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  1. Happy Thursday everyone! The computer is still out of commission so no photo for me yet again this week, but I'm sure you guys
    and gals will more than make up for my absence of a contribution. Let's see all those photos!
  2. The baby panda at the San Diego Zoo munching on some bamboo.
    Camera Canon EOS 7D
    Exposure 0.001 sec (1/1000)
    Aperture f/2.8
    Focal Length 102 mm
    ISO Speed 500
    Exposure Bias -2/3 EV
    Lens Type Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM
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  4. I went fishing last Friday. This train was waiting in the early dawn light by the first place I stopped.
  5. Jeff, unique-as always. I like the high impact style.

    Spencer, nice shot.

    This is part of a nature series centered around a local lake system.
    300mm F4IS ISO 400 SS1/2000 F5 580EXII Fill
  6. [​IMG]
    Shot with Sigma 10-20 on an XTi
  7. I just joined the local camera club and this is one of the photos I submitted for them to assign me to a photographic level for the competitions. No word yet.
  8. Canon T2i/17-55mm 2.8 cropped slightly. San Francisco North Beach.
  9. Some food shots for a local grill :)
  10. Dying Peony
    7D, Voigtlander SL 125mm with K-mount-to-EOS adapter, f4.5 @ 180, ISO 200
  11. Local event, fire dancer....wish i had got more of the fire but she was moving pretty fast. I like her expression.
  12. At a polo tournament, I held an umpire's pony whilst she held me camera.
  13. A bit sloppy in post, and a little over-cooked, but I was in a rush and originally processed this for the Facebook crowd. I was actually scoping out locations for the local fireworks show and didn't see the potential in the sky until days later.
  14. I really do shoot things other than birds, just not much lately.
  15. Taken this morning while out walking the dog.
  16. I thought this was fun
  17. Robert C. Great reflection of the wings. Bill K. For some reason when I first saw the picture I thought it said " Do not feed our moles" which impressed me with the quality of your moles :)<).
    This is a picture of a “wave” petunia taken with a Kodak (Canon) DCS 520) using a Canon 28-80 lens. The camera produces a whopping 6 MB file from a 2 MB something. I played with this in Photoshop elements and was surprised at how much detail and color were there.
  18. On the lake with a 5D2 and 70-200L mk II @ f/2.8 and 1/125.
  19. The Smithsonian Natural History museum has a live butterfly exhibit this summer - a beautiful place to spend an hour.
  20. Happy Thursday. This one from last night. Hope it works.
    Canon 40D - Sigma 50mm - F1.4 - Shutter Speed 1/400sec - ISO 400
  21. Shot this while on vacation in Wisconsin and Iowa.
    Canon 5D mark II; 24-105 @ 47mm f8@1/20
  22. Thunderstorm from this night.
  23. Great photos so far this week. Busy week for me. I have a home improvement project going on with a deadline for work I need to get done before the contractor starts. So this week I dug into the archives and pulled this one out. My humble submission was taken at a job fair we sponsored where I worked. I climbed on top of a dump truck to take this one. EOS Elan IIe with EF 28-80 f/3.5-5.6 IV USM and film was probably Fujifilm ASA 200.
  24. Atlanta Aquarium
    30D using 20-35L
  25. Last weekend I was pleased to find we had a pair of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds in our backyard. This is the female.
  26. I am trying to learn how to take pictures of a city, just walking around shooting anything I think worth it.
  27. Another week of great photos from everyone so far. I know how Robert feels. Seems like birds are all I've been shooting lately, too. Here's a local pondscape with a Great Blue Heron, taken over the weekend. Canon 50D, EF 100-300mm f4.5-5.6 USMat 280mm, ISO 400, f 7.1, 1/800.
  28. Here's another of my nices artworks. I was just trying to capture the mood. (no post done, just resized) 5DII , 28-80 2.8-4.0 L . it was the first picture i took, more to check how the little lights in the glass covers would translate.
    The table is my old tv table, that i was abusing as potting table in the garden.. the newspaper was from the 70's, the parrot was plaster (after 2 wax parrots melted..) She has a nice explanation of what it all means, I just like the picture :)
  29. kts


    Spencer and Jeff really got the ball rolling this week......great photo's
    simple shot of some summer blooms on a rainy afternoon
  30. I am often amazed by the tenacity of life. It seems everywhere I travel I come across examples of life in places you would never expect it.
