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    We're starting a little early this week because I have to be up at 6:00 and my eyes are getting heavier by the minute; I hope no one minds. Happy Thursday to everyone and I am glad to say (although my wallet feels differently) that I can once again contribute to the Thursday thread. My computer malfunctioned so instead of spending more than it was worth to fix it I just bought a new one. I hope everyone had a great week and if this Thursday's photos are as good as last week's then we're in for a treat.
    A special thanks to Mark Kissel as well for his weekly critiques. I know he has no obligation to do this yet he still sacrafices his time for the betterment of everyone else. Hopefully this hasn't become expected of him each week and we can all be thankful for any and all of his time when he does decide to give his perspective on our work.
    Not having a computer to load up my weekly photo has been killing me lately, but I am back this week and I am very excited about my photo. On our way to a favorite pizza place a couple weeks ago I noticed a Belted Kingfisher perched on a power line over a creek next to the road. I had never seen a kingfisher before and this was only minutes from our house. I couldn't believe it. For this photo I found a frequent perch and staked out my spot in full camo. I'll also mention that I was wearing thick neoprene chest waders to get through the creek and it was 95 deg. and very humid. I had sat completely still and silent for an hour when this male came chattering down the alley to land on the perch directly in front of my lens. I got off two snaps and the shutter spooked him away. Needless to say I was on cloud 9 the rest of the day. It certainly isn't the best kingfisher photo on the site but I was proud to get it after the preparation and patience.
  2. A friend invited me to shoot a downhill bike competition this week. Here's one of the results.
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    Women Love Me
  4. I shoot for my kids swim team. This was one from the warm up session at this weekends meet. Using 70-200 + 2 extender. There's plenty of light in the outdoor summer meets so can stop down to f9 and still get 1/1250th at iso 500 on a 1dmkiin.
  5. Kite Boarder in Ventura on kind of a gloomy day. 5Dmk2 ISO 200 1/400 300mm
  6. Nathan, I've yet to get really close to one of those Kingfishers, but I do know where one likes to hunt :). Another from Farrington Lakes
  7. [​IMG]

    Española large cactus Finch
  8. One more from Moscow, Russia
  9. We just returned from our family vacation through Western Europe. Before going, I asked about photographing the Eiffel Tower and was questioned in the forum why I would be interested in doing so at all. This was the last photograph I took in Paris. I saw the shot developing, set up and when I knew I had it, put the camera down, enjoyed a glass of wine, and took in the moment. I am lucky to have a few ladies in my life that can make the moon shine - and this is one of them.
  10. Here's mine...
  11. Oh what hell it is to be semi-retired! Spent the weekend kayaking in Jasper National Park, this shot was from Lake Meridian. Still fine tuning how to float and photo at the same time but getting there.
  12. Some really nice shots again this week, as usual. Nathan, good to see you back. I've been trying to get a shot of a Kingfisher for two years, and haven't been able to get anywhere near that close. My contribution this week was taken while out at the local wetlands, looking for birds again. There were none to be found, but this Viceroy was very cooperative. I took a lot of pretty nice shots with my 100-300 zoom, then walked away to look for birds again, when I decided I should put the macro on the lens and see if he was still there. As I was shooting with the macro, I saw this bee land on the thistle for just a second before flying off again. I got lucky with my timing on the shot, and I think this is my favorite from the day. Shot with 50D, 100mm f2.8 non-USM macro (the original, slow focusing, but still a great lens after all these years), ISO 200, f3.5, 1/1000 second, handheld.
  13. This past week I took two day trips. One to Yosemite and one to the Mokelumne Wilderness, a bit south of Lake Tahoe. A couple of photos I took in Yosemite are probably the best of the two trips, but are of the oft photographed Half Dome and Yosemite Falls.
    This photograph is of Winnemucca Lake. When I started hiking I expected to see a bit of snow on the trail owing to the heavy winter and mild spring and early summer California has experienced. The trail was as I expected, dry with a few patches of snow, until I reached Frog Lake. But from Frog Lake to Winnemucca Lake I walked mostly on snow with a few muddy patches of trail. When I finally caught sight of Winnemucca Lake, at 9000 ft. elevation, I was taken aback by the amount of ice still on the lake on July 15. I have visited this lake many times and have never seen ice this late in the year.
