Canon Thursday October 15, 2020

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  1. I'll start off this week... 003Aaa.jpg
  2. Canon 6D; Canon 24-105mm f4
  3. Nice bridge photos, Andy. I just looked that up; less than a 3 hour drive for me! Hhmmmm
  4. Oh, wow! Where are you? This is in Cutler, Indiana as you now know which is so tiny that it doesn't even have a traffic light! The bridge and the mill are very popular though and lots of people make the trip to see both. I would've taken more shots (it's an annual photo destination this time of year) but there were a lot of people milling (no pun intended) around. The mill, maybe 1500 feet down the road, is also a wonderful subject for photos. To make the trip really worthwhile, you could also pop over to Delphi, about 15 minutes away, to see the portion of the Erie Canal that goes through there. It's pretty cool to see too. Thanks for the compliment!
  5. I'm in the north side of Chicago. Thanks for the info on the other points of interest. I better think about this fast while there are still leaves on the trees.
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  6. An early, film EOS camera

    Canon EOS 10s w/ Canon EF 35-80 PZ
  8. Lots of iconic Vancouver shots with Lions Gate bridge - this week I thought I'd try a blue hour time-exposure version. Not perfect, but now I know when to be there, now need a clear day where the mountains are visible.
    2020 From BC - Vancouver - Lions Gate Bridge IMG_6470a.jpg
  9. What film was that? Lots of reds and warm colors.

    It was a drugstore C-41 film, probably Fuji
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  10. A local gardener's reward.

    20200830 5DM37288 Freehold Flowers MWS C V1.jpg
  11. 10359711-orig.jpg Not much travelling these days... From 2006; Canon 300D;18-55mm kit lens; 2 stop ND grad filter:
  12. imm025_23A_Gerbera.jpg
    Canon 650 EF 28-105 mm f3.5-4.5 AGFVA Vista 400
  13. IMG_2691_Lavende lk.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
  14. IMG_2694_Margriet k.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2

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