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  1. Canon 6D; Canon 15mm f2.8(fisheye)

  2. rocky knoll
    Canon EOS-1

  3. local car show canon t3 w/18-55 kit lens IMG_2150.JPG
  4. I am going to somewhat violate the rule about the number of pictures we can post, but not by much.

    Previously I have mentioned that I increasingly use my M5 and M6 Mk. II cameras for almost all my personal work. Obviously, I am aware of some of the compromises involved with these cameras. But, a little while back I decided to see what kind of quality differences I could detect between M6 and FF. Since I haven't acquired an RF yet, my M6 actually has the second most pixels of my cameras, surpassed only by the superb 5 DsR. So I decided to match the M6 against my 5 D Mk. IV, and for lenses I used the EF-M 32/1.4 and the Sigma 50/1.4 Art (which is better than my EF 50/1.4.). I used two solid tripods side by side as well as two remotes. Settings were ISO 100, Av at f/1.4 which led to about two seconds exposures. RAW file sizes were just about 35MB, the downsized JPEGs are about 600KB. From each photo I have cropped in on the street sign (which was the focus point) without compression, giving each a file size of about 425 KB.

    To my eyes (which admittedly are somewhat myopic) there is very little quality difference between the two images; your eyes might be better!

    The M system is far from perfect. I am hoping for an M5 Mk. II with the M6 II sensor, the M5 built in EVF, and the M50 flip and twist screen. I also like the Sony 6000 series and the Leica CL form factors. Do I really need a prism hump when there is no prism? Furthermore, I think Canon is shooting itself in the foot, and damaging at that, by not developing more EF-M lenses. Only two non macro primes? Compare that to the Sony E mount offering with its plethora of high grade primes. Fuji, which doesn't make FF cameras, has an enormous selection of APS-C lenses, which is still expanding. I am seriously jealous! With the help of Sigma 16mm f/1.4 and 56mm f/1.4 I have managed to put together a useable little system, BUT I WANT MORE EF-M LENSES!!! Rant can expand as needed.

    IMG 1
    Image 1.JPG

    IMG 2
    Image 2.JPG

    IMG 1 Crop
    Image 1 crop.JPG

    IMG 2 Crop
    Image 2 crop.JPG Image 1.JPG Image 2.JPG Image 1 crop.JPG Image 2 crop.JPG
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  5. Sorry about the doubling of the images!
  6. Canon 5D MK IV - Sigma 600mm C at 600mm - King of the Grizzlies - Grand Tetons, Wyoming
  7. Canon 5D MK IV - Sigma 600mm C with Sigma x1.4 Teleconverter - Focal Length 840mm - Grizzly - Grand Tetons, Wyoming.
  8. Canon 5D MK IV - Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 - Kayaks in Grand Tetons
  9. I think your doubling of the images is affecting the Thread. I can't see any of Mark's images ?
  10. Not saying it is impossible, but I see Mark's three images right above your post. Again, Mea Culpa!
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  12. EOS_0527.JPG EOR R 55-250mm EFS (3.6ft macro)
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