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    Happy Thursday everyone! I'll get this thing going a few minutes early and maybe a few of you can get your post in before midnight. Otherwise, you'll have to wait a couple hours for routine maintenence. I got away from birds a little this week and shot a wedding. Let's see what you guys shot. And by the way, the photo quality these past few weeks has been phenomenal. I am very proud of our forum, let's keep it up!
    So lately I've been shooting weddings with a friend that is an established wedding photog. I shot one Sunday and followed the couple back to the hotel for a few more shots. Here's one from the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, KY. The hotel is very old and gorgeous. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore and walking down some of the dark quiet hallways can be kind of creepy, but very cool at the same time. Here is a shot from a bench made into a wooden wall that we found down in the basement.
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  3. Another shot of a passing storm, taken from my back garden. I think out of many unsuccessful lightning shots over the years, that is my best to date, and it's not really that good when you look at some the offering available on the internet, but I'm happy with it.
    4 seconds F8, 17-40, 5d mki and a lot of luck.
  4. Something different this time.
  5. Taken quite a few months ago from a ski resort. I'd gone snowboarding for the day and had brought my camera. Being the photographer you usually don't get photographed and I thought the scene looked pretty awesome so I put it on my tripod, set the auto timer and ran to the spot lol.
    Camera Canon EOS 7D
    Exposure 0.002 sec (1/640)
    Aperture f/8.0
    Focal Length 15 mm
    ISO Speed 100
    Exposure Bias -2/3 EV
    Lens Type Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
  6. Our police department contracted with another city for helicopter air support through a program called A.B.L.E. The other cash-strapped city dumped their entire air support program on July 1st and put the helicopter on ebay. Since then, three pursuits have terminated within a block of my house. I wonder if the criminals know that we no longer have a helicopter? <<Rhetorical.
  7. I shot this pic of the goldfinch in my backyard this past Sunday.
  8. It seems you and I are on the same path, Nathan. I also shot a wedding this past Saturday. It was my first "for profit" wedding. I don't really aspire to be a wedding photog, but, heck, I was able to pick up the 24-70mm f/2.8L with the earnings. The bride is a friend of mine from work and is a very low key person so I knew if I screwed up the pictures my life was probably not going to be threatened. Aside from the weather, it was over 100 degrees on Saturday and very high humidity, it was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.
    BTW, that's a great shot, Nathan.
  9. Nathan- such rich color and textures, quite striking.
    Jeff S -Harsh, bold and up close-somehow you've made this work. Really enjoy your posts here.
    James D- This is quite striking, I think it would have more impact (though less scale) if you were to crop out the city lights on the horizon and a little on the left. Nicely done!
    I was working the 4th turn at Wall Stadium this past Saturday when I heard a collision behind my position. I instinctively wheeled around and leveled the lens, firing off a quick two shot burst. The shot lit by the flash wasn't well focused. This is the second of the two, the flash hadn't cycled yet so it was severely underexposed, 4-5 stops. Normally I wouldn't try to salvage something this far gone, but figured what the heck. Went for a vintage, high ASA, grainy B+W feel. ISO 640 1/400 F2.8
  10. [​IMG]
    30D and 20-35L
  11. it's 100 degrees plus in my neighborhood. At least something looks happy. Can you see the bumble bee working the flower upper left?
    Very nice posting so far this morning.
    Stats: 5Dm2, EF 28-135 @ 135mm; 1/60sec F14, ISO 640, manual, hand held.
  12. This week one a little less confusing.
    My appletree has a lot of apples this year. And in the last week(s) my kiwi plant exploded (only 3 fruits) but it is taking over the garden, creeping up the appletree. The apples in the top of the tree are turning red. Was trying to get an angle on those, but the kiwi is in the way. So enden up with this. Still some branch of the kiwi in the shot.
    5dII, 70-200 2.8 L is, 550ex
    the apple is malus domestica Delcorf and the kiwi is actinidia deliciosa 'jenny'
  13. Randall, it works quite well!
  14. Last weekend we visited two old mills in northern Virginia, and although there are lots of shots of lovely stone walls and water running through the race I was happiest about being able to get some shots of the mill at Millwood, where they were grinding grain. All of these huge wooden gear components are lovingly made by hand by volunteers - and it was amazing to watch the whole mechanism work flawlessly.
