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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Happy Thursday everyone! It's that time again. Lots of great photos last week, as always. I can't wait to see what this week has to offer. Well, I got back from West Virginia nearly two weeks ago also and back to reality. School is back in full swing and unfortunately I didn't take a single photo this week. It's a good thing I have a stockpile of photos from WV. So here's another one from my fall vacation. This is a sunset in the Canaan Valley.
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  4. Special Olympics Delaware teamed with law enforcement and the trucking industry last Saturday to stage the World's Largest Truck Convoy. The event featured 143 trucks running a 28 mile route. They raised $35,000 for the cause and offered rides to Special Olympics athletes. Fire trucks, big rigs, tow trucks, antique trucks, etc. were all there. This tow truck was just one of the beauties that participated.
  5. Late summer foilage
  6. From my moms garden
  7. In the Yard House their lines run through these tubes from the keg room, overhead through the bar/dining area, and down to the taps behind the bar.
  8. This old mill built in 1874 is located in the town of Oxford, KS. This was an unusual mill for Kansas at that time as itโ€™s turbine wheel turned an electrical generator that produced the electricity used to power the flour mill. It has since been restored and is on the National Register of Historic Places. I didn't care for the direct ambient light on the East side of the building but I was captured by the reflection in the stream.
  9. [​IMG]
    Timmy claiming the new floor, EF 35/2 @ f2
  10. Canon 7D, Sigma 17-70mm f4.5 @ 1/40 sec, Pop-up flash; ISO 320
  11. Corvette Z06 HDR
    Fiddling with some HDR (via Luminance-HDR)
    Canon 40D w/ EF-S 17-85mm. 85mm, ISO 400, f/5.6, 3 exposures @ 1/160s + 1/40s + 1/10s
  12. I had a short walk by the River Thames yesterday and managed to dodge the rain that was building up too.
  13. 7d 1/15 f/11 iso 100 32mm -1 EV 15-85
  14. Yesterday. The sloes are ready for making sloe gin.
  15. Riding out a thunderstorm in the back of my car.
  16. Well another sports shot for me this week. Our soccer team remains undefeated with a big showdown looming next Tuesday when we go up against the other undefeated team in the league. At least the game is at our place.
    This shot is from our football game this past Saturday. Not quite in focus but the kids don't care.
  17. Behind scedule, Leak oven dish not ready..
  18. I went out in search of autumn foliage and covered bridges in Southern New Brunswick this past Saturday. Overall the colours have not been great and there has been a lot of loss due to high winds, but I did find a few pockets of good colour, such as this rural cemetery of of NB Route 750.
  19. Partially hidden Mandarin.
  20. it


  21. Hi Here is just a quick snap from yesterday. It was so ironic the sign in the background and the begger in front!
  22. My Dog Wendy
  23. My first Kingfisher - not a very good shot. It was quite a distance away.
  24. Saturday night racing, New Egypt Speedway.
  25. Teaching my toddler how to play with fire.
  26. Another sports shot for me. Our soccer team remained in first place, although this is the opposition with a clearing header.
  27. Great looking shots! Bill K, the Kingfisher is better than any I've tried!
    Mine is a Blue Herron headed towards the West at sunset.
  28. We had a wet and sloppy meet a few weeks ago but that's why it's cross country (not track!)
    • Technical Information:
    • Camera: Canon EOS 40D
    • Flash: No
    • ISO: 800
    • Lens: Canon EF 70-200 f/4L USM
    • Focal Length: 168mm
    • Aperture: 4.0
    • Shutter: 1/1250
    • Exposure Adjustment: -0.33
    • White Balance:Cloudy
  29. Very nice photos so far this week. This was taken at the local Pumpkin patch. There are several this size in the Oxnard area. I guess its a big business around here. They are also planting strawberries right now. Strange with winter coming. Taken with a 5D Mk2 with and Olympus OM 100-200 zoom at f/11 1/200 ISO 200
  30. Mt. Chocorua, White Mountains, NH just after sunrise
  31. An old house in a rural cove in east Tennessee, built in 1911, abandoned in 1972. The owner drove up while I was shooting and we had a long conversation about the history of the place. He'd like to restore it but doesn't have the money, and he's seriously considering burning it down, "before someone around here gets tired of lookin' at it and beats me to it." I didn't tell him about my track record with shooting old buildings, which is that they either fall down, burn down or get torn down within about six months after the shoot. (It's one reason I don't do portrait work.)
    After about half an hour, we discovered that we had both been in the Navy about 40 years ago, and served at the same time on different ships operating together out of Long Beach. Small world...
  32. [​IMG]
    Canon XSi, Tamron 70-300 VC with +2 Diopter @ 147mm, f/16, 1/500s, iso 200
  33. [​IMG]