    This was the case on the way into Yosemite, NP on 9/13/2010. Here is this tree growing out of a crack in a rock; you can see the valley in the background.
    As I was setting up for this shot I chatted with a guy who had basically made his own four wheel drive RV out of a Toyota pickup truck; it was ugly but extremely functional! He was on his way to an adventure in some very out of the way places in the So Cal deserts.
    Yosemite is a a treat if you can get on with crowds...
  31. Kitfox taking off. There is a compromise here. In order to blur the prop I had to reduce the shutter speed to 1/250. This reduces overall sharpness as as 1/1000 is better but freezes the prop.
  32. Was working on some time-lapse stuff as a storm approached last night (and I keep forgetting the camera must be in landscape orientation). This is the only photo in which I captured any lightning.
  33. Another wonderful "Thursday journey" viewing the photographs of other's!
    I actually have one taken this week, . . . actually Saturday evening whilst attending my first Hot Air Balloon Glow with my daughter.
    It was challenging, . . . but I did get a couple of "keepers."
  34. Great blue heron guards his territory
    Canon 7D, 500mm f/4L IS, f/8, ISO 1600, 1/1000th second:
  35. Verdigris
  36. <img src= "">
  37. Came across a source of great fun and laughter in one of my visitis to the very popular river-side promenade along the River Thames. This was taken just before sunset hence the warm colours on the kids faces. You can glimpse a bit of the sunset in the bubble reflections too...
  38. A simple one from a new series I've been trying to get going. Haven't got the hang of my new computer system yet so I can't find any of the shot details for some reason.
  39. As is always the case, some really great stuff here on the Thursday thread. I really like Arie's beach scene, and Lupo's food images are always enticing. This week is another morning shot of wildflowers beside the road, taken last Thursday.
  40. 2nd attempt: EOS 5DII, EF 50 f1.4 @f1.6, 1/40 Sec ISO 320
  41. [​IMG]
    350D, 18-55 (non IS)
  42. 3rd attempt: EOS 5DII, EF 50 f1.4 @f1.6, 1/40 Sec ISO 320
  43. The only pictures I took this week were three shots with a P&S that I still need to stitch together to get the whole scene - so no photo from me this week. Instead - some opinions:
    Spencer - I love how you framed the Panda.
    Daniel - Nice shot. I think HDR might have been nice here so you could lighten up the dark foreground without losing the colors in the sky.
    Arie - Love the ultra-wide perspective, and nice colors.
    Mark - Nice setup, but the depth of field is too shallow in my opinion. I'd like to see more of the food in focus.
    Lupo - How about some recipes to go with these always fantastic shots!?
    Robert - Incredible!
    Mark - They could make a motivational poster from that shot. Nice work!
    Robin - Wonderful colors! Very grabbing.
    James - Fantastic architecture shot. Love it!
  44. Still working with my "battles of the Army of Northern Virginia" pictures. Here's some signage at Five Forks, a critical battle which forced the evacuation of Richmond and Petersburg.
    The Confederates under Pickett, unusually, hadn't dug in so much as usual, so the actual lines are subtle enough to require an archaeologist's eye to see them.
  45. Great photographs again this week. Mine is a portrait of a friends daughter taken on a sunny afternoon in the shade of a tree.
    40d, 85mm, f2.8, 1/160s, ISO 200
  46. Still not shooting much, so here is a shot from a while past.
  47. OK one more time. I couldn't upload the photo while at the Jersey Shore for some reason.
    Happy Thursday. This one from last night. Hope it works.
    Canon 40D - Sigma 50mm - F1.4 - Shutter Speed 1/400sec - ISO 400
  48. As usual a great variety of good pictures.
    My contribution;
  49. Have been traveling through Europe with the family these last few weeks. We visited Heidelberg and in that area watched an amazing birds of prey demonstration from one of the castles along the Neckar.
  50. Hiking last Saturday morning in our Summer Fog.
    EOS 7D @ 45mm, f/9, ISO 200. Ctr-weighted ave. metering.
  51. [​IMG]


    Camera: Canon EOS 7D
    Lens: Canon EF-S17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM
    Exposure Program: Manual
    Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)
    Aperture: f/2.8
    Focal Length: 55 mm
    ISO Speed: 400
    Exposure Bias: 0 EV
    Flash: On, Fired


    Canon 580EXII mounted to the camera acting as the master remote only (Wireless: Enabled, Master: Disabled),
    Canon 430EXII mounted to a light stand camera right shooting through a white shoot through umbrella as the key light (strobe A),
    Canon 430EXII mounted to a light stand camera left and behind the model shooting bare through a 1/4 CTO gel as the rim light (strobe B),
    Both strobes were triggered wirelessly using Canon's wireless remote system and were controlled manually in camera.

