Canon Thursday #41

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by robinsmith, Oct 12, 2016.

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  2. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    [​IMG]Tal Wilkenfeld

    Tal played bass with Jeff Beck, the Allman Brothers, Herbie Hancock, etc., in case you were wondering who she is.
  3. One World Trade Center - New York City downtown
  4. Last week we went walking on the St. Jan Cathedral in Den Bosch.
    This church is famous for it's statues on the pressure-arches.
  5. now without the scaffolding..
  6. Don't you just like decoration from the 1500's.
    next week gargoyles..
  7. [​IMG]7DII + Sigma 105mm Macro lens
  8. Tal Wilkenfeld is a great player, no question.
  9. A trio of Bagheera pictures this week, from his first really big hike. He did super.
    First off, a picture of him running to catch up with us.
    7DMkII, Tamron 150-600mm lens

    Next, puppy and my son mourn the death of a snake, likely accidentally crushed by a horse. The trail we were on is popular with equestrians.
    7DMkII, Tamron 150-600mm lens

    And last, finishing off a roll of film, puppy enjoying a brief rest in some shaded grass. He's also eating a leaf. Such puppy tastes!
    EOS-1V, Canon 40mm f2.8 lens, Kodak BW400CN film
  10. @Jeff Spirer nice photo! My daughter just took up bass guitar on Monday. I'll have to show her this photo as a female bass player role model.
  11. Last March, but not far off now
  12. Testing a new to me 40D.
  13. Glass in the sun
  14. Another Oldie - > Canon D30 [NOT 30D]
  15. Kodak DCS 560 (=Canon 6000)
  16. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    Jeff, interesting character and great photo. You always make the best out of difficult lighting conditions
  17. Went to the zoo
  18. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Patrick, here's another one for your daughter. Unfortunately, not a good photo, we had to shoot from the back of a large hall (400mm and still not enough). Rhonda Smith, playing with Jeff Beck, bass player for Prince also.
  19. Big Buck Poses
    Urban Buck Jumps Fence

    White-crowned Sparrow
  20. Phil Mickelson at the Safeway Open Wednesday October 12 during the Pro-Am round. I rented the Tamron 28-300 for this. It seems like kit lens optical quality. It was nice to have the range though. The PGA has lens size restrictions for spectators, nothing longer then 6 inches. Not sure how strictly enforced that is. It was a fun day anyways, you always meet happy people at these things.
  21. @David Stephens Big Buck Poses is simply gorgeous. Nice of him to pause like that before leaping away!
  22. Life in a pot !
  23. From my balcony
  24. Fall has reached the Sierra Nevada. The aspens have caught fire in their crimson and golds.
  25. In the Magic Bus, Bethel, NY.
  26. Hippie Bus - Woodstock Museum, Bethel, NY.
  27. Yesterday I went to the World Trade Center to shoot the Oculus, the new transit station. It is magnificent.
  28. The outside of the Oculus and other buildings at the WTC
  29. The beautiful Millennium Tower
  30. Dalsland, late summer.
  31. Bay Street colors.
  32. Patrick S said:
    @David Stephens Big Buck Poses is simply gorgeous. Nice of him to pause like that before leaping away!​
    Thanks Patrick.
    In the posing shot is where they decide which part of the fence they will jump. It requires lots of concentration from them, because, as you probably know. once a deer decides that it's going to do something, there's no turning back. Despite the apparent concentration, they still make lots of mistakes. ;-)

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