Canon Thursday April 1, 2021

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  1. Wow, Late to the party but I am happy to start things off.
    A hot August day for a run on the Asbury Park, New Jersey boardwalk.

    20150806 5DM30508 Asbury Park Boardwalk Runner MWS C Cr V1.jpg
  2. urban patio ll.jpg _62A1732.jpg _62A1724.jpg A few photos with my "obsolete" EF40 f/2.8 lens and "obsolete" 5Diii. The urban patio is now ready with nice bright cushions and a centerpiece. I haven't seen anyone sitting there yet.
    Thanks for starting off, mickeysimpson!
  3. LOL! I use the obsolete EOS 5dMIII. I hope to start working with an old F1N soon as I still have 4 good FD lenses. I'm going backwards!!!!
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  4. Mick, thanks for kicking off. AP was on my wishlist, but declined when i figured out it would be some 4 hour drive from my friends place in Oceanside NY..
    A bit too far just to have a beer at the stone pony. We went to Barrier Brewing co instead. Good beer :)
    Marcel: as good as can be expected after 2.5 years of chemo therapy on a 3 week cyclus.
    What breaks me up is the lack of energy. Even thinking about activities is exchausting.
    I'm glad my garden is waking up.
    Here the apple tree, showing buds.
    daffodils are doing fine:
    front garden had some wind, sharpnes handhold 5d4 with 100 2.8 Lis macro is a bit ehmm..
    all out of camera jpg's only resised.
  5. I hope your cancer therapy goes well. I just finished mine and will see over time who won. Keep the positive outlook!!
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  6. Low key?
    Canon 5Dii, 12500 ISO
  7. low key rabbit IMG_1491.JPG
  8. Working on Installing solar into my RV. The panels and tilt mounts arrived.A little like an Erector Set project with some wiring and electronics.
    I have my two 100 watt panels put together and on the rood of the RV, I also have the Solar Charge Controller mounted and wires run to the RV house batteries.
    Tomorrow will be bringing in the solar panel wires and tieing the in through a fused disconnect box. This should give me 12 Volts DC at around 16 Amps on a sunny day. The MPPT controller should maintain the RV batteries, even when in storage. While boondocking I can keep the fans running, lights and charge phones and tablets without having to fire up the generator. I am still using Liquid Acid Batteries, so any real use of an inverter will be limited unless I invest in some Lithium Iron Phosphat batteries, but they are a bit expensive. I need a sponser, lol.

    Canon 5D MK IV - Canon 40mm Lense.

    Image of the one Renogy 100watt monocrystal solar panel on the Renogy tilting mount hardware.
    Solar Panels-46534.jpg

    Image of the Renogy 40 Amp Solar Charge Controller mounted on the back wall of the RV.
    Solar Charge Controller-46505.jpg
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  9. Nice. Good for you.
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