    Also, I had a polarizing filter attached to the lens to help saturate the colors and to act as kind of a poor man's ND filter.
  52. This afternoon walking back to my car in central Manchester.
    Really starting to like walking round with my new G12!
    Canon Powershot G12
    Exposure Time (1 / Shutter Speed) = 1/2000 second ===> 0.0005 second
    Lens F-Number / F-Stop = 28/10 ===> ƒ/2.8
    ISO Speed Ratings = 200
    Original Date/Time = 2011:07:14 15:03:41
    Shutter Speed Value (APEX) = 10965784/1000000
    Shutter Speed (Exposure Time) = 1/2000 second
    Aperture Value (APEX) = 2970854/1000000
    Aperture = ƒ/2.8
    Flash = Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
    Focal Length = 6100/1000 mm ===> 6.1 mm
  53. Shell series
  54. Better late than never...
  55. Nathan, get that laptop fixed! We miss your contribution. I'll give it a day or two and add some comments like I did last week. Photos are better than ever this week!
    One from a few weeks back. Saw this little squirrel just resting on a branch. Liked how his lip was sort of stuck to the limb.
  56. Mimosa blooms. Grow like weeds.
  57. Summer is here and everyone (almost) is trying to make most of it! This photo is from lake Michigan; which is bustling at this time of the year with tourists and local alike; enjoying the short lived warm weather.
    Cheers, Hadi
  58. Long time watcher, first time contributor. Taken last Sunday (7/10). I live in the middle of a city so it's always nice to see the wild things. I heard this juvenile Red Tail vocalizing from inside my house so I grabbed my camera and ran outside.
    Canon 40D
    Canon EF 100-400 IS f/4.5-5.6L
    1/1600 sec. @ f/5.6, ISO 200
    Shot at 400mm
  59. Wow everybody great photos this week. Kicked some Nikon butt I would say. Mine is at the local harbor and the ladies canoeing team. 5D Mk2 ISO 200 1/400 Sears 300mm at f/11
  60. Busy week down in SC. Three assistants, me, and about 1000 surgical devices... I needed a beer (Fat Tire Ale) and a quiet place. Found it here at Lake Jordan, watching the sunset. The gentle laps of a few waves, and the occasional distant screech from an eagle to break the silence. Ahhhhh.
  61. Not very creative this week I'm afraid, just some tall establishments in Chicago from the weekend.
  62. Yesterday I went to Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. We stopped to in a small neighborhood to walk along a small stream to the shore. Much to our surprise we found two penguins feed on the small fish in the stream. It was a priceless moment watching them with my family and trying to get a few photos. Here's one of the results.
  63. Although I shoot Nikon, I usually check out the Canon weekly submissions and this week you guys have some awesome shot but robert colameco's is outsatnding...
  64. Canon 50D
    Iso 400
    FD Vivitar series 1 70-210 on adapter
  65. Thanks, Pascal. I always said you Nikon guys knew your stuff.
  66. Tiny little flowers.
  67. My sons 13th Birthday Party we took them paint ball, this is my nephew.
  68. I'm late again!...Some stunning examples here. I can see the 100-400mm L is in my future.
    I have nothing special here to offer. Too much humidity for landscapes or even sky shots. Looking for some color, I gave this a try. This is no macro lens, either. Just an unmanipulated 100% crop of the center of one shot I took of these tiny flowers in my front yard that I walk right past every day (except yesterday). I was about 1' away. I like this lens!
  69. Wow! I shouldn't really be surprised given the talent we have here week in and week out, but I am very impressed with this week's photos. I didn't get the laptop fixed, but I did break down and get a new one. It was going to cost more than I wanted to spend to fix an outdated computer so I (unwillingly) bit the bullet and bought a new one. I can't believe how much shi, uh, stuff you can pack into a laptop for a fairly good price.
    Here's my photo, critique away. And what a great shot of that squirrel. He looks like he had a rough day. And although they eat holes in our bird seed containers and can be quite a nusaince sometimes, he "almost" looks cute. Dang squirrels.
    Keep the bird photos comin'. I look forward to seeing your shots each week, and as much as I love birds that makes them even better. Well done.
    Glad to see you make your way over here.
