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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nathangardner, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Happy Thursday everyone! School is in full swing and it seems like I hardly pick up my camera anymore, but I did manage to get up the road to the state forest this week to shoot a few photos and I have a couple trips planned during my upcoming breaks. I went to the forest to hopefully find some birds and/or ducks, but instead found this doe probably wondering where all the water has gone as she stands in a bone dry creek bed. Let's see all those amazing photos that have been getting better each week.
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  4. Well... Facebook now allows up to 960 px, when will increase past the now relatively postage-stamp 700 px?
    This is the end of a fun effort last Saturday evening BBQing with friends--dinner is served. Chow down. EOS 7D, 16-35 lens.
  5. Giraffe tongue. Googled it. They are 18 inches long apparently. Yikes. This one was stuck in Madison Zoo, trying to lick his way out. Or maybe thinking about Lupos offering tonight...
  6. While Irene is no doubt on the minds of many Americans, this week also saw the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I just happened to be in Gulfport, MS this week and wanted to post a photo in memory of the tragic moment in history. Six years after there is still much evidence of the destruction along the Mississippi coast - mostly in the form of empty lots with cement foundations where houses and stores used to be. This gnarled tree next to US Route 90 was probably alive to witness Katrina at her fiercest when she made landfall on 8/29/05.
  7. [​IMG]
    A local Indonesian boy takes on this heaving yet perfect wave at a little known reef in Bali.
  8. Sienna Cathedral
  9. The annual state fair started.
    This is actually the merger of two different hand-held exposures.
  10. Try again with a smaller image
  11. Dahlia
    7D, Sigma 70mm macro, f9.5 @ 1/20, ISO 400 + cheapo LED ring light
  12. From a walk beside the River Thames last weekend.
  13. This one was taken as I had a little walk before going to office.
  14. I'm sorry, no time for critiques this past week. Lots of good ones last week.
  15. I, uh, forgot to check the shutter speed before grabbing the shot.
  16. Hurricane Irene passed through here Sat. and Sun. We were fortunate--especially when compared to states further north. As the outer bands of Irene rolled in bringing wind and rain, I went down to the river and saw this cormorant (and others) sitting on a piling. It was facing into the wind and rain.
    Mark Kissel, I appreciate your critiques and thank you for them. However, I understand that like most of us you have a life outside of that takes your precious time and can understand when you don't get around to it. Nice photo this week as is everyone's.
  17. Great shots so far by all. I really like Jeff's and Ian's but Peter, that's a classic. Beautifully composed and captured. Well done.
    Like Nathan, I am back to school so I haven't done much but by next week I'll be into the sports shooting in a big way. Here's one from a few weeks ago. I don't think I posted it before but if I did, I apologize.
  18. This past Saturday, the area surrounded by a fairly heavy fog. I grabbed my camera and took some pictures on and around the local pedestrian bridge.
  19. 5D2, 24/1.4, f5.0 at 1/400, ISO 100
  20. Excellent shots by everyone! Lupo you always make me hungry. Shot this with 40D 50/1.8 & close up filter [​IMG]
  21. I enjoy the picture of birds everyone has. Here is the only one I was close to this week was this one.
  22. 7D, Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8
  23. School started, I teach, and I shot nothing for the past few of weeks. But high school and college athletics have started up again and, since I am a sports junkie, have allowed me to imbibe in one of my favorite activities. This is from our school's first football game of the season.
  24. This week is easily one of the best weeks yet for this forum, the level of work being presented just seems to get stronger and stronger. I will post comments on some of them later.
    Image wise, this was a challenging week. I had the oppurtunity to photograph several wild birds in amazing light but just couldn't seem to land that "winning" shot. Mostly due to missed focus on in flight shots or simply not "feeling it" when doing PP. This one is close to what I imagined when taken, still-I feel the PP could be better. Suggestions appreciated.
    Taken on a recent visit to the NJ Canon repair facility in Jamesburg.
  25. Canon 7D, EF 500mm f/4L IS, ISO 800, f/7.1, AV mode, +2/3EV resulting in 1/2000. Taken on a windy ridge road during a session mainly shooting a Coopers hawk and a Swainsons hawk:
  26. kts


    really like Mark's bobcat, Phil's skater and Randall's egret......nice work guy's
    3 of the better county fairs in Ohio run over the next two weeks and i plan on putting some mileage on my 60d before sending it in for some shot is from the harness racing session yesterday afternoon
  27. Here's one from a few weeks ago.
    A little crop, there was too much leaf around the flower. Hydragea (Hortensia) just starting to bloom. I like the fragile white of the new bloom.
    5D2, 70-200 2.8 L is.
  28. [​IMG]

    Camera: Canon EOS 7D
    Lens: Canon EF-S17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM
    Exposure Program: Manual
    Exposure: 0.02 sec (1/50)*
    Aperture: f/14.0
    Focal Length: 28 mm
    ISO Speed: 100

    200ws strobe shooting through a 30deg spot grid camera left pointed in the direction of her face.
    200ws strobe shooting through a 24" softbox camera right, high and close to the wall.
    Triggered by a Calumet wireless RF trigger.

