Canon Thursday April 15, 2021

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  1. Asbury Park, New Jersey on a HOT August day

    20150806 5DM30499 Asbury Park NJ Boardwalk 03 C V1.jpg
  2. As last week, just a few shots from the garden.
    The appletree is waiting for warmer weather. (nights are still cold here)
  3. Swan romance 900.jpg Comorant take off.900.jpg Snap 900.jpg I spent a lovely day yesterday shooting the local Lake Life. Canon 90D Sigma 150-600C
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  5. New stadium in the works
    Canon EOS-1
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  7. 2nd pic i took with my new to me EOS T3. howell n.j. IMG_0950.JPG
  8. Spring flowers! I guess a fisheye lens is not the perfect lens for flowers! This photo is cropped a bit. _62A1740.jpg
  9. Thank you Andy!
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  10. Canon 5D MK IV [​IMG]
  11. 5D Mk lll 50mm compact macro; I think there were two girls undercover texting each other. _62A1747.jpg
  12. 19152C98-22BB-4312-BCC7-7E08D920EDD8.jpeg 50D 28-135mm AA76D6CF-2158-41F8-BD5B-12F88C6FB951.jpeg 70D 17-40mm f4 8E196FDC-D435-4CBF-8BED-17DBBAE05901.jpeg 5D MIV 85mm f/1.8 A072575E-D377-4EF5-BCA7-B92BC7E71665.jpeg EOS R 35mm

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