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    Sorry I'm late this morning, but I was trying to find some info on my photo, then after I wrote up the thread my finger must have slipped and hit a special hot key that apparently closes all browser windows and I lost this is the shortened version because I'm too lazy to write it all again. I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was Memorial Day in the States and I hope everyone remembered why we were celebrating and thought about the soldiers that fought for the freedom that allows us to fire up our grills.
    I went to Chicago Tuesday and passed the Indiana wind farms on the way. Here's a shot of some of the windmills. There's about a 20 mile stretch on I-65 between Chi-town and Indy where these are as far as you can see. A 1 second blade blur would've been cool, but I didn't have the tripod and oddly enough not very few were actually spinning despite 30+mph winds.
  2. Nathan, here is my finger slipping story......So, I know this is a bit gross, but there are a couple of lessons here. Lesson one is that you should not wear a ring when working in a workshop. I’m 42 years young and have been a constant woodworker hobbyist for the past 20 or so years. I know my tools and have very rarely injured myself, until this last Saturday. I was drilling a piece of wood on my drill press. As I lifted the wood off the table, I momentarily lost concentration and did not exactly watch where my hand was going. As I pulled my hand vertically upwards, the tip of the drill bit (still rotating at 2000rpm) slid down between by wedding ring and my finger. There was quite some chattering and swearing at that point, as the drill bit realised it was far easier to dig into my soft and supple flesh, that it was to dig through the gold wedding ring. So I managed to switch of the machine and examine my poorly finger. Really I was very very lucky. If the drill bit had seriously dug into the ring, it would have twisted and easily severed or more seriously injured my finger. Although the drill gouged the inside of the ring, it got more purchase on my finger, than the ring, and I got off lightly with a fairly superficial surface wound. So lesson one is don’t wear a ring when working with machinery. Lesson two is that iso 3200 is not too noisy if you have plenty of light. It is very very difficult to try to take a halfway decent image of ones’ own injured hand. I had to set iso3200 on my 5d with my 100mm macro fully open at f2.8 to get a 250th of a second. In order to combat the hand shake I had to put my injured hand on the windowsill in the sunlight and press with my other hand the camera against the wall and hold my breath and calmly press the shutter. I can tell you it was tricky as my hand was hurting and holding 5d, battery pack and 100mm macro with my other hand and not get any camera shake is not easy. But as I was taking it I was already thinking of writing this post so I could share lesson one with you all. So there you have it. 1. Don’t wear rings and 2. ISO 3200 is not always bad.
    PS ….4 days later finger has not yet dropped off and is healing nicely.
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  4. 5D2, Contax Zeiss 50/1.4 Planar, about f2.4 at 1/50.
  5. Just fooling around with low light on my old 5D at 3200 ISO.
  6. In 2009 I was in Arizona for my job. Fortunately, I had weekends off and took advantage of the time to do some traveling and take a few pictures with my new (at the time) 5D II. This shot was taken in Joshua Tree NP, one of my favorite places in the SW.
    I was heading out of the park toward I10 when I spotted this ice crystal rainbow in the clouds. I took a few shots and it became part of my collection.
  7. Ankle breaker at this weekend's soccer tournament. Had the soccer set up - 7D with 70-200 f/4.
  8. Hello all! This weeks thred is starting out quit nice some great shots; love the gopher and the ice rainbow. James, been there, done that, so I can empathize, drilled my knee doing sheet metal ducting in a 130 degree attic. The body is an amazing thing, we often recover.
    Memorial Day weekend is time for the county fair here in Sacramento. My daughter was quite busy with FFA events in the early morning. This gave me an opportunity to check out most the place before the crowds arrived. This was one of the more colorful shots - good old fair food!