    Camera: Canon EOS 7D
    Lens: Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM
    Exposure Program: Aperture-priority AE
    Exposure: 0.002 sec (1/500)
    Aperture: f/1.4
    Focal Length: 50 mm
    ISO Speed: 100
    Exposure Bias: +2/3 EV
    Flash: Off, Did not fire
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    a little after sunrise at the everett rd covered bridge in cuyahoga valley n.p. this past monday
  35. I especially like James' Brew Tubes, Daniel's soccer shot, Brian's cross-country runner, and Dean's extreme DOF portrait. Nice work.
    My contribution is from a recital this week at a local cafe, featuring (but not exclusively limited to) cellists. The cello is one of my favorite instruments.
    Canon 5D Mk II, 24-70mm f/2.8L at f/2.8, 70mm, 1/50s, ISO 1600.
  36. Nice shot of Raechel. Love the fall photos today. Change of the seasons makes my kind of melancholy. This is a cabin on Old La Veta pass in southern Colorado.
  37. Elliot Scott--a great photo!
    What a contrast.
    Thanks for posting.
  38. [​IMG]
    350D, 50mm f/1.8 @ f/2.
  39. Old and new: bridges in Boston
  40. Maui, beachside resort (Napili Point). Last March.
    Camera Canon Model EOS D60, ISO 234, Exposure 1/125 sec, Lens: 50mm, 1.8 (plastic MkII version).
  41. Happy Thursday to everyone, great participation so far this week. I was out this morning scouting some locations for future visits with a tripod and hopefully better light.
  42. Great pictures from everyone.
    My contribution for this week:
  43. I took my bike and small camera bag, along with my old EOS 10D to Ft. Point (adjacent to the GG Bridge) to look around and grab some photos. It's a wonderful place -- think Hitchcock's VERTIGO.
    Good work everyone! Nice to see some people post here who rarely do (ala Harry).
    Cheers, Ken
  44. Long's Peak, Colorado
    Canon 5D MkII, EF 70-200mm f/4L IS, EF 1.4x TC, AV mode, ISO 1600, +0EV, f/11 resulting in 1/2500-sec hand held:
  45. Chaco Culture NHP, New Mexico
  46. As usual, some great shots again this week. The weather here in central Ohio has not been very favorable for photography for most of the past week, and when the weather has cooperated the wildlife hasn't, so here is a landscape shot of the pond at the local wetlands where I have spent most evenings and weekends for the past several months.
  47. Canon 5D II, 35L, 1/250 sec @ f/1.8:
  48. My first attempt at using Canon Photostitch to merge three images from my new Canon 5D II. I shifted my 17mm f4 L TS-E to create three images to provide the view that I wanted. With Photostitch I was able to create a 42 MP file with the approximate view of a 12mm lens!
  49. From a trip with our church seniors last week.
  50. Try again.
  51. From a trip to Yellow Stone park. Found these signs in several places and nobody seemed to know what they meant, including the campground rangers.They were always near areas where people might cross the road for a point of interest, yet not all locations included the hoola-hoop part. After close inspection it looks like the loop was added to the sign and not part of the original.
    We started to suspect shenanigans, but I photo'd four of these and they were all perfectly aligned and straight. Considering the volume of people and Rangers, it would seem unlikely that this is some sort of prank and yet... there they are ?
    Any thoughts or suggestions?
  52. Last week I took some new born shots for someone who works with me. Canon 7D and Canon Ef100mm macro 2.8
  53. Chris, it looks to me like they are saying "be careful of people with hula hoops crossing the road."
  54. Alex E.-that is one gorgeous image.
  55. Chris, I am sure it is a prank. They could easily use features of the man as reference points to make sure they were all aligned the same. I have a picture of a hula-hooping deer crossing sign from Sedona.
  56. Try photo
  57. Ok this is Don Kelley - right away when I saw him I knew he was not from Little Rock.
    I was right he is from the mountains of Gettysburg, PA. I asked him what he was doing here and he said that his girlfriends sisters husband went to Afghanistan and that they came down here to keep her company. He told me he didn't care much for the city life and preferred the mountains. I totally understand - he also told me that at one point he took up a 5 month internship on a 1500 acre goat farm were part of his duties included cutting cedar trees and tending to the farm. Currently he is a line cook for the club "the Rev Room". He's been with his girlfriend Bekah for 3 years and they have a 2 year old son named Lyric. I thought that was cool - he told me that he was pretty artistic , did dance for 12 years specifically ballet and he has since taken up playing hand drums. I found this very interesting and I asked him what else he did as a hobby, he loves to cook and also does a bit of wood carving. I doubt he stays in Little Rock for long...he doesn't have a car and walks to work each day.
    Thank you for being my 11th stranger in my project. When I asked him if I could take his picture he didn't hesitate and said sure, as I was taking test shots and testing the ambient light I asked his name and said, "take my picture first that way I'm a stranger when you take it" I thought that was clever...I'm glad to say we are no longer strangers and it was a pleasure to talk to you Don. Thanks for the portrait.

    For this shot I used the rogue flash bender, it was held by his girlfriend, about 7-10 inches from his face. I am able to use it in ETTL mode with my MINI and FLEX, then stopped it down a stop with the AC3 controller. Having an assistant is really nice, thanks Bekah.

    This picture is #011 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the <a href="">100 Strangers Flickr Group page</a>
  58. Today I was under the Bean in Chicago.
    Looking up from directly underneath gives a good idea of why, after "Untitled" was replaced by the "Bean" name in popular usage, the powers in charge settled on "Cloud Gate."
  59. Taken from the top of Sulphur mountain in Banff
  60. Son's first big dance. Fourteen years old.

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