  15. I really have no official job title at ShadeTree Canopies, but my favorite responsibility is "corporate photographer". Tuesday I was asked to photograph this system, our "Biltmore" model, at a local restaurant, which is in or very near the Arena District in Columbus, OH. While this is not my personal favorite of the photos I took, it is the best from a product illustration point of view. The space was cramped, so I had to use the EFS 18-55 mm lens that came with my 20D several years back. I almost never use this lens, and was a bit concerned about using it, but everyone was satisfied with the results, so I guess I won't complain either.
  16. Route 9W
  17. Shot with a Rebel T1i, 60mm 2.8 Macro. Set my focus and told my grandson to run and jump in the lake.
  18. My last few outings haven't produced anything that interests me, so I will return to a series from this spring.
    I went out one evening on 2011/04/24 after a lengthy period of cloud and rain because I expected some clearing. It was a bit chilly yet, but the sky was clearing nicely and the reflections in the lake were striking. This shot was taken from the boat landing at Lake Maria S.P. in Minnesota.
    This shot is is violating a rule about having the horizon centered but I chose this one as an experimental study in balance, symmetry, and color.
  19. Nice shot of Summer fun, Gordon!
    I'm continuing to work with the Canon Ring Light and EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro on a 7D.
  20. Love your wedding shot at the Seelbach, I actually live very close to there and it is a wonderful hotel to visit, just for
    photo ops alone , I have to admit I am envious of the perfected mood you have captured on print, it is A very warm
    setting that looks like a great magazine bridal shot,and I do a few weddings in the area,nice JOB to say the least.
  21. kts


    cool hi key portrait Jeff....
    mine is from tuesday morning overlooking one of the rocky river's horseshoe bends.....then went down to the pond to try and get some shots of a green heron pair that are taking advantage of the bumper crop of frogs, minnows and a few shot's but nothing worth posting
  22. [​IMG]
    350D, 100mm f/2.8 @ f/2.8.
  23. More from the Iowa trip.
  24. Every photograph this week is remarkable. Great stuff, colleagues. Below is another shot from my short journey as a night photographer in Paris earlier this month.
  25. Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  26. A caiman in a small lake in eastern Ecuador.
  27. We spent the week at McCormick's Creek State Park near Spencer Indiana. It was very hot so mostly we stayed inside until evening when it cooled slightly. Years ago we were weekending in the Seelbach and the faucet in the bathtub wouldn't stop dripping. Ended up putting a washcloth under the drip to lower the sound.
  28. Blue heron at Pemaquid river, South Bristol ME.
  29. Maybe this will help cool off you easterners. Its called Santa by the Sea. Notice the sunglasses and surfboard. All I could think of was Jabba the Hut was dressed up like Santa. Canon A650 IS
  30. I was at a Catalan festival at Gloria Ferrer in Sonoma last Saturday.
    Good food, inspired music & dancing, and sparkling wine! Cava! Cheers.
    EOS 7D, 30mm (16-35), ISO 800, 1/800, f/5.6
  31. From a day at Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge in southern Puget Sound.
    Spot of Blue
    7D, 100-400 L, 1/2000 @ f6.7, ISO 400
  32. Great photos this week, love the lightning.
    Another from a trip to Jasper, AB (no shooting this week). My son coming out of the water from his final certification dive. 16yo and ambitious; wants to become a paramedic and specialize in rescue diving.
  33. Ox Bow Lagoon, Saugatuck MI...shot during a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan. This lagoon is on the opposite side of the dune, and we are catching the reflections off clouds and sunset light behind us.
  34. Wowowow, so many great captures! Love Jeff Backer's caiman crocodile photo...the symmetry and the un-rippled water make the photo look like a Rorschach inkblot where I see a vicious head of a crocodile fixing to attack.
    Mine is from Bali at Besakih Temple. It's the end procession after a solemn and religious Hindu cremation ceremony called "Ngaben". The sky and clouds were real (not composited). The temple is situated on a high elevation on the slopes of a mountain.
  35. SR-71 spy plane at the Dulles Airport branch of the National Air & Space Museum.
    18mm, 1/30s, f/5.0, ISO 2500
  36. While Berlin was pretty nice, this part of nearby Potsdam looked pretty rough.
  37. I was taken by the clouds and soft light.
  38. Stephen C- That looks like something out of a video game, a little unnerving to say the least.
  39. It is the Babelsberg Film Park stunt show. They have car chases, flamethrowers, explosions, and other fun stuff. BTW, don't worry about the blonde in need of rescue. Despite being a German production the show has a happy ending.