    *Please note: The low shutter speed must have been a mistake. I must have bumped the dial because 1/50th would not have been intentional. But when using strobe lights with very little ambient light, shutter speed is of very little consequence so it doesn't really matter.
  29. Very nice posts this week as always.
  30. <img src= "">
  31. The photos keep getting better, hopefully my contribution is worthy;
  32. MiG 17 Russian Fighter Aircraft flown by Team Heavy Metal. The pictures is cropped but not manipulated. Canon EF 100-400.
  33. Unfortunately, no shooting this week; so, not to let the side down, I'm posting one from the Wayback Machine = 1995, one of my first outings with my then-new Rebel G, my first "serious" camera. The scene is in Bastrop State Park, Texas...
  34. As usual, some great shots again this week. I think I look forward to Thursday's as much for seeing what has been posted, as for posting my own shot. This wasn't my best week for photo opportunities, but the Great Egrets have finally moved into the pond where I can get reasonably close shots of them. I have a few static shots that I like, but this one was my favorite from last night, despite the fact that there is some motion blur (or maybe because of that).
  35. An F-18 Going full throttle at the local Air Show. Breaking the water barrier? So loud and so fast. I would not want to be the target of one of these. He proceeded to go straight up after this shot, Amazing. Canon 5d MK2 ISO 400 1/400 f/16 old Vivitar 100-300 zoom. I got to really practice panning and shooting for the 2 days of the airshow.
  36. Ornamental grass.
  37. Wandering in Paris
  38. This is my first photo taken early in the morning. The owl just sat there and posed for me.
  39. One of the many shots I got at a butterfly conservatory, on my Canon 7D with my 70-200mm F4L
  40. Cactus Wren on Saguaro - taken on my last trip to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson
  41. Milwaukee Art Museum
  42. "Looking for a Shooter?" A little awkward when your the product of the shoot. I'm working for the American Cancer Society's 2nd Annual Concert for a Cause, in Reading, Pa. When I got the call for free AD space in lieu of the event, and had to rush something out, (otherwise, my entire week was nothing but video, so this is it).
    I am very impressed by all the scope and creativity of other's works here. I will comment latter when I can switch my coffee for beer. Love it.
  43. I always hope my contributions are worthy of the company here. Saturday morning before the hurricane arrived we headed out on a foray for all the chanterelles and choice fungi we could gather. Also picked up a few other nice items for the sake of beauty. A cropped shot of gills on a Cortinarius violaceus that are tinted with cinnamon colored spores. Taken with available light after power went on Sunday.
  44. Footbridge over Meander River (single exposure hdr)
  45. Last day in Baghdad.
  46. Apologies. I just noticed that this is specifically and EOS thread. The above image was taken with my G11. My other camera was safely packed away.
  47. My trip to Speedweek at the Bonneville Salt Flats came to a tragic end on the second morning there when my friend died of a heart attack. I got some help to take down the tower and pack the truck back up, another friend rode overnight to drive the truck back to Eureka, and I drove back to San Francisco. The time trials hadn't even started. I took few pictures and they're still in the camera.
  48. Great shots everyone, here are a few that I would like to comment on.
    Nathan - That deer is beautiful, I love the colors - I'm curious how much post process work if any was done, it looks great. I'm surprised you were able to use a tripod, with my luck it would have run off.
    Jeff Spirer - Great use of light - I'm new to this group and can tell its your picture just by looking at the composition and use of light - awesome!
    Ken Papai - Is this shot lit with Natural light? It looks great - it works -
    Michael Elenko - I love Macro photography and your use of the flash on the dahlia really brings the details out, I saw it on my iphone at lunch and initially thought - "wow that looks great"
    Mark Kissel - I love the composition of your bobcat, just curious is this in the wild?
    Dean - The model you shot looks awesome and I am very appreciative of all the detail you put into the description, it really helps me understand the technique used.
    Eric Shelby - Love it
    Ashley - I really like the butterfly here what is your aperture set to?
    Laura - great shot
    This is my contribution for the week, I'm fooling around with a new lens 17mm tilt shift. A byproduct of the lens is that it creates dioramas of scenes. I always carry it around just in case and look up and think hmmmm I wonder what this scene would look like from up there. So this as involved climbing bridges, getting on rooftops of hotels, and parking structures. Its so much fun creating these I thought I'd share one this week. Thank you so much for this group and all those who contribute -
  49. Lots of great images as usual.
    Laura, I love your flamboyant fungus, and Robert, the boots in the air are fab!

