Canon Thursday June 4th, 2020

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  1. I was a bit busy this week and nearly forgot that is was Thursday allready.

    Show your 3 photos max 1000 pix wide made with a EOS camera.
    IMG_2383_Dagschoon k.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
  2. IMG_2387_Roze Korenbloem k.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
  3. IMG_2390_Gele Margriet k.jpg
    5D mkII EF25II Helios 44-2
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  4. And some flowers from me as well. Taken this morning just before the rain started.
    The passionflower stared blooming..

  5. PF Yellow Warbler.jpg PF Iris.jpg Blue Jay parent.jpg Some soothing nature this week. Parent Blue Jay watching over a fledging in my garden. A walk around an Arboretum with friends.
  6. Canon 5D MK IV Camping along Ocean in Maine. Sunrise this morning around 5:04 AM. [​IMG]
  7. No photo activity for me this week, have been ordered to do yard work. Two images from the back list. The standing model was actually shot on film, probably with an Elan 7E. Lens was an EF 400 mm f/2.8 L Mk. II (It finally got a fluorite element, and is wicked sharp) shot wide open. Em_A4A9903.JPG img139Re.JPG
  8. Beach opened in Maine, wide angle composite greatly reduced in size for PN but still big. Best viewed on lartge wide screen if you click on the image to view large. Where is Waldo?
    Canon 5D MK IV. [​IMG]
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  9. IL-State.jpg Canon 5D (mk I)
    f/18 1/25sec
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  10. yes, all 100 2.8 Lis and 5d4 , jpg from camera, only resied to 14%

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