Canon Thursday #25

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    Another week, another photo. Let's see yours!
  2. 20D, EFs 15-85, cir pol for image 2 and 3
    HMNZS Te Mana
    Rangitoto Island
    Cheltenham Beach
  3. View of Mt. Everest from base camp.
  4. After a couple of hectic weeks, I'm back.
    Here are some images from last weekend's polo event at Sandhurst.
    Action photos were taken with a 7D2+100-400 and portraits were taken with 5D3+24-70/4 IS.
  5. JDM get well soon, it is fun to be able to go out again.
    Here's proof: First one nephew Luc. (Motorcross)
  6. Saturday we went to the Bosch Parade. Nice day for sitting on the waterside.
  7. rooftop dancing
  8. My incidental post of a Indian locomotive last week stimulated some responses, so I thought I would post some more here.
    These are part of the Indian Rail Museum in New Delhi. I had arrived a day early for the Popular Photography Mentor tour of India, so a got a driver from the hotel and headed for the one attraction that was fairly close to the diplomatic enclave. I love all machinery from old cameras to cars to tanks to tractors, and -- yes-- trains.
    Here is a real exotic - A Patiala State "Monorail" - the engine drives power to a wheel on a single rail, but the other wheels tootle along on the road surface.
    All with Canon EOS 5Dii, EF 24-105mm
    I am mending, thanks, but it seems a very deliberate and slow process.....
  9. Here is a Fireless locomotive - steam was stored in a compartment from a central boiler, so the engine would have no open flame when moving highly inflammable materials.
  10. And last for this week, the NWR-ST707
  11. The World is Green
  12. Out on a photo day with my grandson, the weather/light was poor, company was excellent.
  13. The 1907 steam tug Hercules is being brought back to life at San Francisco's Hyde Street Pier National Historic Site. For the first time in 20 years the public can see the main engine and the many auxiliary engines in operation on the boat.
  14. JDM: interesting trains.
    Only a lightning shot from last night's thunderstorms.
    If I could only rig up a wiper to the outside of the window for these shots!
  15. More from the balcony
  16. Artichoke flower.
  17. My Favorite Pond
  18. From my Colorado trip last week.
  19. [​IMG]
    Couple of punk girls modelling.

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