Canon Thursday June 3,2021

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  1. OMG! It's very late in New Jersey and I see that this thread has not been started yet. Here goes my shot at it and I hope to see many more great Canon shooters following me.

    20100809 IMG_8661 Lookout at Cape Flattery WA MWS C V1-Enhanced.jpg
  2. MO-StL-MBG-100218-84.jpg
    Canon 5D, EF 24-105mm
  3. canon_0603.JPG SX20 IS
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  4. Canon 6D; Canon 15mm f2.8(fisheye)

  5. Roger G

    Roger G Roger G

    E86A7143 dpp pse pnet.jpg
    Calypso bulbosa
  6. 5D mkII EF25II Tamron 90 mm macro IMG_3221_Korenbloemen k.jpg IMG_3215_Roze bloem k.jpg IMG_3219_Korenbloem k.jpg

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