  9. <img src= "">
  10. Canon 30D; Canon 28-105mm f3.5/4.5; folcal Length 35mm ;ISO = 400 ; f5.6 @ 1/250; flash
    Friend of mine...
  11. Taken in Death Valley from a couple months ago. Picture of the mountains across from Badwater I believe.
    Camera Canon EOS 7D
    Exposure 0.001 sec (1/800)
    Aperture f/11.0
    Focal Length 38 mm
    ISO Speed 100
    Exposure Bias -4/3 EV
    Lens Model EF-S15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
  12. I have plenty of these in the lawn, just cant seem to get rid of them!
  13. Nice work so far. Harry, thanks for the shot of the Pentax guy. A few years ago when I got "back" into photography, my first digital camera purchase was a Pentax K10D, a very nice camera. Today's entry was shot with my Canon 7D.
  14. An evening walk with my wife.
    5D, Sigma 50/1.4
    ISI-100, 1/320, f4, -2/3 EV
  15. @ Nathan - needs something in the shot to give a sense of scale. These things are huge. I'll forgive you this one, since you were shooting from a moving truck.
    @ James D - yes, you were lucky. If you check statistics, most woodworking accidents occur either very early in one's career (by the very inexperienced) or later, after considerable experience (when one gets careless doing routine work). Thanks for sharing the lesson.
    @ Jeff S - who is that? I don't know how you manage to break the traditional photo "rules" and still come up with a such a good photo. Mine just look like I broke the rules. Nice intense portrait!
    @ Mike Dixon - wow, the lead singer is really belting it out. I can almost hear the music when I look at this photo.
    @ JDM - don't know what NR you used, but it looks like a pretty clean photo at that exposure. Abe never looked better!
    @ Mark P - haven't seen one of those around here...ever. We just get the ice crystal halo around the moon occasionally.
    @ Eric S - Nice shot of the gopher. I'm not typically a fan of square framing for wildlife, but this one works as a portrait.
    @ DL - Nice capture of the great colors in the concession booth. At that aperture, I'm surprised the far end is still in pretty good focus.
    @ Brad - Interesting mural...and an even more interesting subject. The two just don't go together, but somehow, they do. I like the vignetting in this shot; works well. 7/7
    @ Harry J - When I look at this one, I immediately thought of Jimmy Olsen from the Superman comic series. Nice retro capture of your friend!
    @ Spencer - That's a barren looking landscape. I like the light on the peaks of the mountains.
    @ Karen W - Ah, the bane of the flower kingdom. I like the background. Would like to see a bit more DOF.
    @ Robert C - Good capture of the blue darter. Colors are just a tad rich but the blue and green work nice together.
    @ Peter M - I clicked through to the Flicker shot. Looks much better in the larger size.
    Nice work, all!
    I had a hard time selecting something for this Thursday. My wife and I are on vacation this week and I haven't shot much. Here is a flower shot from a botanical garden from this past Saturday. I liked the lighting at that moment.
  16. The sun rises on Godwin School near Millsboro, Delaware, in April. This one room schoolhouse was built in 1896 and in use until 1936. My grandmother's cousin was the schoolmarm there in the 1930's.
  17. Last Saturday these two white pelicans put up a show for about 2 minutes; I took some pictures and this one is my favorite.
    Cheers, Hadi
  18. Harry, I too appreciate the retro shot. I still have the two Pentax Spotmatics I bought while in VietNam. They got me through an Associate Degree in Commercial Photography back in the early 1970's, and I think they are in better shape today than I am. Today, I debated between herons or flowers, then decided to upload this guy, shot Saturday afternoon while out teaching my 14 yr old daughter a bit of photography. My shot of the damsel fly, using my macro on a tripod was only marginally better than she got using the same macro handheld on her EOS 10D.
  19. Last weekend on the Potomac, just above Great Falls from the Virginia side.
  20. Shireen Francis belting it out at my local jazz club last Sunday.
  21. One of the last shooting days before the heat wave...
  22. Coco Cay, Bahamas:

    Canon 5D MkII, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS at f/18, 24mm, 1/320th second and ISO 200.
  23. Happy Thursday to All. As usual, I'm enjoying the submissions.
    James, I'm sure if I drilled my hand, my first thought would not be to grab my camera. You're a brave lad.
    My difficult choice of shots from yesterday - go cute with a raccoon, or exotic with an endangered species. I've never had a tortoise in my house (another story) so I'll choose Mr. Gopher Tortoise. This is upland habitat in an urban park, St. Petersburg, FL. Not too many years ago the state had to pass a law preventing developers from burying entire colonies of Gopher Tortoise while preparing land for building. Now, developers are supposed to excavate and relocate the critters, but I'm dubious if a sincere effort is made. Remember, this is Florida, where an eagle's nest is just an inconvenience to be destroyed before development.
    This dude seemed intent to continue munching his greens while two of us approached, and accommodated our discussion of his attributes.
    5DMk2, 1/125 sec; ISO 200; F10; EF-L 100-400m @ 380m, hand held.
  24. kts


    enjoying a sunset at the lake on a 85 degree tuesday evening
  25. Chicago's Shedd Aquarium.
    500D, 24mm f/2.8 @ f/2.8
  26. Playing with my new Tamron SP 70-300 VC on Monday (on my XTi). First decent day weather-wise when I wasn't working since I bought it 3 weeks ago.
  27. Just testing my Jupiter-37A on extension tube
  28. My brown-eyed girl.
  29. Coming and going.
  30. Two-rail "street" by the airport
  31. Ah yes, thanks Mark. That's what my googling was for. I do agree something for scale would be better. From what I
    read, they are about 300 ft tall and each blade is over 120 ft long. We see these blades on the back of semi trucks
    going up I-65 all the time and theyre massive, nearly 3 times as long as a typical tractor trailer.
  32. This young hawk is preparing to make his first flight. He sat on this limb a good part of Tuesday morning close to the nest and watched his parents leave and return from their hunting trips. Had a Canon 20D and 300 f/4L, ISO 200, 1/500, f/4. This image has been cropped considerably as he was very high up.
  33. it


    85 @ 1.2
  34. zml


    EOS 1Ds Mk. III, EF 35/1.4 L, f/8, 1/200s, ISO 200. Cross processed.
  35. Great pics this week!
    Nathan, thanks so much for handling this each week. My goal has been to take a picture to post each week, and not fall back on my archives. I'm definately an amatuer, but I feel my keepers are getting better as a result of my goal. Now I have missed a couple of weeks, but not many.
    This week is from the beach, but in my rush to get out I left the 50D w/ EF 300 F4 L at home by the door.
  36. Another shot from the beach. 40D 17-85mm. [​IMG]
  37. Wine tasting at Calcareous Vineyards, Paso Robles westside, 5/29/11.
    7D in my right hand w/16-35 at 21mm, ISO 100, f/8.
    Photogenic scenes everywhere you look. The clouds add a definite texture in this early afternoon photo; plus, it was very windy. I logged 340 photos in three full days in the wine country.
  38. Took this shot yesterday. I call it Follow the Leader.
  39. Another flower , 5D mk2 ISO 200 Sigma 24-70 f/22 2 sec exposure converted to black and white in lightroom. James Dean, one of the first rules of working around machinery is no jewelry and no loose clothing. I am speaking as one who has hacked, gashed, chiseled, slashed, drilled, hammered and done countless other things to my person. So that makes me an expert. Stay safe.
  40. Portsmouth Harbor Tugs.
  41. The above picture is was oversaturated on posting.
  42. Taken while out walking my dog yesterday morning.
  43. [​IMG]
    {Getting Ready}

    Camera: Canon EOS 7D
    Lens: Canon EF-S17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM
    Exposure Program: Aperture-priority AE
    Exposure: 0.013 sec (1/80)
    Aperture: f/2.8
    Focal Length: 31 mm
    ISO Speed: 800
    Exposure Bias: +1/3 EV
    Flash: Off, Did not fire