  14. Thave been continuing my attempts to take flowers etc from low angles, it is for reasons i cant explain turning into a minor obsession of mine :)
    Heres one of my better attempts and i have listened to Marks comments and got a better DOF(i think). Cheers Mark for the critiques each week, I do check back to see what has been posted and always like the mini critiques you offer.
  15. Ok on reflection the DOF could have been more :)
  16. Playing around with the Canon Ring Flash on the 7D and the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro
  17. The moon
    Camera Canon EOS 7D
    Exposure 0.003 sec (1/400)
    Aperture f/2.8
    Focal Length 200 mm
    ISO Speed 100
    Exposure Bias 0 EV
    Lens Type Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM
  18. canon 40D 28-135 mm lens
  19. Nathan, glad to see you're back. I'm extremely jealous of that Kingfisher shot! I see them about at times, but have never been able to get a good shot of one.
    This is a Lubber Grasshopper. They don't fly, can't hop far despite their muscular looking legs, and they are clumsy walkers. But they are BIG. These guys get 3-4 inches in length and have a really unique coloration. I was unable to get the lighting just right for this shot and used a bit of fill from a shoe mounted flash, but probably could have used a bit more.
  20. River
  21. Emerging tomato blossom in my wife's garden. Soon this will be a ripe juicy tomato.
  22. [​IMG]
    Camera: Canon EOS 50D
    Lens: Canon EF50mm f/1.4 USM
    Exposure Program: Aperture-priority AE
    Exposure: 0.002 sec (1/500)
    Aperture: f/1.4
    Focal Length: 50 mm
    ISO Speed: 100
    Exposure Bias: -1/3 EV
    Flash: Off, Did not fire
  23. Well, I would say we are off to a very good start. Nathan, glad to hear you are up and running again. That's a fantastic shot of the kingfisher. As Mark said, I have seen them but they always split when I raise the camera. Jeff, I do see love in those eyes. There are many great shots here already.
    According to someone I spoke to yesterday, this is only the fourth time a ibis has been seen in PA. I am not sure how accurate that is but I capture this shot very early last Saturday morning. A juvenile white ibis.
  24. Osprey eating his/her catch of the day
  25. My husband's baby. Well, other than our three girls that is! Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II, f2.8, ISO 800, Program mode.
  26. Guangzhou street shots.
  27. Canon 40D, 50 f1.4. 1/125, f7.1, ISO125 +1/3 EV
    Frosty July morning - winter in Australia.
  28. One of our "herd" of about a dozen white-tail deer here in northern Virginia.
  29. I didn't get around for much shooting this last week, but I did spot this organic 'design' that caught my eye.
  30. MotoGP visits Laguna Seca this weekend, 22-24 July.
  31. Great shots again! These bird shots really give me something to measure myself against, and I know I'm not there yet.
    My shot is of our Shih tzu Martini. She has been with us for just over 2 years, (thought to be 3 when we got her). After about 1-1/2 years she started leaving her tounge part way out of her mouth a lot. I've seen them and other breeds that do this, but with her it's like she has decided to be lazy. My girlfriend thinks it is so cute, so we are working on a montage of sorts for her facebook page. Martini's Mood by her Tounge or something I guess it'll be.
  32. Summer boredom, impromptu day trip to test our new Magellan GPS (worked perfectly) and ended in Sewanee, TN, on the University of the South campus...
    EOS 5D2, 28-105mm ISO 100
  33. kts


    that is one cool looking grasshopper Mark.....great detail
    i got the distinct impression this dragonfly was flipping me off as i kept trying to get closer and closer to it
  34. From yesterday, the first day of our long-awaited holiday in Wales. :)
  35. Here's another one from the HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, NL) exam exhibit.
    I think this work is by Annette van den Toorn. (Fine Art department)
    Somtimes i wish i had a great big white wall.
