  26. Lupo, Habeneros? Your are much stronger than I. Playing with HDR. Canon 2Ti.
  27. This is from a few weeks ago when there were still some roses in bloom. I have definitely gotten my money's worth playing with the cheap radio trigger for my flash.
    XSi, 18-55 is @ 55mm, f/9, 1/125 s, iso 100, 540EZ off-camera
  28. Lupo, Habeneros? You are much stronger than I. Playing with HDR. Canon 2Ti +2 , 0, -2.
  29. Santa Barbara last Thursday. 5D Mk2 badly overexposed converted to B&W. DOH! Stupid fingers!
  30. I saw someone create an image just by using the reflection off a body of water, so I decided to try the same:
    Canon 40D w/ 17-85mm @ 28mm. ISO 100, f/8.0, 1/15sec, -1 EV.
  31. You know winter is near when the blue jays start showing up at the feeder. From this past Saturday in NY--fortunately for us we only got rain on Long Island from that nasty storm. I'm sure our turn will come as it's only November...
  32. Lots of great photos already!
    Robin- that's a color combination you don't see often!
    Ken- awesome! Makes me think of Toy Story.
    Lupo - I don't like tomatoes, but that looks tasty
    Bill - great shot, love the indifference he/she has towards the moss
    David - Looks like fire! Beavis and Butthead would be proud.
    Mark - I like the anole, but would love to see the Coot. (being a bird lover) I'll look in your gallery.
    Seth - very creative, nice eye. This is the stuff I never see, I'm too left brained.
  33. I'm in Point Pleasent, N.J. this week visiting family and took a stroll down to the beach. It's a great time of the year here with only locals to be found fishing or walking on the boardwalk. Here is one fellow surf fishing the day after the big storm that hit the area.
  34. Power just came back on after 5+ days without. Good to have it back. Shot this last Sunday morning as day broke after the storm. We had camper stove coffee and amazing light. It was easy to find beauty despite the wreckage of busted limbs and downed trees in the yard.
  35. Taken last November 21 at Bosque Del Apache. 50D with 70-200 f/4 L IS + 1.4X II Canon TC, ISO 400, 280 mm, f/9.0, 1/1250 sec.
  36. One of the things I love about the Cumberland Plateau: Take a side road and you're sure to find something worth shooting.
    EOS 5D2, EF 28-105 @ 28mm, f/16 @ 1/50 sec.
  37. Great shots as usual. Thanks everyone.
    Lupo, spectacular shot, and meal. Although, like Randy, I think I'd need to sub out those habaneros. Fresh jalepenos maybe.
    Here's a shot from the aptly named Sunset Beach near Malibu. From last weekend, the same day that the US east coast was digging out of 12 inches of snow.
  38. I had three (3, count them) kids come to my door at the end of a long street. Lots of chocolate for me. :p
    I greeted the three elite treaters in this mask. They actually jumped when they saw me.
    Did you know that Warner Bros. gets a royalty on every "Anonymous" mask sold? Was a Guy Fawkes mask, used in the movie V for Vendetta.
  39. A young guest at a wedding I shot this past weekend. I was waiting for my husband/assistant to set up the lighting for the formal portraits, and grabbed this shot of her watching us from across the way.
    Canon 5D Mk II, 24-70mm f/2.8L at 70mm, f/2.8, 1/60s, ISO 1600.
  40. Kubota Garden, Seattle
    7D, SMC Pentax Takumar 55mm, f2 @ 1/1000, ISO 200
  41. As always great pictures from everyone.
    This is my contribution, shot this week.
  42. Inspiring shots today. Wow. Too many good ones to mention individually. Following is a casual shot from a dog costume parade in Denver. Canon 5D Mark II, EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM @ 150 mm, 1/1250, F/4, ISO-800, Evaluative Metering, Shutter-Priority AE.
  43. This was taken at our local rubish dump!
  44. Wine Country, Hermann, MO
  45. I got up early Sunday planning to catch some early morning light at the wetlands. When I looked out I thought it was overcast, and almost went back to bed before taking another look and seeing the dense fog. I got to the pond and got a number of shots of a great blue heron in the fog, including a short flight series, which I thought came out rather well, then headed back toward the car when I saw the frost on the leaves and webs. Pulled out the 100mm macro and set the tripod back up and this is one of my personal favorites of the day.
  46. Every autumn I head to the woods to harvest wild mushrooms, and on every trip home I see this train trestle from the highway. By the time I see the trestle there is no place to pull off the road for a photograph. This year I found a pull-out and stopped BEFORE I saw the trestle. This photograph has been processed with HDR software using three exposures.
  47. I've been posting shots of my school's soccer team most of the fall. As the season progressed it became apparent that the league championship would come down to us and one other team. Both teams undefeated in league play, we met last Tuesday. My school's team won in what one parent called the best high school soccer game he had ever seen. So with two game left we were a game up. Last Friday, we won our game and they lost again. Game. Set. Match. For only the second time in the long history of our school, we emerged as the champions of what is considered to be the most competitive soccer league in the state of Pennsylvania, the Inter-Ac. So here's a shot from that game with a little PS.
  48. Unrelated to any image in particular, but I've seen quite a few mentions of 70-200s and I'm getting anxious. That's my next big investment and you're all making me want to buy one right now!
  49. Fall color.
  50. Try again.
  51. Ron Davis--excellent shot!
    What winery was that?
    We were in Hermann MO recently while on a motorcycle trip.
    Marvelous small town!
    Great restaurants..
  52. A little hike around Vermillion Cliffs
  53. A little hike around Vermillion Cliffs............
  54. I have not been able to get and and shoot for the past couple of weeks, but a few weeks ago, I went out in search of fall colour and covered bridges.
  55. steps
  56. Was away last week getting caught up in my 100 strangers project. just a few that stood out to me
    Mark - That Lizard - Wow that is great I love it
    Gene - The local park shot is beautiful - the colors and composition
    Ken Papai - Really liek the colors in that shot, and the slight tilt gives it a feel about it that makes you feel like your looking at it from a spaceship or something visiting Earth
    Dean - Great colors, I thought you had a 7d
    Lupo - IS this all natural light? Are you using a diffuser it really looks Great, makes me hungry
    Peter - Great Panning Shot - the biker is tact sharp
    David Cavan - I think it looks awesome I would have pulled over too, looks like you captured the moment with the right light - shots like this remind me to always have my camera with me
    Seth dubois - This is inspring with the ripple in the water - Great idea
    William Kahn - I think this shot is awesome - for me I like some clouds, but what can you do lovely shot
    Eric Shelby - Love the silhouettes and colors
    Michael Elenko - Beautiful - Great Click!
    Ron Davis - Good lighting or Poor? You made it work I am often intimidated taking shots indoors and this looks beautifully lit
    Here is my shot I took a few weeks back on a hike I was practically laying down in the creek for this shot
  57. Juan,
    Thanks. I have a 50D and a 7D and I always have both at shoots with different lenses attached to each. I usually have a wider lens on one and a telephoto on the other. During this particular shoot I had my 50mm on the 50D and my 85mm on my 7D. I find it easier to just grab the other camera rather than changing lenses in the middle of the shoot.

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