Canon Thursday photo #16

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  1. I am also using Chrome. When saving the file as JPEG for no compression, you may just see the option for save as highest quality depending on your software.

    Some websites will take your JPEG no matter the quality and re-compress the JPEG to save space on their servers. It is one of my peeves when posting images on my Facebook.
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  2. Canon 5D Mark IV
    Little Italy San Diego x 1000  Crop 2-2291.jpg
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  3. Canon 5D Mark IV Little Italy San Diego x 1000  Crop 2-2296.jpg
  4. Canon 5D Mark IV
    Tijuana Estuary x 1000  Crop 2-2847.jpg
  5. I know it is processing error, I am in front of office comp, no color calibration , monitor is average, but that's how the most of people see our pictures. I am pretty sure they not in a hurry to buy NEC PA with Spectraview. Always save web images as sRGB and low compression jpeg, dial up connection speed is already behind us.
  6. The Image was saved in the highest quality. I use Affinity and I'm not that good at editing.
    I will attach the same photo, but this is only edited like I do normally.
    8H6A9999_Model Mustang II klein.jpg

    You can see that there is no terrible skin anymore so I can only blame myself for trying something that didn't give a good output.
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  7. Thank you Marcel for explaining the phenomenon. Now we know a little bit more - at least I do. :)

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