Canon Thursday October 21, 2021

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  1. Let's get Canon Thursday rolling! First, a big shoutout to Mick Simpson for getting this thread started for the last many weeks. We're all wishing you well, Mick, and we're looking forward to you rejoining the group as soon as you're able! Everyone knows the drill, so let's see what you all have to share for this Canon Thursday. I'm sharing a couple of shots from the last airshow I attended a couple of years ago at Grissom Air Force Base in Peru, Indiana. I hope they have another one sometime soon! These were taken with my 5D MkII that I was using at the time. 165Aa.jpg 252Aa.jpg
  2. (New) Philae - Kiosk of Trajan
    It is not commonly understood that many of the standing temples in Egypt are from the Greco-Roman period and were often built with stones spoiled from the older temples

    Canon XTi 17-85mm
  3. _F0A1605.jpg _62A1793.jpg Thank you, AndyCollins!
    I've got a few photos from earlier in the year. Nothing new for a few weeks, though. I'll try next time!
  4. Canon 5D MK IV - Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L
    My Canon 5D MK IV USB 3 cable. This has been a reliable and secure cable connector bracket. I was unsure how well it would hold up, but it has held up nicely over the years.
  5. That's what that thing looks like, Mark! Thanks for posting that. It's missing from the 5DSr that I was given. I cannot remember if I threw it out not knowing what it was or maybe it was not in the camera bag. The manual strongly recommends using it for tethered shooting. Does that thing have a name? Part number?
  6. It protects both the cable connector and the port on the camera from being damaged if the cable get yanked, it also helps insure proper connection while transferring files. You can get by without it, just need to be careful.
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  7. An oldie from a while back. Probably one of the 10mm digital Canons.

  8. IMG_3539_Lobelia.jpg IMG_3540_Viooltje k.jpg IMG_3541_Viooltje k.jpg
    5D mkII with modified EF35-80 mm f3.5-.56
  9. Thank you, Mark.
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