Canon Thursday March 11, 2021

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  1. Let's get Canon Thursday started! You know the rules. My picture isn't the most exciting, but I'm posting something just to get this going so that I can see what ajkocu shot with his 5d3! 038Aa.jpg
  2. _62A1711.jpg _62A1719.jpg andycollins4716, I think your photo is more exciting than mine! As background to my photos, I sold a few items to KEH Camera and was going to get a few hundred dollars for it. I decided to trade for a lens that I wouldn't ordinarily buy instead. I'm not sure how much I'm going to use this Rokinon 12mm fisheye! Manual focus, but that's okay. Great depth of field. These were at f/5.6. The lens seems decent enough.
    Not really the type of lens to use for people, but I was amazed at how happy the girls were to get their picture taken! The photo was cropped a bit. I should have moved closer!
  3. Those are very nice shots! The first is very dynamic, and it looks like that lens worked very nicely with your subjects. The second shot is just plain cool! I really like it a lot! The fisheye effect in the foreground is really eye-catching and is what makes the shot for me.
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  4. Thank you!
  5. Canon 6D, Canon 15mm f2.8,
    I'm trying ?

  6. Glorious warm weather on the 8th of March
    cypress and its knees
    Canon 5dii, 24-105mm
  7. Took these this week. Finally got a chance to transfer them from the camera today. Took a drive to the Eastern side of Sequoia National Forest, I found there were no Giant Sequoia here. But this is a huge area. This was a nice day trip anyway. California Sequioia Nationional Forest Trip-45586.jpg California Sequioia Nationional Forest Trip-45614.jpg California Sequioia Nationional Forest Trip-46033.jpg California Sequioia Nationional Forest Trip-46034.jpg California Sequioia Nationional Forest Trip-46039.jpg California Sequioia Nationional Forest Trip-46101.jpg California Sequioia Nationional Forest Trip-46104.jpg

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