  36. 5D 70-200/2.8 ISII
  37. <a href="" title="Where's my cell phone? by hbwphbwp, on Flickr">
    <img src="" width="400" height="500" alt="Where's my cell phone?"></a>
  38. Home built Red Max
  39. [​IMG]
    Hosta Flower; 350D, 100mm f/2.8 Macro
  40. What a great start! So many wonderful images. I too am glad to find Nathan up and running with his new laptop, grand Kingfisher capture. I am arriving a bit late to the event this week, and do not have anything new to present. Instead I have retrieved an older shot from a few years ago to at least visually cool off those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. This is Lake Tahoe/Emerald Bay California in March...
  41. Over the 4th of July weekend in 2009, I took a week to just drive around Minnesota and see what I could see. I ended up on the North Shore of Lake superior up in the far northeast corner of the state.
    This is a shot of the tallest waterfall in Minnesota at Grand Portage State Park. The lower border of the shot is kinda busy and distracting w/ all the branches sticking out, but I was constrained in shooting location because of a railing and viewing platform. I couldn't seem to find a focal length that gave me the composition I was looking for so I took what I could get.
  42. Go karting fun with the girls - 5d2 70-200/2.8 @ 200mm f8 1/1250 ISO200 - 2.0ec
  43. Tasting brews at the San Rafael BJ's Brewhouse. My faves were the IPA & the red. All are good.
    EOS 7D, ISO 1600, f/3.2 at 20mm.
  44. I noticed this molted cicada skin on a tree in my yard catching the late evening sun. Taken with the xsi and the kit lens.
  45. Fog clearing over the Submillimeter Array radio telescopes near the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawai'i. (Canon XSi, kit lens 18-55mm).
  46. Great stuff folks! I really enjoyed this weeks submissions.
    My contribution. Gamelan band playing at a cremation ceremony. Bali, Indonesia.
  47. Coyote hunting in morning light
    Canon 7D, 280mm (70-200mm f/4L IS pluse 1.4x TC), ISO 800, 1/1600sec, f/7.1
  48. Great photos from everyone.
    Here is my contribution:
  49. Ooooooooo, that's cold water!
  50. I went to a baseball game last weekend and brought the camera along to get some action shots. I found out how difficult it is to get good shots.
    The batter made contact on this pitch for a single.
  51. With the heat, and having to wait patiently for my new computer to be delivered, I haven't got out much. However, I am still posting on Classic Manual Cameras, and you can't get much more "classic" than this camera with the Zeiss Biotar 58mm f/2 and the Angénieux 35mm Retrofocus lens - one of the early wide angle lenses that would clear SLR mirrors.
    Taken with a Canon EOS 20D with the EF-S 17-85mm this last week.
  52. Wow! I think this week is even better than last. I'm blown away! I'll take Lupo and Ken's photos for dinner. That pizza looks amazing and I have a weakness for IPA's. Robert, I wouldn't worry about posting too many bird shots, they never get old. This one is phenomenal and if its only the fourth Ibis sighting in PA then you must feel fortunate to have been one of the lucky few to witness it. I remember how I felt after shooting the Whooping Cranes. Randall, great shot of the frog. Did you do something different in post? It looks like a painting almost. HDR maybe. Not usually a fan of that type of stuff, but I like it here, well done. Too many great shots to comment on, keep 'em comin'.
  53. Gerbera Daisy growing in a pot.
  54. Hello everyone. I recently got hooked to this forum and this is my first contribution to this thread. I've been wanting to do this for a long time and am glad that I did it... finally! :)
    This is a shot from few weeks ago at Navy Pier in Chicago.
    Settings: 17mm @f/6.3, ISO 1600
    @ Ken Papai: BJ's has some really great Beers! I'm a big fan :)
  55. a flower
  56. Scarecrow. Where the corn grows tall, and the sun is hot. Would you save her, even though every fiber in being says leave her to rot? Be forewarned that there are two sides to every story. Either one of them could mean freedom, or something else more.... gory.
  57. Impressive work folks. I see everyone has upped their game. My personal favs:

    Jeff, "Women love me"... funny.
    Randall's Froggy. Those textures hit it.
    James skills in floatation and landscapes.
    Mark's grasshopper. Love that lens, but I know it takes some skill to work it's magic ;)
    Dean's flowers, nice composition and excellent skill in using the 50 f1.4's bokeh magic.
