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  1. Happy Thursday from South Carolina. I made my way out of Indiana this week to get a little vacation in Hilton Head Island. I'l be here a week, but the birding is amazing and I wish I could spend more time. I will be back. There's a forest preserve right down the road with some large lakes and the area is just teeming with wildlife. I saw a bald eagle, numerous osprey, great blue herons, anhingas, egrets, gators, and a whole lot more. It was hard to choose a favorite photo to post this week, but I really like this one. The Great Blue Heron was waiting still and patiently when something a few feet to its left caught its attention and it snapped its neck to inspect. Hopefully I'll get some more photos from here this week to put on next week's thread. Let's see all your great photos, maybe even some from vacation.
  2. 5D2, Contax Zeiss 50/1.4 Planar, f1.4 at about1/60, ISO 3200
  3. <img src= "">
  4. The second leg of the Amgen Tour of California bike race passed through Modesto yesterday. I walked the few blocks from my work to the route. When I got there I found the riders were about an hour behind the scheduled window to pass by. I had no idea what to expect, but now had time to think about it. I decided that I would try panning. I had not tried this before so I practiced on the volunteers (not particulary well) riding up and down the route as well as the motocycle cops riding up and down the road. The peloton finally arrived and then a few others following behind and I managed to get this shot.
  5. From a recent trip to the El Junque rainforest in Puerto Rico - a Todie
  6. Canon 7D ; Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4; ISO 400; f8 @ 1/160 ; Focal length 45mm, No flash.
    I was waiting for the Full Moon to make its appearence from behind the clouds when I took this. Unfortunately I was standing in a driveway that led to a parking lot right accross the street. I was adjusting my camera while waiting for the moon to come out, when this huge eighteen wheeler pulled up and the driver said he needed to use the driveway. It was a Sherwin-Williams truck, apparently I was standing in front of a Sherwin-Williams warehouse. Sherwin-Wiliams sells household paint. While the driver was trying to park the truck in the parking lot, the Full Moon had time to come out from behind the clouds and smile at me for a minute or so. Unfortunatelly, I could not take the picture because the truck was blocking the view. Finally after several minutes, the driver finished parking the truck, but by that time the moon was back behind the clouds never to come out again, then it was started to get really dark. Oh well, at leat I was able to get this one and only shot ! It came out a little underexposed, because I had the camera set to Manual.
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    New Diplomat Promo Shoot
  8. Found this catapillar yesterday, I think its a Mullien Moth Catapillar? Has a great smilely face :)
    I took this hand held and whilst they werent moving too fast it was pretty windy so I'm pleased its sharp.
  9. A girl and her pony. Blessed to be able to give her this freedom.
  10. sorry should be Mullein Moth!
  11. Spring shoot, Canon 7D, Canon 17-40mm L lens.
    One large white reflector + Speedlight flash, sun to the right and behind the model.
    Making of the picture, just a moment before I hit the shutter:
  12. Old flowershop on the edge of the town, early morning.
  13. Wow, some really good shots this week. I hope your week continues to go well, Nathan.
  14. I had a couple of days at the Royal Windsor Horse Show last week. I couple of very good days of equestrian photography, but I was quite pleased to get this shot.
    It's why there's Royal in the horse show title.
  15. Our family vacation is not until late summer this year. SO i am using a pic I took this week of my 13 year old Sheba Inu, Snickers. I can't help but fall in love with that sweet face all over again. Snickers has been with our family for just about 11 years now and I wouldn't change a thing. He is sweet, stubborn, tolerant of my boys, and when the mood strikes (albeit less lately with his age) he can be very playful and outright hysterical chasing his tail.
  16. This photo is from a photo shoot two weekends ago. That afternoon was supposed to be rainy but turned out beautiful and mild in upper 60’s.
    Cheers, Hadi
  17. I went for a walk today to an old gold mine and got this shot of the creek that runs close by.
  18. @ Nathan - if you get a chance, Savannah, GA is about an hour's drive (and Charleston as well). In Savannah, go to River Street...lots of restaurants and shops for waterfront entertainment.
    @ Lupo - nice lighting on the veggies. Hmmm...about the format - looks a little "squashed". ;-)
    @ Mike Dixon - the two violet lights add some interest to this bar shot - nice!
    @ Brad - perfect timing. What else can I say?
    @ Daniel - good pan!
    @ David C - interesting looking bird. Almost looks like a hummingbird.
    @ Harry - could you lighten it a bit in post? Nice sky in the photo.
    @ Jeff S - not sure how you lit this one, but interesting effect!
    @ Karen W - Nicely done handheld! Looks like a frowny face.
    @ David H - looks like she and the horse are one. Great form!
    @ Andre - sassy looking pose.
    @ Ervin - interesting building in HDR
    @ Robert C - Still not sure what I'm looking at? Is that an orchid in water? Great lighting!
    @ Peter M - Not sure she was ready for you on that one. Good capture!
    @ Kerri A - good candid of Snickers. His couch, I see.
    @ Hadi - that's real concentration on that face!
    @ Bruce - nice colors!
    Wandering around looking for something interesting and came across this fellow...
  19. Busy week, so this one is old 40D, 17-85 f/4-5.6. Hope everyone has a great week. [​IMG]
  20. This is from a wedding rehearsal dinner I was at this past weekend. The photo was taken with the Rebel T1i + kit lens @ 28mm, 1/125s, F/4.0, ISO800. And then some fun in Lightroom and PS.
  21. White lake just before I jumped in to start my 70.3 mile journey.
    30D and 20-35L
  22. kts


