Canon Thursday April 21, 2022

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    Mark Keefer
    It is time for this week's Canon Photo Thursday. Now is your chance to share your epic, fun, cool and/or interesting photo with everyone here on PN. You all know the drill, post 3 or more photos shot from your Canon EOS Camera (SLR or DSLR or Mirrorless) All are welcome to participate. Late postings are welcome. If you miss Thusday feel free to add to the thread another day. Looking forward to seeing your shot. Pick up the camera and shoot something. Please don't leave me hanging, even if you didn't get out this week , you know you have some blast from the past stashed in your archives. We have a lot of regulars here reading. Jump in and post. Show us your shots.

    Midnight in the Desert. Canon 5D Mark IV

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  2. Munshi Ghat, Varanasi
    Canon 5D II, ISO 5000
  3. IMG_3878_Blauwe korenbloem.jpg
    5D mkII Modified EF35-80 mm
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  4. IMG_3879_Korenbloem k.jpg
    5D mkII Modified EF35-80 mm
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  5. IMG_3880_Korenbloem.jpg
    5D mkII Modified EF35-80 mm
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  6. Marcel, tell us about the modified EF 35-80mm. What is modified? I looked this up and read about a front element is removed. Is this something you do or buy already done? Can the lens still be used for non macro shots?
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  7. _MG_2086.jpg 80D 50macro f8.jpg 80D 100macro f11.jpg I dug into the archives a little. Shadows on the wall with SL-1 and 18-55; condensation in between window panes looks more interesting as a shadow.
    Canon 80D with 50mm compact macro at f/8 for the stainless steel scrubber.
    80D with 100 macro at f/11 for the creepy crawler! I'm amazed at the detail these critters have.
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  8. Canon 6D / Canon 16-35mm f2.8
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  9. No, I didn't rotate this picture and yes, they were pointed straight at the ground! Thankfully they performed a very cool routine and landed safely. Airshow a few years back (9/19) at Grissom AFB in Peru, Indiana shot with my 5D2 and 100-400L. 604Aa.jpg
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  10. That's crazy. Great shot.
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