    Mike and his "Branching out". Good use of balance.
    Ricks demonstration of why it's important to wear protective knees pads while racing motor-cycles.
    Ken, for making me thirsty for another beer... (heading to the fridge now).
    Bruce's Fogbow (I'm sure it something special to witness that event).
    Robert's timing in capturing the expression on the cold water dog.
    Jessadang's Flower. I like the composition and glowing center is a nice touch, it pulls you in.

    Keep shooting.
  58. It's been extremely hot in the Midwest regions of the U.S. This beautiful sunset is the end to another hot and humid day.
  59. Nothing new this week, but I was inspired by Ken's beer flights, so here's one from a couple years ago at the Hard Rock in Biloxi.
    BTW Ken, did you try the Nutty Brewnette? My favorite BJ's flavor.
  60. I photographed the Hogspear Captains and Subalterns Tounament at Tidworth Polo Club. It's the second oldest polo tournament running.
    This is the winning side, the Queen's Royal Hussars.
  61. Well done everyone for the effort!<br/>
    I really enjoyed seeing everyone's photos again. :)
  62. Climber. Canon 1dmkIII, 85 f1.8 ISO 640, 1/1000 @ f6.3
  63. Looking at the entries yesterday, and thinking I didn't have anything to submit, when the phone rang and my shooting buddy is playing hooky from work and wants to go to Point Reyes. We packed lunches and had a fine day at Abbotts Lagoon.
  64. A few comments and stuff from me that stand out: (these recent images, # 50 and higher only)
    Marcel - a beautiful rose (and photo!) from an uncommon angle
    Bruce - very cool fogbow. My monitor at home really displays this one better.
    JDM - the angle you chose of that ancient camera makes it look bent or twisted!
    Rohin - nice Navy Pier but keep your images here of max size to 700 px
    Jessadang - interesting and different colors. Kept my attention more than most.
    Pete - wow! A scarecrow! She doesn't scare me but I love your composition. Well done.
    James - nice brew capture! Backlit. Thirst quencher from a Tourist Trap, LOL! (I've been tio the Aquarium in Biloxi)
    Tony - nice angle of the wall climbers. Well executed. Love it.
    Jim S. - seashore at Pt. Reyes. I LOVE this area and like your photo of it a lot. (I spent one day over 4th July this summer picnicking at Coast Camp... I mean drinking wine and some picnicking...)
  65. JDM - the angle you chose of that ancient camera makes it look bent or twisted!​
    Perhaps you are not familiar with the Exakta? By some standards, it is "bent" - it has a trapezoidal shape when viewed from above, you know.
    You are looking at what most people agree is the form of the very first 35mm SLR, here, so it is all the other cameras that are 'bent', not this one. :)
  66. Another week of great photography. Keep up the incredible work. For some reason I decided to jot down a few thoughts as I sat here looking through them again.
    Nathan - Always look forward to your bird photos. I can’t get a kingfisher to stay still long enough to get a shot
    Randall - WOW!
    David - a couple of nieces were just in Paris. Wish I was too. Stared at your shot for a while.
    James - I love mountains. Been to Jasper once and want to go back.
    Mark - Wonderful colors. Almost doesn’t look real
    Phil - What river? Makes me think of the LA river.
    Dean - Love the light and combination of colors
    Robert - even if there have been a few more, consider yourself one of the lucky few and thank you for the nice capture.
    Bill - I love raptors. I’ve seen ospreys catch fish, but never eating.
    Rick - Motorcycle road racers amaze me. Wish I could go watch some, I’ve only been to auto races.
    DL Anderson - I usually avoid Tahoe due to the crowds. I may have to go back in the winter. Beautiful.
    Ken - there is a BJs just down the road from me. I like their porter.
    Nimesh - Love the surreal feel.
    David - Excellent. I love watching coyotes.
    Robert - love the “oh @#$*, what have I done” look
    Rohin - I have been trying to get a good night shot. Good job.
    Pete - I don’t know what to think, but am drawn back. Nice job.
    James - making me wish I had a cold one right now.
    Tony - Nice. Was there an observation area or did you have your belayer hang on while you got the shot?