    Some post processing done in Photoshop CS5.
  44. Thanks to this Thursday tread I have been taking more photos than before. Hopefully this is making me a better photographer.
    My contribution for this week is .... another flower;
  45. The finger shot looked like it was incurred in pain. aagh
    Nightblooming Cereus bloom with bee. Canon 7D f4.5 1/640 IO 160
  46. Mother and child
  47. Same first ever concert shoot as last week. Another of my daughter's friends.
    Another question: You cannot tell it from these web-sized photos, but both shots (with different lenses, last week's rented and this week's a lens I own) were front focused despite the spot focus point being squarely on the musicians' faces. I've never noticed this problem with any lenses before. Did this have anything to do with using AI Servo focus?
    1/60s, f/2.8, Exp Comp -2/3, ISO 400, 18mm
    Thanks to Julie and Donald for your comments last week.
  48. @ Mark - Thanks for the comment. In reality I had worked for more OOF by the far end of the stand, but that was all the lens would give me. Yet, I believe the image still maintains some merit in its current presentation, though possibly not as much.
  49. Last sunday i was volunteed by a friend to take photos at a motorcycle and classic car drive with mentaly handicaped. This was the policeman that accompanied us. Have some nice shots of his BMW as well.. later maybee, sorting the 500 pix to a managable series..
    5DII, 70-200 2.8Lis.
  50. 5D + 24-105 ISO 400 F4.0 1/125
  51. Went out on Memorial Day to take a few pictures. This is at an old mill near me. Supposedly built around 1840. The building is on the other side of the stream and is still in good shape.
  52. Shot this Pitt Bull last weekend in downtown L.A. He was turning 11 and the owner wanted some pictures of him before he got much
    older. Seems like a lot of my dog work is coming with the same MO recently... Miss doing puppy work.<br>
    Shot with Canon 1DsIII and 24LII.
    <img src= width=700>
  53. spent a couple relaxing hours at Japanese gulch..didnt have my tripod, so i set the camera on a rock.
  54. A Happy, Happy Meal.
  55. Spring pond
  56. An infinity pool in an upscale community.
    Hmm, never had a problem posting before...
  57. Tamron 70-300 with a +2 close-up lens.
  58. One more try...
    Confusion sets in...
  59. Let's try this again! Here is my 8 day old son, captured with my 5D using my trusty 50mm f/1.8 II @ f/1.8 and ISO 800, with flash from my 420EX:
  60. Nice shot Dillan, and congratulations.
  61. Congrats Dillan. Great shot.
    Here's mine for the week. Prom Time.
  62. Just returned from a two-day hiking trip with my wife to rugged Black Canyon in the central Washington state desert. Sensory overload with wildflowers, vistas, birds and more. This shot of a great horned owl was taken at a creekside oasis. There were two other owls in the limbs above this one, and a flicker pecking at the tree to the right for further entertainment. A pileated woodpecker barked about 10 yards away.

    A few minutes later we started the reluctant return hike to our vehicle. As I was changing lenses, my wife screeched a bit for the first time in the 33 years I’ve known her: a rattlesnake was wrapped around a wild rose bush, sunning itself. By the time I turned around (after looking at my wife) it has slithered off, but the distinctive sound of the rattle was clear and close enough for us to move on.
    Great Horned Owl
    7D, Canon 100-400mm L, f5.6 @ 1/350, ISO 400
  63. Nice shot, Michael.
  64. Lupo, I have no idea what species of flower. Some tropical variety, I assume. Maybe someone here can say for sure.
    And that tater tot should have gone to the Smithsonian. I sure hope you didn't eat it.
  65. Thanks everyone for your comments this week and last! I am glad we do this every week. This thread is a lot of fun!
  66. Torey Pines GliderPort - La Jolla, CA
  67. I always look forward to Thursdays to see what everyone else is up to, and gather some inspiration. Thanks for the comments, and Lupo that is with out a doubt the best looking tater tot I have ever seen (good stock photo maybe?). Al I'm surprised to see someone here with the same last name as me, it doesn't happen very often.
  68. I refuse to let technology beat me. Here's another try:
  69. Cool photo, Mr. Gorilla!
  70. Canmore Alberta in the morning - taken just behind the house. 5DII with 80mm F2.8 Mamiya M645 lens on a Mirex TS adaptor - handheld
  71. Larry,
    The auto focus is contrast based, meaning it looks for a contrasty area near the sensor to gain focus. The camera may have simply recognized the striking contrast between the microphone and musician's face easier than the relatively low contrast of the face itself causing the camera to focus on the microphone instead. Throw in the low light and it doesn't help. Next time I would try to put the focus sensor on the hairline at the forehead and see if it picks that up instead of the edge of the microphone. And what camera are you using? I always suggest using 'one shot' AF unless you are shooting constantly moving subjects, however the 'al servo' mode is much better on the 1 series cameras and can be used for most anything. When I had my 40D, I tried to stay away from al servo unless absolutely necessary; it wanted to hunt a lot more than it had to.

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