Canon Thursday photo #15

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  1. Y'all know the drill. 1000px max side for the images. Submit up to three of them

    Medical helo coming in for a landing.


    Canon EOS Rebel SL1.
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  2. My appletree is in bloom.
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  3. a bit closer
  4. and a dandelion
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  6. _D8A0985-Edit---Copy.jpg
    Canon 5D mark IV, 24-70 2.8L
  7. david_henderson


    Nant Ffrancon 2.jpg

    Nant Ffrancon, Snowdonia. Fall 5Diii
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  8. A blooming Christmas cactus at this time.

    5D II with Tamron 35mm f/1.8.
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  9. Ranunculus

    IMG_0051_Ranonkel k.jpg

    5D mkII Helios 44-2
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  10. Red

    IMG_0099_Ranonkel k.jpg

    5D mkII Tamron 90 mm macro
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  11. Kodak DCS 560 - digital EOS 1n
    with IR filter removed​
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  12. 5D Tamron28-300 IMG_3333.JPG
  13. 1DsIII EF85/1.8
    She reminds me Monica Vitti here...
    _DRO8472-2 copy.jpg

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