Canon Thursday Photo #11

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  1. Y'all know the drill. 1000px max side for the images. Submit up to three of them.

    My son mugging for the camera.

    Canon EOS Rebel SL1

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  2. Tea time.

    5DII & 24-105mm lens.

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  3. 33257661571_1823e7524d_z.jpg

    This cat did not want to come out of her box at the shelter
  4. 32571210163_8a83acbea7_z.jpg
    Another cat at the shelter.
  5. My Spring resolution is to get out with my 80D more often! After I move,,,,,,
    Cooling tower section being lowered back into place. 80D and 17-40 F/4. 1891-lifting cooling tower.jpg
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    • Jodhpur, Blue City from Mehrengar Fort​
    • India-151120-035-Jodhpur-Blue-city-e-cr.jpg
      Unfortunately, everything here is now frostbitten. If there's an Indian Summer, this must be the "Pilgrim Spring"
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  6. Patrick thanks for the kickoff.
    Sometimes (often) things just do not go as planned.
    The birds didn't eat their fatball in time, so it started growing.
  7. ingredients_IMG_1886.JPG Sometimes, rarely, things go as planned.
    For the photocourse i had to do a 8 shot report on some story. As i was raining a lot last week, i decided to do an indoor activity. So here are the first and last shot of my "homework"
    The ingredients:
  8. Spring is here


    5D mkII + Tamron 90 mm f2.8 macro
  9. Skunk cabbage focus stack. Five shots hand held and merged in PhotoShop.

    Canon XSi
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  10. After the snow.

    After the snow 02 2013 4.jpg
  11. Contributing with a test-shot from today. Did some work with an acrylic sheet on my white studio background. Couldn't quite fine-tune the placement of the strobes because the model was not so impressed, to say the least.
    Canon 5D mark IV 24-70 2.8II
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  12. The eyes have it, Trigger! Cute model.
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