Canon Thursday April 30th, 2020

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  1. Apparantly I can’t post a photo again. But today is Thursday and the last day of the month, so I’ll start the thread anyway.
    Post 3 photo max 1000 pix wide made with an EOS.
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  2. Canon 77D and 50 f/1.8. She asked that I not share this photo with the police, because it is evidence of her standing in the middle of the road. ;)
  3. 77D and 50 f/1.8. I upgraded my 50 to the new metal mount. The focusing motor on the old one was loud enough to wake the neighbors.

  4. 77D and 100-400. Art Deco - Cincinnati Union Terminal. IMG_1318.jpg
  5. 5BB34754-5F98-4AF3-89E6-201114506FBF.jpeg
    5D mkIi EF25II Helios 44-2
  6. But now it can be seen by the whole interweb.
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  7. AA87008B-A7AA-4FBD-8C30-8F869FD97C79.jpeg
    5D mkIi EF25II Helios 44-2
  8. EE66BDBC-543D-47AE-A6CC-12D50CB9DFD0.jpeg
    5D mkIi EF25II Helios 44-2
  9. LakePan.jpg Lough Gill, Sligo, Ireland. Stitched panorama; Canon 7d; 17mmTS-E with 1.4 extender.
  10. Not a new image; shot at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston last September. Shot with what has turned out to be my most used camera, the M5, here with a Rokinon 12mm f/2. Pretty respectable little lens. Can't wait for the M5 Mk. II.

  11. more flowers (5d4, 100 2.8 Lis macro)

    they don't like rain..
  12. OK. Two more from me, both M5, both with Sigma 56mm f/1.4. Back in February B&H held their annual Depth of Field event in NYC. Lots of demonstrations, quite a few set up shooting stations. Both attractive and interesting models. Musician shot at f/2.8, couple at f/1.4. No great skill required of me, show up and shoot! IMG_2083.JPG IMG_2098.JPG
  13. Fly Over 4 28.jpg750.jpg Fly Over 4 28 BA.jpg750.jpg Blue Angels and Thunderbirds tribute fly over for Health Care workers in NY on Tuesday.
  14. Breakfast with Canon.

    Salmon, Spinach, Garlic, Blueberries, Mushrooms, Lemon, Pesto, Egg, Flour, spices and a toasted everything bagel. So good.
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  16. The apartment down the hall was unoccupied so I brought my 5DS-r and TS-E45 with 1.4x extender and tripod. 5 bracketed photos merged in Lightroom. Good thing I have that 4TB drive, these are big files. 50 files= 3.5GB. 5DSr with TS-E45 and 1.4x.jpg

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