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  1. I was on an island, without internet last week, and couldn't participate. My penance is to start this week's thread. You know what to do; 1000p limit, post up to three images.

    I was on Ile-aux-Perroquets, shooting puffin in a workshop led by Canadian wildlife photographer, Christopher Dodds. I took 13,000 images and finally pared it down to less than 2-hundred images, which you can see, if you like, by clicking on any one of the images below to go to the image on my Flickr site, then click on the Puffin Extravaganza link.

    Puffin Portrait

    [​IMG]Puffin Poses by David Stephens, on Flickr

    Atlantic Puffin Landing

    [​IMG]Untitled by David Stephens, on Flickr

    Lodging On Ile-aux-Perroquets

    [​IMG]Lighthouse and Keeper's House by David Stephens, on Flickr
  2. DCStep, 13,000 images?! I'd be cross-eyed by now after paring them down. I'll have to look at your puffins later.
    My god-daughter's husband and their 5 month old son at his christening.
    Canon SL1 with kit lens. 1297-Brian and Gavin.jpg 1297-Brian and Gavin.jpg 1303-choir loft.jpg
  3. Sunrise over Lake Michigan
    80D with EFs 35mm macro 2653-morning clouds over the lake.jpg
  4. Nice shots of the Christening.

    Thanks, in advance, for looking at the Album.

    Shooting fast-moving puffin for three days, leads to a lot of shots. My arms were aching, after day-one. Culling is, indeed, tough work for me. When I broke through to under 200, it was a great relief. You get jaded and it takes several passes to get some semblance of balance in the final result. 200 is still a lot to ask anyone to look through. The Album is showing a respectable 150-Views and a few images have thousands of views. The main point is that I'm happy that I was able to record what I saw.
  5. Love your puffins! We used to have them here but now there is only the odd pair and I've never seen one in the wild. Amazing birds. They do look unique.

    Also, love the christening images. Looks almost like a Swedish church apart from the glass doors.

    I have a picture of one of my "crazies" who loves to show off in front of the camera since her younger brother gets all of the attention. Also, I got the lighting right on the feet picture from last week. But of course, I didn't get the same pose again.



    5D mark IV, 24-70 2.8
  6. @TriggerHappy: i like this pose, the toes are more visible.
    i didn't photograph much this week, been working on another hobby.. (Recording a church organ, editing the recordings is a lot of work..)
    Been to see Ryan Adams last night (great show), didn't even bother to ask for photo permission, he was in the dark most of the show anyway. (as expected)
    Did go to the garden center today, it's raining too hard to plant the flowers.
  7. In the drups you can just make out a sunflower..

  8. No art this week, just another wet flower..
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  10. IMG_0452_Clematis k.jpg IMG_0454_Rode Clematis k.jpg IMG_0460_Margriet k.jpg

    All with 5D mkII & Tamron 90 mm macro
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  11. Anvil Cloud, BOS to SFO the day before the Eclipse. EOS 7D, 16-35 mm. ANVILcloud9937pn.jpg
  12. Eclipse Central - Carbondale

    Traffic was tied up for hours all over the locality


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