    sittin' at a red light saturday night.......
  23. Candid moment with Piper.
  24. I spotted this little slice of life yesterday afternoon. The little guy was hopping up the path, and later it's Mom found it and was trying to feed him.
    Canon 7D, 100-400
  25. One of the few two seater trainer P51 Mustangs still in flying condition. Fun day at air show.
  26. I was walking back to the hotel in Las Vegas a few nights ago and was struck by the contrast in colors here.
    Canon 40D with an EFS 17-55mm f/2.8 lens
    ISO 400, 51mm, f/2.8, 1/20 second, handheld
  27. Nathan, enjoy Hilton Head. Perhaps that's where all the GBH have gone as yesterday I went out to a favorite GBH habitat and found none.
    Lots of fun shots, thanks to all for sharing.
    I don't have a macro lens but sometimes use my 100-400 to shoot small things. Here is a common dragonfly who seemed insistent I take its portrait.
    5DMk2; Canon L 100-400; ISO 200; F5.6; 1/400sec; 40mm hand held. No PS editing or enhancements, except to adjust image size per forum guidelines.
  28. From earlier in the year, a bit of urban decay.
    350D, 85mm f/1.8 @ f/2.8
  29. Low Tide, Nisqually Delta

    7D, Canon 100-400mm, f6.7 @ 1/1500, ISO 800
  30. he's so "blue"
  31. I accidentally overexposed this photo -- the 7D is the only camera I've owned where the mode dial too easily changes "on its own" when pulled out of the bag. Anyway, a semi-interesting effect kind of science fictional, which is good by me.
    Pier 14, S.F. Embarcadero. Gothic Raygun Rocketship -- ready to send all Nikonistas to the stars, one-way trip! Fri. the 13th of May, 2011.
  32. Robert,

    Thanks, and the week is still going good. Saw the baldy again this morning.


