Canon Thursday July 8, 2021

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  1. Good golly! Here I sit on Canon Thursday at 11:05PM starting this weeks thread. I sure hope that I have some good friends out there with some outstanding photos to share with me and the rest of the Canon crew.

    Here goes...

    Best wishes to all, keep shooting and sharing!

    20080509 IMG_1326 Freehold Iris MWS C Cr V3.jpg 20200309 5DM36038 Orchids at Duke Farms Orchid Range C V2.jpg
  2. A few from today... 030Aa.jpg 001Aa.jpg 040Aa.jpg
  3. 80D and 50mm f/2.5 macro. Vandalism? Prehistoric art? Accidental scratching? Looks like a stick-man hunting a giant rodent. On an elevator door frame. _MG_5377.jpg
  4. IMG_3301_Bloemknoppen k.jpg IMG_3302_Cosmea k.jpg IMG_3305_Wit bloemmetje.jpg
    5D mkII Helios 44-2
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  5. Camping at Twenty-nine Palms, CA.
    Low Light, High ISO 5D MK IV
  6. Camping at the Hollywood RV Park - He is always on duty. 5D MK IV[​IMG]
  7. And his side kick, Lancelot Link Secret Chimp - Canon 5D MK IV[​IMG]
  8. And my dog, Malibu Sparks - 5D MK IV[​IMG]

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