  40. Larry H, I was an imagery analyst in the Air Force 69-72. While in Vietnam my squadron would sometimes get film from the SR-71 to develop and interpret. That aircraft took some amazing pictures. My wife and I want to get over to the Air and Space Museum one of these days. I would love to get up close to that bird and see it in person.
  41. Larry H--a great picture of the SR-71.
    From the front, that airplane looks just plain--well---evil!
    Intimidating--but it was very effective.
  42. Abandoned house on the outskirts of Rugby, Tennessee. This is a 3-exposure HDR shot...
  43. [​IMG]
    Family reunion last weekend, caught this one of my niece.
  44. Great picture of the cayman and I always love seeing pictures of the most beautiful aeroplane in the world the SR71.
    My contribution for this week:
  45. It was hard to pick just one, from shots captured last Sunday, but this is it.
  46. Well it's been a busy week shooting Lloyd's of London playing polo and shooting some cricket at Lord's for myself.
    But I'll go with a shot of my wife standing in a stables after we had been looking after some horses.
  47. My first decent hummingbird shot
    Canon XSi with 55-250 mm lens
  48. I ended my comments on last week's photos with "How can they get any better?". Now I see. Terrific...just terrific!
    Here's a pair of Golden silk orb-weavers that I actually shot today. The much smaller male, at her abdomen, is playing a dangerous courting game. The females are huge!
  49. Mark, while you are busy graciously commenting on everyone else's photos, I bet I speak for a lot of us in saying that week in and week out, your images are the just outstanding. Thanks for the comments and the great photos.
  50. Still working away with my northern Virginia battlefield shots.
    Here is an image of some of the confederate fortifications thrown up on short notice at Cold Harbor, another of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.
  51. Rose of Sharon and bee. Didn't know the bee was there when I took the shot.
  52. Alpine Sundew growing on a Cushion Plant
  53. Black Eyed Susan, Rudbeckia hirta
  54. Ok, I swear I am not stupid, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my pics to post correctly on the forum. I have done it before-and I know it posted correctly at least once, but since then I seem to have a file that is too big and my pics shows up as a link even when I have resized it to the specs. I have LR3, but am not well versed in it. If someone could help so that I can get a pic to post, I would really appreciate it!
  55. There's a praying mantis that's living on my oregano that I keep trying to get pictures of. This one is a little gimmicky - holding a close-up lens like a magnifying glass - but I like the way it turned out. Rebel xsi, 18-55 lens @ 53mm, f/5.6.
  56. Jan,
    After you write, submit, and confirm your comment the next page that pops up will have a place where you can attach an image. Click the 'browse' button and don't forget to leave a caption.
  57. Rufous hummingbird on Rocky Mountain Wildflowers.
    Canon 7D, EF 500mm f/4L IS, ISO 800, 1/6400 second, f/4.5:
  58. Hi everyone,
    Here's my contribution for the week. Hopefully this time it shows as a picture with the text rather than a link :)
    @ Daniel Harris and Mark Kissel - Thanks for your comments!
    Special thanks to Ken Papai for sharing his re-sizing technique for posting here.
  59. To homestead in Kansas, one was required to mark the perimeter of your farm with a solid wall or a four wire fence. As there were no trees on the prairie, native limestone was used, eight inches wide, eight inches thick and six feet long, they averaged 250 - 500 pounds. A large wagon and good team could haul 8 posts at most. Post rock fences were used over 40 thousand miles of country, predominately throughout Washington county 200 miles north to Ford county. This post was recently carved by an artist living near lake Wilson, KS. he plans to carve many more.
  60. A lot of good shots this week... I almost forgot it was Thursday so here's mine...



    Camera: Canon EOS 7D
    Lens: Canon EF-S17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM
    Exposure Program: Manual
    Exposure: 0.013 sec (1/80)
    Aperture: f/2.8
    Focal Length: 45 mm
    ISO Speed: 400
    Exposure Bias: 0 EV
    Flash: Off, Did not fire
  61. Fantastic images on this thread as always, I particularly like the caiman shot Jeff. I am setting up for my yearly sabbatical to the Mendocino County coastline, so nothing new this week either. Instead, I thought I would share a hand held theater shot of the Aladdin show at Disneyland. It was supposed to be the last showing, but has now been held over indefinitely by popular demand. Personally, I was particularly pleased at the quality, regardless of ISO 2000 on a 50D.