    Whenever I look for something unusual such as Brad’s robots, I go down to the harbour. My image was taken at a fish processing plant.

    I love its three-dimensionality and structural complexity: pipes, stairs and handrails running in all sorts of directions. While blues are dominant, there are also patches of complimentary orange hues balancing it nicely.
    I like the the mix of surfaces hit directly by sunlight, others only lit by bounced light and the graphical shadows.

  50. Wonderful work everybody. The images just get better and better.
    From me, another shot from my last trip to the Pacific, as I have not picked up the camera now for weeks...
  51. Bar Fight
  52. Thanks Juan. :)
    And Robert, I don't really think it matters. I'm sure shots from a G11 are just as welcome here as any others shot with any Canon. :)
  53. Pardon me, mate, you gotta tissue?
  54. I rented a Canon 100-400 f:4.5-5.6L USM lens for the weekend and this is one of the shots I took. I decided that I did not need to purchase this lens as I already have other lenses that mostly cover this range.
  55. I appreciate the nature shots - but love that there's some sports shots showing up again. This was from our scrimmage last week.
    • Camera: Canon EOS 40D
    • Flash: No
    • ISO: 200
    • Lens: Canon EF 85mm f/1.8
    • Focal Length: 85mm
    • Aperture: 5.6
    • Shutter: 1/1600
    • Exposure Adjustment:0
    • White Balance: Auto
  56. Canon XS w/55-250mm, PZ42X flash at 1/16 power.
  57. Busy this week on some other projects, but here's a shot from the Montreal F1 race in June. Great weekend, and the 70-200 really worked well.
  58. Jim S., so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts go out to you and his family. My best friend died a few months ago after a very long struggle with M.S. In his case it was a relief. When it is sudden, it is very hard. Peace.
  59. So many great pictures this week. I'm working my way through the pictures I took on vacation. This is from my first attempts at light painting. XSI with kit lens @ 21mm, f/8, 30s. I put a wireless triggered flash in the boat (because I just got the cheap wireless trigger) and used two small LED flashlights to paint the boat and sand.
  60. Yet another waterfall.
  61. Oh man, I almost missed it. Taken this afternoon: Canon 40D 1/1600 sec. @ f/8 ISO 200
  62. A little late. I was super busy yesterday (this whole week, in fact).
    This is from back in January.
    350D w/ 85mm f/1.8 @ f/4. Light processing (mostly some desaturation) in Lightroom.
  63. Robert C. - Thanks. Though it was tough on those he left, I'm sure he went the way he would have wanted.
  64. Northern Flicker. They are everywhere!
  65. The grafitti wall in Charlottesville VA. I was touched by one piece particularly. Canon 1D Mk III, 17-40L @ 22mm. 1/100 @ f10 ISO 200
  66. I hate to be repetitive, but there's no lack of talent in this week's photo submissions. Here's my take on the good, bad, and ugly.
    @ Nathan - Clean looking shot at this size. Focus is dead on.
    @ Jeff Spirer - I would have rather her face been at the rule of thirds intersection, but I understand this was likely not possible given your typical venues. It's a lovely photo regardless.
    @ Ian - The eyes of the kids make this shot. Great isolation of subjects.
    @ Ken Papai - it's bad enough when I see Lupo's shots, now I have to see this. Good lighting. Minor nitpick - near corner of table is cut off.
    @ Lupo - The chopsticks, their color and placement, give a very nice composition. Excellent lighting.
    @ JDM - Merged photos? No one would know. Nicely done.
    @ Philip Wilson - Interesting effects from a fisheye. Lots to take in. Curved columns at center make me think the camera wasn't pointed straight up?
    @ Vladimir Wegner - Has a very "painterly" quality. Nice composition. Minor nitpick - horizon too near center of frame.
    @ Lee Derrickson - Good portrait of the cormorant. Lighting is a little flat; probably a little too much cloud cover. I might have spot metered this one and just let the water blow out.
    @ robert colameco - Interesting perspective. Love the lighting. Do you think this one would work better cropped a little closer in portrait format?
    @ Matt Daley - I like the perspective and lighting. Fog at end of bridge gives the impression of infinity.
    @ Mike Dixon - Love the dappled lighting here, Mike. Nice composition. Makes me want to munch on one of those grapes.
    @ David Rohrer - Good subject focus. The background is competing too strongly with the foreground flowers. I can imagine this one would look super against a mainly green backdrop.
    @ John Tysko - I don't know why these guys tend to favor utility lines. I see them around quite a bit on the lines. Nicely exposed, just wish it was a tree limb it was perched on.
    @ Louis Meluso - Hey, you got a bonus snail in there, too.
    Next batch coming right up.
