Canon Thursday Photo #10

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  1. Montour Falls 08 2012-1.jpg

    Important: please keep your image a max 1000 pixels wide/high for in-line viewing, and please try to keep the FILE SIZE UNDER 300kb. Note that this includes photos hosted off-site (at Flickr, Photobucket, your own site, etc). Remember: only up to 3 images each week. Let's see yours for this week. Watkins Glen, NY, 70-200mm f4 IS
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  3. Here's an image I took for a regiment of the British Army, 7D2+100-400.

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  4. Last tuesday i went to see the Drive-By Truckers at the Paradiso Amsterdam.
    Terrific show. (as always)
    Normally the venue doesn't allow you to take in the dslr, but i could get a photopass trough the old Slobberbone contacts.
    This meant i was restricted to the first 3 songs.. (and there was a guard tapping my shoulder when i tried to take a shot during song 4.)
    Off course the first 3 songs had the worst light possible. (all red, all blue/violet, no light on the faces etc)
    I would throw out these, if i had been able to shoot later on in the show. But i got a few shots that are not too bad.
    5d2, 70-200 2.8 Lis./ 28-80 2.8-4.0L
    So here's Patterson Hood

  5. Mike_IMG_2192.JPG Mike Cooley
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  6. and a band shot Band_IMG_2257_ps.jpg
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  7. Public boat submarine dock, Dubuque Iowa. Canon EOS Rebel SL1.

  8. As usual a flower:
    IMG_0003_Witte druif.jpg

    Canon 5D MKII Tamron 90 mm f2.8 macro
  9. The organization I work for held an annual fundraiser last Friday night. My primary duties are technical but as long as things run smooth I'm able to take in a few shots here and there. It's always a great event to be a part of. This year's theme was Prom. Canon 6D.

    Live Auction


    Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in the background.
  10. I'm glad you explained that. A lot of them looked way too old for prom - unless this was prom for those "special" kids who took multiple years to pass the grades... :)
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  11. EOS 1 Ds III, 85/1.8

    _DRO0081 copy.jpg
  12. Canon 7D - Sigma 150-600mm
  13. Spring is coming.

  14. Acapulco-2.jpg Acapulco, sunset.
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  15. The fog rolls in ever so often. I find it very fascinating. I'm wondering how the fishermen would find their way back before the time of radar and GPS. There are lots of treacherous rocks underneath the surface. Just south of this island is a lighthouse that was named "Pater Noster" which is the prayer "Our Father". It claims to have been said every time these waters were entered.

    5D mark IV, EF 24-70 2.8

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