Canon Thursday #19

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  1. 1000 px maximum dimension, and up to 3 images.

    American alligator 70-300L

    National Zoo 03 2016 8.jpg
  2. Egrets


  3. IMG_4217.jpg IMG_4104.jpg IMG_4136.jpg

    EOS 6D, EF28/1.8
    3 images from location scouting in LA.
  4. Thanks Igord, i also photograped some police.
    Last sunday we had the Turf, a ride with cars and motorcycles for handicaped in Lelystad.
    There were a group who like to drive in Us inspired policevehicles and dress up..
    So here's some fake police for you all.
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  5. And this one is fake as well.
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  6. But this one is real.
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  7. Three shots taken in Luckenbach Texas April 5, 2017 using a Canon 50D with the 40 MM pancake lens.
    Well tried to upload a picture to go with this but getting an error - not oversized so don't know what is wrong.
  8. Sam, try going through "more options". that works for me when i get an error. (don't forget to also press: post reply)
  9. Two redwinged blackbirds eye each other up. Yep, it's spring in Iowa.


    Canon EOS Rebel SL1
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  10. 3-in-1
    Panorama from "Sears" Tower
    Canon 5D 24-105mm
  11. Just to be clear, this is an experiment with blending exposures which are an hour or so apart. Will need to develop this method further.

    5D Mark IV, 24-70mm 2.8 L II
  12. Tulip

    IMG_0131_Gele tulp kl.jpg

    Canon 5D mkII Tamron 90 mm macro
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  13. Ranunculus

    IMG_0080_Ranonkel k.jpg

    Canon 5D mkII Tamron 90 mm macro
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  14. 5D mk3 400mm f8 1/4000 - Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge, Woody Pond. The time to move was rapidly approaching... Gator1.jpg
  15. Canon 5D Mark IV - Canon 40mm f/2.8
    Brooklyn, NY
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  16. Canon 5D Mark IV - Canon 40mm f/2.8
    On the BQE.JPG
    On the Brooklyn Queens Expressway from the top of an Uber.
  17. Canon 5D Mark IV - Canon 40mm f/2.8
    Juniors__MGL3491.JPG Juniors__MGL3491.JPG
    Junior's in Brooklyn, NY. I have eaten breakfast here a lot while working in Brooklyn.
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  18. Not sure why it is displaying the same photo twice, it was only uploaded once and I can't fix it. :)

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