  62. Lee, Paul, Marcel & Lupo, thanks for the kind words.
    Lee, I don't know where you live, but I know I've seen the SR-71 at other air museums. This museum is great, though. Other favorites are the Enola Gay (B-29), Concorde, Gossamer Albatross, Flying Tiger, Corvair (?) from the Black Sheep Squadron movie, Space Shuttle Enterprise (never flew in space; saw it in Huntsville long ago), American version of the V-1 Buzz Bomb, F-4 Phantom, and a huge version of a Wankel Rotary Engine (which for some reason, I did not take a picture of it). I thought I remembered a big controversy about how the Enola Gay was to be presented, but it was very low key--neither rah-rah nor PC.
    Paul, I got various angles (from front, front of engine, rear of engine, etc.) and had a hard time picking one to post. Ultimately, this angle and the rear of the engine were, I think, the most different. I particularly like the orange glow near the rear engine in the shot I presented.
    Marcel & Lupo, I agree... One of the most beautiful aircraft I've ever seen. I was hoping they'd have a U-2 for comparison. There were a few others I was hoping to see there. I couldn't get a good shot of the Gossamer Albatross, but in its own way, it was as finely engineered as the SR-71, Concorde or Space Shuttle.
  63. Lupo,
    Interesting guess on location. No, western Washington. Here is my trick for getting this close: Take 77 year old mother, wife, daughter and 19 month old grand daughter to a wildlife park and cram into a tram/bus and let them drive you close! ;-) I have never taken my camera gear to a zoo and this is my first time at a wildlife park...I found some challenges taking photos there (herky-jerky bus that never stopped and light ranging from blinding to deep shadows) and with our first grandchild having so much fun there, I'll probably go back!
  64. I was backpacking in the Sierra most of this past week. Trying to go light, I didn't take my dSLR along, instead used a Kodak P&S. So this photo is from the previous week's day trip to Yosemite.
  65. Late to the party this week, been away visiting family in the Beatles hometown.... This is a shot of a local Folly near to where i live in Dorset (Wimborne) called Horton Tower. It was built as an observatory about 1750 but has succumbed to the modern day by being used by Vodafone as a tower for their aerials. Seems a shame its not a bit more romantic! I was trying out my new lens and the sheep seemed quite worried and was keeping an eye on me.
  66. From Laguna Seca last weekend, V Rossi on the Ducati GP11.1.
    Canon EOS 1D Mk IIn, EF 400/5.6L + TC 1.4x II: a maneuverable package for these these very brief glimpses at Rainey Corner.
  67. Pantheon Rome Sigma 8mm Fisheye
  68. Missed adding the shot - here it is
  69. A fantastic week of photos all around, folks. Nice work.
    @ Nathan - lovely wedding shot. A bit dark, but I think it lends itself to the mood of the shot.
    @ Jeff Spirer - Wow, simply wow! Great post work on this one.
    @ James Dean - I would be very pleased with the shot, James. I think it's terrific!
    @ Vladmir Wegner - subject a bit too centered? These shots are often a struggle to get the exposure right with the bright background. Maybe add a bit of fill flash next time?
    @ Spencer Chrouser - good in b&w, works well for this shot. Nice balanced composition.
    @ Jeff Lear - nice and clean high ISO shot. I like the upper third of this shot; would make a nice composition by itself.
    @ Lee Derrickson - I keep wanting to get a nice closeup of a goldfinch like this one. A bit too centered?...regardless, nice closeup. I always struggle with composition on these, especially when the subject is a moving target.
    @ robert colameco - How could that bride not be pleased with this shot? I like the composition and lighting. Very nice, Robert.
    @ Randall Farhy - the post work "saved" this one very nicely. Reminds me of '60s vintage b&w shots.
    @ Dan Park - I've never been much of a fan of Sepia toning, but this one works well. Looks like a painting.
    @ Larry Clement - I have a hard time seeing that bee; a little fill flash might light it up. It looks like there might be another on the flower on the far left. That kind of heat makes it hard to concentrate; we've had several 100+ days with high humidity recently. Ugh!
    @ Jan de Bever - did not know kiwi was a vine like that. I might have cropped out some of that white area on the left to give a slightly better balanced shot.
    @ David Cavan - there is a mill close to my home with considerably less mechanical components, but they are in deep shade. Love the natural light in this shot and the slow shutter speed gives a nice sense of movement.
    @ Dan Ferrin - yes, I can see how they were pleased. Nice "showy" shot with good balance/composition. Exposure is perfect.
    @ Robin Smith - I would have cropped this one on the left to "move" that foreground bend slightly more to the left.
