Canon Thursday June 18th, 2020

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  1. It’s Thursday post your photos you made with an EOS camera. 3 photos max 1000 pix wide.
    5D mkII EF25II EF 35 mm f2
  2. AC773029-3BCC-45CF-BD70-772B7782AC2D.jpeg
    5D mkII EF25II EF 35 mm f2
  3. 3F2A9E0A-4BC2-47A2-AD1A-D2FBDADF2770.jpeg
    5D mkII EF25II EF 35 mm f2
  4. A trip with my wife through Sayen Gardens in Hamilton NJ.

    20200216 MWS_5615 Hamilton NJ Sayen Gardens C V1.jpg
  5. @ Mick: social distancing ?

    Some flowers..
    Got one thats nearly black as well..
  6. MO-StL-MBG.jpg
    Canon EOS 5d mk1 24-105mm​
  7. OMG, yes. My wife and I are social distancing. I may start taking photos of our walls. I designed and built our house, so I already know the house quite well. I actually think I have a photo of my living room I could post. :)... More walls to come, perhaps a floor or ceiling shot. Requests welcome. :).

  8. That must be quite a feeling of accomplishment to be able to look at your abode and know that you created it!
  9. Really outstanding shots
    Yes it is Andy. I've built & remodeled a few houses, and finally decided to design and build my own house. Used to be a plumber many years ago and learned other trades along the way. I've always been pleased when I could step back and look at something that I made.

    have a great day and stay well.
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  10. A little bit of a bad hair (feather?) day... 029A.jpg
  11. Decided to actually shoot a photo on a Canon Thursday and upload it the same day. Had invited myself to have dinner at a friend's house and that would have to provide the photo opp of the day. M5 with Sigma 16mm f/1.4 wide open. Available light. Thought about getting seriously creative with the two Speedlites in my bag, but decided to leave that for another day. I like shallow depth of field even with wide angle lenses.

  12. Canon 5D MK IV Canon 17-40mm L - Just some shots, still camping along the Ocean in Maine.

    Just before Sunrise, crescent moon out front window of RV, dew on window.
    Mountain Aire Morning Window Maine-43578.jpg
    RV Kitchen Table
    Mountain Aire Maine-43651.jpg
    RV at Sunset in Maine

    Mountain Aire Maine-43631.jpg
    Seascape from Camp

    Seascapes Maine-43618.jpg
    Sparky Sparks enjoying a ride in the convertible on the way to Kennebunkport, lol. Fun ride.
    Betsy and Sparkles Maine-43601.jpg
    Hope everyone has a great Father's Day weekend.
  13. A walk around the Civic Center Lake. Canon T5i / Canon 55-250mm STM lens. And the lagoon behind my house.

    IMG_0456t5Rs.jpg IMG_0465t5Rs.jpg

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