Canon Thursday April 14, 2022

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  1. I am opening this week's Canon Photo Thursday. You all know the drill, post 3 or more photos shot from your Canon EOS Camera (SLR or DSLR or Mirrorless) All are welcome to participate. Late postings are welcome. If you miss Thusday feel free to ad to the thread.

  2. Canon 40D, 100-400L. Yes, I still like to use the 40D every once in a while just to stretch its legs! 041Aa.jpg
  3. Nile Valley rock bird in a more anthropogenic environment at Giza
    Canon 20D, 17-85mm
  4. IMG_3868_Roze korenbloem k.jpg
    5D mkII modified EF 35-80 mm F4-5,6
  5. IMG_3869_Paarse korenbloem.jpg
    5D mkII modified EF 35-80 mm F4-5,6
  6. IMG_3873_Wit bloemmetje k.jpg
    5D mkII modified EF 35-80 mm F4-5,6
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  7. A couple from a lighting seminar. BY3A1887.jpg BY3A1909.jpg
  8. T
    The first looks like one strobe. The second looks like studio lighting, well lit, possibly two temperatures of light, looking at the back of neck, was this a gel pack going for a golden hour look. Just would like to know more about the shoot.

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