    Okay so here's my photo. I think it may have been from two weeks ago, but it was taken since my last contribution to the thread so I guess it qualifies as current. I took this same photo last year when Ollie was a puppy but she's grown quite a bit since.
  70. For those that might be new to the Canon Thursday thread, welcome; it's nice to have your contribution here. I have been asked by many of the regulars here to offer a comment or two (although I feel greatly unqualified to do so). I can assure you all, my comments are not intended to negatively criticize or inflame. Please take my comments with a grain of salt and realize they are just the way *I* see things. I love looking at your photos, and this week is an exceptional batch. You guys/gals just keep outdoing yourselves. Thank you all for the inspirations! Here we go...
    @ Spencer Chrouser - terrific subject; maybe a touch too centered?
    @ Jeff Spirer - smoking through a bandanna? Leaves me with a lot of questions. Nice b&w.
    @ Daniel Harris - a bit underexposed. I realize it was early morning; it's just a little dark on my monitor.
    @ Randall Farhy - good fill from the 580. Makes me say "did he use a flash?" Nice.
    @ Arie Vandervelden - I like this shot a lot! Horizon near center is only flaw, but that's just me.
    @ Dave Collett - nice composition. Good clouds in sky. Light is great. Minor nitpick - horizon slightly tilted. Good luck in the competition!
    @ Gil Pruitt - you have some really great shots in your portfolio! I don't think this is one of your better ones. Too much going on in the shot makes my eyes wander around from the ATM to the white disc to the girl to the car...
    @ Mark Anthony Kathurima - well, looks like Lupo has some food shot competition. I like the composition and lighting is just right. Good focal point empahsizes the meat and tomato.
    @ Michael Elenko - interesting lens choice. Good conversion to b&w.
    @ karen wiltshire - love everything about this one! Nice warm glow (literally) on her face from the flames with good composition. Looks like she is having fun. I can see you are liking that new lens!
    @ Peter Meade - Nicely done! That umpire must be a photographer. Gutter in back left is slight distraction.
    @ Phil B - Wow! Nice sky! Great location for sunsets.
    @ Lupo - just plain yummy. I think me and about 50 others here are planning on showing up at your place tomorrow morning. Always a beautiful job with the lighting and subject arrangement.
    @ robert colameco - fine, fine, fine! Nice low angle with great reflection. Love the lighting.
    @ Bruce Gibson - nicely composed, Bruce. Like the morning light coming through the trees and teh zig zag walkway.
    @ Bill K - too funny! I think it's reading the sign. "Molest" an alligator? Not me!
    @ Randy Cooprider - yes, nice detail and color. Subject bloom is just a bit dark.
    @ Jeff Palmucci - good subject, sky and water. I might have framed this one with the dock a bit closer to the bottom to show more sky. How would that work?
    @ David Cavan - just an hour? I could probably spend the day in there. I haven't seen those species here.
    @ Michael Dulac - strong composition. Maybe a tad too centered? Horizon placement is good.
    @ Alexey Nosal - great lightning capture!
    @ Lee Derrickson - angle is good, but I can't help wondering what that third truck cab looks like.
    @ Dan Park - super shot, Dan! Love it.
    I'll break these up a bit to make them a little easier to read.
  71. @ Richard S - got to love those hummingbirds. Just a bit out of focus?
    @ Vladimir Wegner - we do learn by doing, so nothing wrong with that. Maybe squat down next time for a lower angle on the bike? I like to shoot bikes and cars a little from the front and down low, about even with the fender (car) or gas tank (bike).
    @ Dan Ferrin - I like the composition and reflection but the bird seems just a bit high in the frame; not quite at the rule of thirds point. Nice shot!
    @ Jan de Bever - interesting project. I like the parrot in the frame. Seems to be puzzling over the eggs.
    @ thom polimeros - great shot, thom! Love the composition and colors. Lighting is perfect.
    @ Mark Poseley - man, that's a vivid blue sky! I like the composition; might have brought the top of the tree down just a hair. A very nice shot. Makes me want to go to Yosemite.
    @ Dick Arnold - my brother had a Kitfox for a while. Sold it and just bought a Sky Raider Lite with a ballistic chute. Nice take-off capture. I agree, spinning props look better on these shots.
    @ Jeremy Richter - hey, at least you got something. I'm still working on it.
    @ Jim Johnson - nice balloon glow shot. 1/6 second? Wow! Too bad that big flower wasn't lit up.