    Thanks for tip. We actually went to Savannah Tuesday and walked along River St. Brought mom back some pralines.
    There's a NWR there too, but I didn't go as the whole crew wasn't interested. And amazing wood duck, I am jealous. How did you manage to get that close. Even the tolerant ones in the city park here won't let you get very close at all. Was it on a nest?
  33. Hummingbird, Canon 1D, 135mm f/2 L, 1/16000s
  34. Summer vacation in one week!
  35. Shot a theatre company recently.
  36. One of the 1st shots I got off of my new 7D, my youngest daughter Danielle
    EF 50mm @ f1.4 iso 250 1/200
  37. Nice work everyone ...
    Here is my contribution
  38. Summer dip.
  39. This photo is from a portrait shoot last week with a client who had a specific idea of contrasting images for her web site, representing her business and artistic sides (click through if you want to see a few of the others). I found an ideal spot where I could stand on a ledge and lean over to take photos from a top-down perspective, without balancing on a ladder. Unfortunately it was very sunny (despite the forecast calling for overcast skies) and windy, but we brought along a diffuser and that helped cut down on the sun at least. Fun shoot!
    Canon 5D Mk II, 24-70mm f/2.8L at 70mm, 1/200 at f/4, ISO 100.
  40. Cahaba Lilies - found only in the southeastern United States, they bloom from mid-May to mid-June.
  41. A flower that I found in Israel. I do not know the variety.
  42. A flower that I found in Israel. I do not know the variety. Sorry, did not include the photo.
  43. A flower that I found in Israel. I do not know the variety.
  44. An image I made when I went to visit my family recently. A very old and very small Chapel in Essex, UK
  45. An image I made when I went to visit my family recently. A very old and very small Chapel in Essex, UK
  46. As always, MANY great shots! This week I return to the cat that owns me. I left my desk at work and shot a couple for a presentation I'm writing, and by the time I returned Prince Charming had deposited himself in my chair and was sound asleep AGAIN! Well there I stood with a 50D and a 100mm f2.8 USM Macro; what else could I do?
  47. My contribution for this week. Had this in my mind for a wile now, but as I saw only this week I was not the first one with this idea;
  48. Rock bridge by Field BC taken with 7D and 70-200 F4 L IS shot at 1/400 and F8 ISO 200
  49. i've been busy with my other hobby (taping music concerts) so here's another one i took at the market of on may 5th. more decent ones in that series to come..
    5DII 28-80/2.8-4.0 L
  50. [​IMG]
    Camera: Canon EOS 7D
    Lens: Canon EF-S17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM
    Exposure Program: Manual
    Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
    Aperture: f/5.0
    Focal Length: 33 mm
    ISO Speed: 100

    Strobist Info: 200ws strobe high camera right with a 24x24 softbox.
  51. Tree Swallow family ignoring warnings.
    1/250s, f/7.1, ISO 100, 270 mm
  52. My contribution this week is from an Indian Dance Performance.
    40d, 50mm, 1/125s, 100 ISO, f2.8
  53. Nathan, great heron shot. Here is one of mine from the last week. Herons are about the only thing I've been photographing recently. Now if only I could get some L glass.
    EOS 50D, EF 100-300 f4.5-5.6 USM, ISO 200, f5.6 at 1/60 second
  54. Actually shot this today. It's still a work in progress, but it's Thursday and it's getting late, so...
  55. George W. Bush Presidential Library, Southern Methodist University campus, Dallas, Texas. Completion due 2012.
  56. So I played a little this last weekend with macro. This was five US quarters stacked together. The lighting was really basic, sat the coins on a white sheet of paper and just pointed my overhead tungsten spots at them on my desk in my office. Used a 5D mkI +100mm macro + 25mm extension tube + 2x teleconveter. Had this all attached to my tripod. I took 13 exposures at different focal points as the depth of field of that combination is really shallow. Then I aligned and blended the layers in Photoshop and goofed around with image sharpness and tones a fair bit.
  57. Day Lily by the driveway after a rain.
  58. Window Display, Graville Island Vancouver
  59. Baby songbird choir
  60. Spring finally arrived here! We have flowers all of a sudden!
    EF 300mm f/4L IS on a 5D @ f/5.6. This is severely cropped.
    Happy Thursday, everyone! Happy Victoria Day in a few days, fellow Canadians!
  61. Celebrata da solo (celebrated alone)
  62. Another shot from the Sacramento Zoo from the first, as I am otherwise inundated.
  63. Sleepy Hollow Cemetary
  64. Here's my contribution for the week
    <a href="" title="Flying home by Bon...yari, Bon., on Flickr"><img src="" width="640" height="427" alt="Flying home"></a>
    Mamiya Sekor 55mm f/1.8 on Canon 50D
  65. Theater Shot 40D - The Langhorne Players
  66. I was driving around a local Wildlife Refuge poking for something in a bird shot for this week. BIF shots are tough!
    All I ended up with was this shot of a Canadian Goose that walked up onto the road behind my car. It was unhappy with my presence and giving me the stink eye it seemed...
    300 F4 w/ 1.4 TC
  67. Some people live with this.
  68. Better late than never?
    Canon 20D, Sigma 600mm, Vivitar 2X
    Had to wait to see if I would still be here.
  69. Here's one from last week.
    Flying home - (Mamiya Sekor 55 f/1.8 on 50D)

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