    @ Gordon Lonsdale - nice stop action shot! I don't like the tilted horizon, but I do like the straight up look of your subject. Would be hard to change any of that in post on this one without wrecking subject placement.
    @ Mark Poseley - nice colors. I think a tighter crop, removing the dark clouds at the left might work well.
    @ Louis Meluso - I like the composition; you're getting pretty good with the lighting from that ring light. ;-)
    @ thom polimeros - love the sky colors, thom. Exposure was perfect on that stitched set.
    @ Rob Bernhard - nailed the focus on the stamens. Good overall composition.
    @ Michael Dulac - interesting sky with nice composition. Works great in b&w.
    Second batch coming right up...
  70. @ David Huff - great composition! The little blob of white light to the far right of the building is slightly distracting.
    @ Tony Leinster - probably one of the most photographed places in Virginia. I can almost overlay some of my own on this one. Nicely captured. It's a beautiful spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
    @ Jeff BacKer - good low angle. I like the reflection of the eyes in the water. Not too crazy about the vignetting.
    @ Randy Cooprider - interesting looking place. I can't help but wonder how this one would look if shot from a slightly less acute angle.
    @ Nimesh Patel - good in-flight shot of the GBH. Dislike the tilted look of the horizon and centered bird, but on the "fly" composition like this is really tough.
    @ John Crowe - fun shot. So what's the story behind this one, John?
    @ Ken Papai - I like my 16-35 a lot, Ken. This is a fine shot with that lens. Did you use a flash here?
    @ Michael Elenko - a busy composition, but I like that "spot of blue".
    @ James G. - that's a great ambition for a 16 yr. old. Foreground diver distracts my attention.
    @ DeLoyd Huenink - like the composition, but not the halo along the ridge. Nice colors.
    @ Andrew Harto - you captured this procession perfectly! Very nice photo.
    @ Larry H. - good composition. I like the angle.
    @ Stephen Cumblidge - fun shot; poor girl.
    @ Dave Collett - interesting sky; contrasts nicely with the mountains.
    @ William Khan - I would not have known that was an HDR shot, William. Nicely done.
    @ Alicia Miller - perfect lighting from the side on this one!
    @ Marcel Romviel - as much as I don't like square crops, this one might work well by eliminating some of the blank white space on the right.
    @ Doug Obert - nice elk shot! Tried to get some like these in Banff, but no go. I'm officially jealous now.
    @ Peter Meade - Composition is nice, Peter. I might like just a tiny bit more light on the left side of her face.
    @ Henry Wynands - and a nice hummingbird shot it is. Closer, get closer.
    Round three coming up...
  71. @ JDM - so serene looking now. Hard to imagine the bloody battle that took place there.
    @ Gene Spearman - I like shots where I suddenly discover something in the frame that I didn't see while shooting. Flower just a tad too centered?
    @ Bruce Gibson - I might have cropped out that stem on the left altogether. Love the lighting in this shot but the white flower looks just a bit blown out.
    @ Pete Ferling - wow, I like this shot, Pete! Nice background really makes these flowers pop!
    @ Andrew Gosden - "gimmicky"? I don't think so. I like the shot. Interesting with good composition.
    @ David Stephens - Perfect! Killer bokeh!
    @ Rohin Mukhi - get that horizon out of the center! Nice sunset; I might have cropped out the sign and light post on the left and some of the foreground water to lower that horizon. Nice colors in the sky.
    @ Don Hauschild - thanks for the story behind that interesting looking post.
    @ Lupo - I agree, the quality of the photos seems better every week. What a delicious looking photo. I printed it and then ate it. Was a little dry and needed some salt. ;-) Another terrific looking food shot, my friend.
    @ Dean Schreuder - I like the pose and her expression. Exposure is spot on. Not crazy about the vignetting.
    @ DL Anderson - beautiful colors! It sure came out nice and clean at this size.
    @ Daniel Harris - good view of the falls. Lots of water flow that day.
    @ karen wiltshire - horizon placement is good, like the sheep in the foreground; tower might could have gone a bit more left without spoiling the rest of the composition? I like that the sheep is eyeing you; adds more interest.
    @ Rick Janes - oh, good one, Rick! Good timing!
    @ Philip Wilson - I like this one. I've seen a bunch of shots of the Pantheon ceiling, but none quite like this one, Philip. Nice photo.
    Okay, that's all for this week. And my deep thanks to all of you who have made such nice comments about my photo submissions. I always welcome your comments and critiques. Thank you!

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