    @ David Stephens - maybe a bit too centered? I like that you got the two long feathers in the shot. They're not always visible.
    @ Robin Smith - amazing color, nice composition. Love this one!
    @ Brad - I don't know what happened to your shot. I saw it earlier and it was just a terrific photo (as usual from you).
    @ Mike Stemberg - nice composition. Love the expression on the kids faces and the one waiting for it to pop. Perfect exposure/focal point...I hope you turned around for a shot of that sunset.
    @ James G. - I really like these symmetrical compositions. This one works beautifully in b&w.
    @ DL Anderson - I liked yours from last week a little better than this one. Composition seems just a little busy in this one. Nice sky color.
    @ Rob Bernhard - you rock, Rob! Great capture.
    @ Paul Mullins - as we say here, third time's the charm. Interesting shot. Nice play on texture and shadows.
    @ JDM - I can't see them, JDM. The inset doesn't look like they are dug in at all.
    @ Indy Nandrajog - Nice portrait - great bokeh. I'll bet she liked that one.
    @ Jim Service - Good low angle. Car maybe a tad high in the frame? These are so tough to do well. I'm never happy with my racing shots. Still learning that craft.
    @ Mark Keefer - Great exposure, Mark! Nice composition. Handheld?
    @ Marcel Romviel - really nice low angle. Nice clouds/sky. Super shot!
    Time for a break.
  72. @ David Huff - now I have to attend one of the birds of prey shoots. Bird too centered? How are you liking that 1DIV?
    @ Ken Papai - man, I like this one, Ken! That red house really jumps out at me. The people in the shot along the shore really give this one a sense of scale.
    @ Dean Schreuder - "...poor man's ND filter." That made me laugh! Lighting is perfect.
    @ Steve Simons - nice composition. I like the tilted horizon and her expression. You framed this one nicely.
    @ mike newman - I'll be the first to admit that I usually like color better, but I think your shot from last week was better. Shell is just a bit too close to top and shadows don't work as well as the solid black background from last week.
    @ William Kahn - was this an HDR shot, William? How did you get the underside of the water tank lit? I like the vines growing up the tower.
    @ Gene Spearman - good closeup of the mimosa blooms. Good DOF.
    @ Hadi Khademi - I think I would have liked this shot better if the boat were going uphill (tilted the other way). Nicely composed.
    @ Jeff Lear - hi Jeff! Nice to see you here. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Good apture of the Red Tail (one of my favorite birds of prey). I like the pose with the mouth open. These are very common here in NC.
    @ John Crowe - wouldn't it be interesting if you could get a shot (even a little closer) at water level on these gals?
    @ Pete Ferling - looks like a good spot to unwind. Nitpick - get that horizon out of the center of the frame.
    @ James Dean - and they are falling over backwards! ;-) I guess you can tell I want that 17mm T/S.
    @ DS Meador - didn't even know there were Penguins in Brazil. Interesting shot.
    @ Pascal Burel - Stop by anytime, Pascal. And thanks for the nice comment. I always check out the great shots in the Nikon forum every week. And I agree, robert's shot is terrific!
    @ Theo Bern - I would probably have cropped this one - a little off the bottom, and the right side to get rid of the claw(?). That would put the head at the rule of thirds intersection in the lower right. Neat expression on the lizard.
    @ Mathew Hargreaves - wow, they look like they're made of porcelain. A tad overexposed?
    @ Nancy G - I hope you stayed out of the line of fire! The vine(?) at the right makes it look like the photo is cracked. Interesting shot.
    @ Phil Roberts - the 17-55 is just a remarkable lens. Super sharp and contrasty. Good detail in the bee.
    @ Nathan - hey, finally! Good to see you are back. Thanks for the nice comment about my squirrel shot. I love this shot of Ollie! Perfect timing/perfect exposure/great focal point. Very nicely done!
    Okay, that's it for this week. Looking forward to this coming Thursday's shots. I don't know how you folks will ever top these though. This was a great bunch of photos for last Canon Thursday.
  73. Thanks Mark, and wow! you've really outdone yourself. I'm sure I can speak for many posters here when I say that we really appreciate you taking your own time to focus on and critique each photo. It must be time consuming and the insight from another photographer's perspective is always a catalyst for progression. You really are doing everyone else here a service and asking for nothing in return. I don't know what else to say except, "thank you."
  74. Taken during a recent trip into a remote area of the Australian alps to rescue some folk stranded by unexpectedly heavy snowfalls. The weather conditions were atrocious.

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