Canon Thursday October 14, 2021

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  1. Good Canon Thursday to all of you! As always you are invited to share up to 3 of your favorite photos taken with your Canon gear. Please make sure that each of your photos is no more than 1000 pixels along its longest edge.

    Last week there was some interesting information offered along with some of the pictures posted to our forum. I encourage you to continue to tell us a little about your photos as you post them. I found the comments you posted along with your photos in that they provided your personal connection to the photos and made them even more interesting. I encourage those of you that did not post comments to do so; although you need not feel obligated to do so.

    Suggestions include the photo location; interesting challenges you faced to get the shot; any post processing issues or techniques that you would like to share. The floor is yours.

    Here are my shots for the week:

    My first shot was taken on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill looking south over Puget Sound’s Elliot Bay. Seattle’s Harbor Island shipyards and portions of the Seattle waterfront can be seen in the background and left side. My wife and I were able to get a little time to ourselves while on business when we spotted this open air “living room” on this scenic overlook. Unfortunately, the TV and lamp were not working, but the recliner worked just fine.
    This shot was taken with a Canon 40D, EF 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS USM lens at 1/125th second, 28mm, f8, and ISO 200.

    20080517 IMG_1330 Seattle WA Queen Anne Hill Living Room MWS C V1.jpg

    My second shot, at the shore looking east over the Atlantic Ocean, was a lot closer to home on Sandy Hook, New Jersey’s Gateway National Park.
    This shot was taken with a Canon 40D, EF-S 10-22mm f3.5-4.5 USM lens at 1/800th second, 10mm, f13, and ISO 1000.

    20090926 IMG_5886 Sandy Hook rocky beach MWS C V2.jpg

    My final image was taken at New Jersey’s Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge near Oceanville, New Jersey. This Great Egret appears to be trying to blend into the background so I can’t see him. Guess what – this beautiful bird is hiding in plain sight.
    This shot was taken with a Canon 40D, EF 70-200mm f4.0L IS USM lens at 1/2000th second, 200mm, f5, ISO 800.

    Egret at Great Bay Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge Smithville NJ 01 C V1 .jpg
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  2. Npt BW Madeline.jpg Tbird n Vett JB900.jpg Peregrine JB.jpg Happy Thursday. #1, another from Ft. Adams in Newport RI. The incoming storm was just too much drama to pass up. #2, A '50 TBird and a '21 Vette. I can't get used to the mid-engine Vette. #3. My favorite bird, a Peregrine Falcon at the Jones Beach water tower. I finally had my long lens for this, Canon USM ii 100-400mm on the Canon 90d. The other two shots was also the 90d and the Tamron 16-300mm. The cars were also at Jones Beach the same day. Bird day!
  3. Hi Kathy. I always love a good black and white. Your photo of the storm is absolutely wonderful, very dramatic. I love the way the tone of the clouds progresses across the sky. The sailboat and the bridge balance the photo composition quite nicely. I will take the 21 vette though... Best wishes to you my friend! Mick
  4. AZ Painted Desert
    Canon EOS 5Dii, 24-105mm merged panorama
  5. Taking with my new to me EOS1DS and EF 35mm F2 lens.

  6. Eos 1DmIV, 70-200/4.0

    A78C0127 copy.jpg
  7. Hi Mick, Thanks for the compliments. You know I love a good storm and although the B&W looked so promising, we didn't get a drop! It blew east of us. Happily, my club competition smiled on the image and I was awarded "Image of the Month, B&W A group." You can have the Vette, there just aren't any contemporary sports cars that really impress me. I guess I'm just too practical! Have a great week.
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  8. Congratulations on your image of the month award Kathy! The Corvette is nice, but I'll take a burgundy Corvette please. :)
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  9. Well, at least it's not a corner.
  10. Better late than never. Just too busy running around to get images downloaded from my camera.

    From a surf sunset a few hours ago, Canon 5D MK IV - Sigma 150-600 C.
  11. Canon 5D MK IV - Sigma 150-600 C
  12. Mexican Beer Bottle Caps
    Canon 5D MK IV - Canon 40mm f/2.8
  13. Canon RP with EF 85/1.8.

  14. IMG_3511_Wit bloemmetje k.jpg IMG_3526_Cosmea k.jpg
    5D mkII with modified EF35-80mmf3.5-.5.6

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