Canon Speedlight 540 EZ and EOS 5D.

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by hop_phan, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. I just bought an EOS 5D and I have an old 540EZ speedlight. I know that the
    540EZ does not support E-TTL/II that means it is not (fully )compatible with
    the 5D. My question is : can I use this flash in manual mode with the 5D and it
    won't do any damage to the 5D .?
    Thanks for all yours inputs.

    Hop Phan.
  2. No, any Canon flash made within the last 20 or so years will not damage any cameras. However, as you said, it will be useable in manual mode only.
  3. The 540EZ and 5D can be used togther with no fear of damaging either.

    The 540EZ will work just fine in manual mode.
  4. I concur with the others. I bought a 540EZ specifically for my 5D since I only shoot flash in manual mode. I couldn't see paying for the automation of a 580EX if I wasn't going to use it. Besides, the 540EZ has a greater autofocus assist light range than the 580EX (15 vs 10 meters) which is the primary reason I bought it. Otherwise, since I shoot only in manual mode, I would use even cheaper, non-Canon flash units such as my Sunpak 422's and 522's.

    The D30, D60 and 10D can be damaged by flash units with trigger voltages higher than 6 volts. the 20D, 30D and 5D, however, are protected up to 250 volts on either the hot shoe or PC connector.

    Chuck Norcutt
  5. In case you are considering the 580 in the future, I just wanted to say that I have it on my 5D and love it. I don't even use a flash bracket and the ETTL is sweet! I get nice exposures when taking close ups of my children using a 135mm f/2L.
  6. Go to the bottom of and select 5D and 540EZ.

    Happy shooting,

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