Canon T70 Back-Up Battery?

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by john_lu, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. 1). Is there a back-up lithium battery in Canon T70?

    2). How to check/find/replace this battery, if there is one?
  2. the best of my knowledge there IS NOT a back up battery à la the T90's Lithium BR-1225 or CR-1220.
  3. The T70 has a backup battery. Christian Rollinger's site has the service manual:

  4. Thanks to Duane Kucheran for his great information RE; a T70 does indeed contain a backup battery (and obviously it's not a Con-Ed battery...Con-Ed being NYC's electricial utility).
    I've shot with the great T70 several times and have bought several of them for students. During that time I never realized that the camera did indeed contain a backup...(I always thought eprom).
    So once again thanks for clearing up one big misconception (or screwup if you will) on my part!
  5. Thanks to all of you,

    The camera has been taken apart and, indeed, there is a battery of a size of about half an inch, the battery was soldered onto the flex with two ss contact.

    The voltage of the battery is 3.44 V, is this the correct voltage or it is too low?

    If the battery is not the cause of my problem, then what could cause the LCD goes to blank while the camera is switched off?

    Another question is that is there a reset mechanism that would reset the electronics to factor default state?

    Thanks again!

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