  67. @ Daniel Harris - Good action shot. I shot a few at a Friday night high school game myself. I don't think any of mine turned out this well.
    @ Randall Farhy - Looks like the bird is slightly blown out; feather detail is lost. Since the reflection is not that interesting (mainly a big white blob), would it look okay to crop in and get rid of it altogether? I'm thinking halfway down, in on the right a little and leave enough on the left for a pleasing composition?
    @ thom polimeros - I really like the composition with the fence in the near corner. The person watching, subject matter and the colors make this a pleasing photo to the eye.
    @ Dean Schreuder - This is not one of my favorites from you, Dean. While the pose is interesting, I think the lighting is too dark below her waist. Her right leg seems to disappear into the shadows. To me, it gives the impression of a top heavy subject; and while she is well-endowed, I'm not referring to that kind of top heavy.
    @ James G - You need to save this one for Halloween. Works well in the sepia tone.
    @ Brad - Glad to see you back! Your last week's photo was just exceptional. I like the stepped horizontal elements in this one. Great timing with the passing truck. The "aliens" appear to be worshipping their shrine. ;-)
    @ Marcel Romviel - Very sharply focused. Some diffused lighting might be interesting.
    @ Dick Arnold - Nice capture of the MiG. Red tail in foreground is distracting. I know, during the heat of the moment with these fast flyers, it's hard to concentrate on anything other than the subject. I'm going to an air show this coming weekend. Your shot makes me want to be there now.
    @ William Kahn - I had a Rebel G as a backup camera to my EOS 3.
    @ Eric Shelby - Interesting subject.
    @ Ashley Lynn - Beautiful butterfly. While the light background works well, I would rather have seen it on a flower, bush, or some other natural element.
    @ Jeremy Stein - I like the lighting; sun appears to be low in the sky. How can they perch there without getting stuck?
    @ Jessadang Soutonglang - Very nice composition. Excellent lighting/exposure. Nice abstract.
    @ Pete Ferling - Hey, when you got it, flaunt it! ;-) Good ad.
    @ Laura Weishaupt - Love the colors. A bit dark on the right.
    @ Robert Fann - Beautiful sky colors. Silhouette of boots says it all.
    Last batch coming right up.
  68. @ Jim Service - My condolences for the loss of your friend, Jim.
    @ Juan Hernandez - I really like these tilt/shift lens shots. Really makes me want that new 17 T/S.
    @ Martin S. - Interesting shot. Is there a bit of a natural halo around that pipe in the right foreground?
    @ V.K. Retliff - I think the punching bag is winning. Interesting expression on the subject's face.
    @ Shawn Shawhan - Very nice b&w. I don't know what they are watching, but they are totally engaged. I love the 100-400 for some things (it's a very versatile lens). When image quality matters most, I generally use my 400 f/5.6 prime.
    @ Gene Spearman - Great focus/DOF. You could probably still back off the flash a bit.
    @ David Cavan - Hard on the clampers! Nice action shot. Closer...I want closer.
    @ Andrew Gosden - Nice example of light painting. Minor nitpicks - bow too close to left edge, and horizon too close to center.
    @ Robin Smith - Yet another nicley done waterfall. Good perspective and composition.
    @ Jeff Lear - Love that emarald green color in the wave. Exposure and focus are perfect. I might have cropped out a lot of the foreground and left side. I think the interesting part of the photo is the breaking wave. The swirling white water in the foreground doesn't add much interest.
    @ Rob Bernhard - Excellent composition, Rob. I'll bet this one would work well in b&w too.
    That's all for this week. See everyone next Thursday. Great work, all!
  69. I found a "playground" that I've been meaning to explore for a few years, and I finally went out there today. This won't be the last time for me at the Illinois Railway Museum. There is a lot of subject material. I will have to use my tripod next time and practice some HDR shots and processing techniques because of the wide contrast range.
    This frame was shot at 32mm, F/11 @ 1/25. I thought I was panning, but the tracks look pretty stationary to me! I like the blur of the moving steam locomotive.
    What did Choo Choo Charlie use to run his train? Does ANYone remember Good and Plenty!? :)
  70. Mark, thanks for taking the time to review, comments appreciated. Unfortunately it's cropped 50% already. Still havn't found that sweet spot for exposing Egrets in direct light, they either blow out on the body or underexpose the less reflective areas such as the face and bill.
    I apologize for not getting back to the forum for comments, there are so many strong images presented here. Time ran very thin this past week as Irene left things that needed tending to, nothing major thankfully.

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