Canon Thursday 2014, #31

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by robinsmith, Jul 30, 2014.

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    It's that time again to show us your 3 or fewer EOS pics for this week.

    Mine is called "Crossing Broadway, NYC".
  2. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    San Francisco Columbarium, home to the ashes of many dead people.
  3. Fishing on the Grand River, Galt Ontario ~ EOS M(IR) EF 85/1.8
    Cheers! Jay
  4. Kayaks on the Grand River, Galt Ontario ~ EOS M(IR) EF 17-40L
    Cheers! Jay
  5. Columbus Avenue in the City. Canon 6D / 24-105mm
  6. Mark what a nice shot of that old mill.
  7. Thank you, John. I think it's one of the most photographed spots in the Eastern US.
  8. It's that time of year. Yummy.
  9. [​IMG]60D, Sigma 150mm macro
  10. kts


    a few urban snapshots for me this week
  11. kts


  12. kts


    rose of charon
  13. Thom, Nice city scapes...
  14. Old shack in a deep ravine just outside Jerome, AZ.
  15. My contribution is from my balcony with my (new) lens EF 135 mm f2.8 SF. The flowers keep on growing.
  16. More up close, but not macro
  17. not a rolling stone
  18. yet another
  19. Nothing special this week. I'm on the road, as always, and here are three from the last couple of days.
    These are Japanese employees doing their morning stretching outside my hotel in Tokyo. They really do that kind of thing here.
  20. I just like this photo for some reason. It was really quite dark when I took it.
  21. These are sake bottles and other trash inside a Japanese cave on the island of Peleliu. An Australian non-profit group removed all the explosives, but the rest of the artifacts are just as they were when the Marines invaded in 1944. There were a lot of sake bottles.
  22. the orchid decided to bloom again after 5 years..
  23. I thought my gladiola where white, well they are yellow this year..
  24. Here is #3 from me. EOS M(IR) + 17-40L. Three churches in the Hespeler Ontario village core. That is the Speed River in the foreground. Shot about 1 hour ago.
    Cheers! Jay
  25. Last weekend Middlesex County Cricket Club held its annual Ladies Day, where ladies are encouraged to turn up in their hats (many of which were cricket themed) and to attend a champagne reception.
    These were all taken with a 5D2+24-105
  26. Silver Spotted Skipper
  27. the wild blackberries are beginning to ripen
  28. Motorcycle guy. Canon 30D; Sigma 17-70mm.
  29. Grandson's First Birthday photo shoot. We had a lot of laughs.
  30. Two from NYC. Manhattanhenge on 7-12. Clouds on the horizon so no sunset!
  31. The interior of the Empire State Building. Off the lobby, to the right. Beautiful building.
  32. kts


    thanks John.....was in the flats to watch them move the new lift bridge for Columbus Rd. into place and got bored waiting around
    Katherine, looks like a lot of people got skunked waiting for the sunset.....always next year
    Robert, great catch of one of my favorite berries and least favorite insects

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