    Jim - Making a note to myself. Get out to Point Reyes. I have lived within a couple of hours almost my entire life and have never been. Been all around there, but never Point Reyes. Nice shot.
    I'm looking forward to next week's installment
  67. I'm late, late, late! trying to make sure I can upload a re-sized photo!
  68. Hi everyone, sorry for running late. Been so busy. Here's my shot of the week. I really like this one, though it was hard to pick, I got a bunch of cool ones I want to share. Anyway I thought this was a fun a shot. Rock'n'Roll! I will have this one much larger in the Portfolio if anyone cares to look. It loses a little detail at 700 pixels.
    Canon 40D - Sigma 50mm F1.4 - @F4 - Shutter Speed 1/25 Sec - ISO 100
  69. Daniel, it's the Army Corps of Engineers Johnstown, PA Local Flood Protection Project, constructed at the same time as, and second in size to, that of LA. For decades after it's construction, the heavily polluted rivers became the elephant in our living room, largely ignored by the locals and access prohibited by the project. That began to change with the rise of EPA standards and the local economic collapse of the '70s and 80's. The drastic drop in industrial pollutants encouraged some to pursue proactive cleanup methods for the remainder and today one of the rivers, the Stonycreek, supports a growing population of fish and aquatic fowl, and fledgling recreational opportunities. There's still a ways to go on the Conemaugh.
  70. Ken and Daniel. Thank you both. The model is my step-niece, and just starting her career in modeling. It was a gift for her birthday to have something "unusual" and different from the normal agency stuff. It was just after sunrise (when the sun was out of shot), and already 85 degrees with 100% humidity. I had a two man crew (to set and steady props and hold flash), including her Mother along with. Timing is important, if we waited for a break in the heat, the near ripe corn could have been harvested and the scene lost. Having spent three days scouting to find the perfect spot, it was all up to her to follow directions, and get into character make the shot work.
    We also did a second set at sunset by a lake, using reflectors instead of flash to achieve a more back fill and focus on silhouettes. I'm sure it was a learning experience for her, and despite the heat, a lot of fun. Again, working in less than desirable conditions, taking directions, (sometimes under duress) and learning to be in character. It was a good recipe for a job well done. I am proud of her.
  71. Ken and Daniel, many thanks! Yes there is an observation area with coffee bar, luxury, must try one from up the wall one day.
  72. [​IMG]
    5D2, 17mm, ƒ/8, 1/350th, ISO 100 - adjusted
    Wish the fences weren't there.
  73. Well I never expected my capsule critiques to be so popular. I do enjoy seeing your photos, and they just keep getting better. Nathan (and others), thanks for the recognition, although I'm not after any exposure or accolades; I just enjoy doing this. If it helps someone to see something different in their photos or an alternate way of making that shot, that's terrific! Again, I emphasize I am not an artist; so if I miss your artistic talent, I can assure you it's just me. So here we go.
    @ Nathan - I've already said it, but I'm very jealous of that kingfisher shot! You worked hard to get it and the results are great. Very nice shot!
    @ DS Meador - closer...get closer. You could probably crop this one to fill the frame with the biker more. Nice action shot!
    @ Jeff Spirer - hey, look at that...she's signaling for a right and left turn simultaneously. Great caption.
    @ Robin Smith - good diagonal placement of trees in frame. I like the bluish light on the right side of the in-focus trunk.
    @ James Dean - I like how you tilted the camera for this shot. Good action shot and the tilt makes more of an impact.
    @ John Crowe - horizon just a bit too close to center? Nice shot for such a gloomy day.
    @ Randall Farhy - okay, you're going to have to share your post processing technique on this one. Love it!
    @ Andres Court - such a dark bird. A little fill flash might have helped lighten up the head/eye a bit.
    @ Vladimir Wegner - nice sky and clouds. Good placement of walkway in frame. I wonder if a lilttle closer and lower angle would work?
    @ David Huff - perfect position for that shot, David. Now let's see you get one with the entire moon lit. ;-)
    @ Mark Anthony Kathurima - the flower in focus on the left is just a bit too far away from the rule of thirds point. The flower "peeking" in from the right is slightly distracting. I like the colors in this one, Mark.
