Canon Thursday January 13, 2022

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  1. Here it is Friday Night at 11:38 PM on the West Coast and since this hasn't happen yet, I will start this weeks thread. I hope everyone had a good week, staying safe and had an oppourtunity to do some photography.

    As always, Canon Photo Thursday is open to all Canon shooters regardless of skill level, camera age or model. Canon DSLRs and Mirroless, full frame and/or crop sensors all are welcome and encouraged to participate. This is your chance to share some of your shots with fellow photographers so we hopefully inspire each other, possibly be inspired and generally see what others are doing. Respectful conversation is encouraged, ask questions, comment, participate, laugh, joke, have fun.

    You know the drill, post one to several photos....

    My shots today are from this weeks drive to Big Sur, California coastal shots. The daytime weather in Central California Coastal areas has been 64° F-76° F.

    The first two are composite landscapes shot with a Canon 5D MK IV and a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.

    What an awesome place to have a home, I can only image that view every day. I am happy just being here to photograph.

    And this one in not a composite but a cool location in Big Sur.

    I am looking forward to seeing your Canon shots.
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  2. B5B81910-E7EA-4649-928A-8A8186318E16.jpeg 5D; 16-35mm f4:
  3. IMG_3702_Roos k.jpg IMG_3715_Roos k.jpg IMG_3719_Roos k.jpg
    5D mkII modified EF35-80 lens

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