    @ James G. - good! Lens flare is a distraction at both upper left and lower left.
    @ Dan Ferrin - two for the price of one! Very nice shot, Dan. I don't like the unfilled space on either side of the stem. If you could do it over, do you think placement of the thistle would work better lower in the frame?
    @ Daniel Harris - is it just me or does the upper half of this photo look b&w? I'm missing a strong point of interest; makes my eyes wander around looking to land somewhere.
    @ karen wiltshire - I like this one, karen. DOF is fine in this shot. You have the flower head in good focus which instantly invites my attention there. I like the diagonal composition; how would something below the leaves on the right to connect to the edge of the frame look?
    @ Lupo - crusty? You? Who are you kidding? Your photos, while superb, are doing nothing for my waistline. Well, actually they are doing something to my waistline, but it's not good. Maybe you should shoot a glass of skim milk and an asparagas spear. ;-)
    @ Louis Meluso - I started out using the ring flash but I often ended up with lighting that looked a little flat. This shot actually has depth. Nice work. Finally got the MT-24EX and am much happier with that one.
    @ Spencer Chrouser - that's a nice moon shot. Exposure is perfect. Maybe a tad too sharp?
    @ Michael Sowell - other than the nice rich color, what did you want me to see, Michael? I'm slow tonight.
    @ Phil B - interesting shot with the different angles. How would this one look if you cropped a bit of the foreground and the vertical post at the far right?
    @ Lee Derrickson - not quite at the rule of thirds intersection but still a good macro shot, Lee.
    Stay tuned for the next batch.
  74. @ Dean Schreuder - I really like this one, Dean. Colors may be just a tad oversaturated but they work well in this shot. Good DOF technique really makes the in-focus flowers pop out.
    @ robert colameco - love the gradient from water to background. Excellent subject placement with great light. Nice capture from several viewpoints! A fine shot!
    @ Bill K - hard to get a good shot against a bright background, but you did it here. Nice.
    @ Andrew Harto - I like them both, Andrew, just not together. Is there a story why you joined the two?
    @ David McIlroy - here in NC in the US, we're having temperatures near 100 (F), so this shot actually looks a little soothing. Good detail.
    @ David Cavan - deer looks just slightly overexposed on my monitor. Maybe it's just my monitor? Good placement. Like the trees in the foreground at right.
    @ Mike Stemberg - I'm still trying to warm up to that main limb exiting the inner frame. Simple subject done very well.
    @ Rick Janes - perfect action shot!
    @ Richard S - cute doggie; a tad too centered.
    @ William Kahn - I like the symmetrical framing with the trees on this shot. Have you seen this in early morning light or at sunset? Looks like it would be a good candidate for one of those scenarios.
    @ thom polimeros - if you visit my gallery, you'll see that I'm a fan of dragonflies. You captured this one very well. Excellent lighting and nice neutral background.
    @ Steve Simons - good shot from that G12, Steve. Slighty oversaturated green?
    @ Jan de Bever - wow...I'm just not an artist. What am I supposed to see? Color? Confused.
    @ Matti Kari - love the lighting on this one. Great subject placement. Was this light painting?
    @ Sue Deutscher - try again.
    @ Dick Arnold - distracting background. This would be a terrific shot with the plane just framed against the grass, no background.
    @ Rob Bernhard - good detail in the focal point. Not too crazy about the blank area to the left of the flower.
    @ DL Anderson - Nice composition. Colors? Background mountains look a little on the purple side.
    @ Mark Poseley - I can see where this would be tough to shoot from this location. No locations further downstream? Still a nice shot but I have no sense of scale. How big are the falls?
    @ Marcus Ian - good one, Marcus! Look at that concentration!
    @ Ken Papai - I'm on an IPA kick right now. Can't seem to get enough of them (well, not literally). Looks like a couple of wheat beers in back. Nice colors/perfect exposure. Great post work for ISO 1600.
    @ Andrew Gosden - like the backlight. How would this look if you tilted the camera to make the tree trunk a diagonal across the frame?
    @ Nimesh Patel - super shot! Stars, mist, sunlight...excellent composition.
    Taking a break for now. More later.
  75. Nathan, Daniel, Peter, Mark-So many good works this week indeed! I've always enjoyed looking through the images in this thread, one of the highlights of visiting this site.
    The original image for this one is a retoucher's nightmare. I happened upon the frog poking his head above water while I was looking for something else and had to work fast. Managed 4 captures before it decided to leave the scene. The flash was on, and even though I was using a diffuser it created inummerable specular hotspots and glare spots because everthing was wet.
    So, while I was putting humpy dumpty back together, I decided to take a break and ran it through 3 different Topaz program presets with tweaks to each along the way.
    Denoise5 light, with tweaks to the color bands. This helped smooth things out a bit and blended some of the glare.
    Buzsim from the Clean3 program set. Tweaked detail size and boost settings. This helped eliminate nearly all of the specular hotspots and filled them with color of varying degree.
    Portrait Drama from Adjust4 -this created what might be considered an HDR effect without going full blown HDR. I scaled some of the effects back a touch, boosted detail strength for texture and played with the adaptive exposure and saturation sliders.
    Now for the kick in the pants- when I started work this file it was late at night and apparently I wasn't seeing too clearly. I have a capture with better focus on the eyes that would make a better traditional rendition. So basically, I'll be starting that one over. -This week was a real treat, looking forward to the next installation!
  76. @ Arie Vandervelden - must be quite an honor to have these guys play at one's cremation. Interesting headgear.
    @ David Stephens - that's a really nice shot! I peeked at the rest of the series on the Flicker page. Perfect timing and great focus.
    @ Marcel Romviel - good closeup shot of the rose. I wonder how this shot would look with the rose slightly off center and a same color (white) background?
    @ Bruce Gibson - that is interesting. Have never seen a "fogbow" before.
    @ Robert L. - funny shot. Good stop action. Cluttered background detracts slightly but I like the low angle on this one.
    @ Adrian K - it's tough to get that ball on the bat. Timing and shutter speed have to be just right. 1/250 is a bit slow to really freeze the shot, but I like the blur at the bat and ball; adds to the action.
    @ JDM - nice shot on seamless, JDM. That front ring on the Zeiss looks like it has been around the block a time or two.
    @ Gene Spearman - nice flower shot. Holes in background leaf are a slight distraction. Looks a tad oversaturated.
    @ Rohin Mukhi - resize the photo to a max (long side) of 700 pixels and it will show in your post rather than being a link. That's a really nice shot for your first contribution. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
    @ Jessadang Soutonglang - almost looks like a watercolor. Has a very impressionistic feel with the soft focus. Good placement in frame.
    @ Pete Ferling - looks like one right out of the "Children of the Corn" movie. The tilted background, and where the top of her head strikes that (at the horizon), are slight distractions. Impressive image, Pete!
    @ James Farabaugh - good lighting from the upper left. Makes me thirsty.
    @ Peter Meade - a proud lot, they are! The little strip of background above the tent is slightly distracting. I always hate doing group shots; they all tend to look too posed for me. (You have some terrific shots in your portfolio here.)
    @ Tony Leinster - very nice shot, Tony. Good composition; I like the angles of the orange "cliff face". Looks like you are on the climb with them.
    @ Jim Service - interesting colors in this shot, Jim. I see just a touch of vignetting in the corners. I like the sweep of the shoreline as it goes in and out.
    @ Jan Morian - better late than never. Make sure the long side is re-sized to 700 pixels (max allowed here).
    @ Mark Keefer - you're loses a LOT of detail at 700 pixels. I looked at the full image in your portfolio, very nice. Nice composition and you nailed the exposure. That Sigma 50 is tack sharp. Super shot, Mark!
    @ Robert Campbell - those buildings are falling over. ;-) Love the low perspective on the sculpture. If circumstances allow, how would this work if the sculpture were moved to the right, so that he's looking into the frame? The fences are not a particular distraction to me in this shot.
    Okay, that's all for this week. How can they get any better? Nice job everyone!
  77. Mark, I hope you see this. I went back and looked at my photo. For what it's worth, the day was overcast and the rock here is a dark basalt and with the snow the top half of the shot does look black and white. Thank you for your comments and the time it takes to do all of them.

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