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  1. I've done several searches on the net and have found very little as
    far as 100% images or crops from these lens. What I have noticed is
    that both are very highly regarded in general. The price difference
    at B&H is minor so can go with either one. One thing that does
    attract me to the Sigma is that it has a 7 blade aperture and the
    Canon has 5. Would really appreciate the opinion and maybe some image
    samples from those that have had experience with both these lens. If
    you are aware of sites on the internet that offers a comprehensive
    comparison that I may have missed it would be highly appreciated. I
    currently own a 16-35L. But am interested in one of these for a
    slightly different application.

    P.S. Already been to the regular sites like FM
  2. I shot briefly with a Sigma 15mm fisheye on a 10D, it was nice but didn't blow me away. However, this sample shot from a 1Ds Mark II and the Canon 15mm fisheye does blow me away.

    Just a thought...

  3. I love my sigma 15mm FE. I can't speak for the canon but the sigma is wonderfully sharp.

    I'm not sure what the 2 extra blades would win you on a 15mm fe. There really isn't much bokeh to speak of with a lens that has that kind of depth of field.
  4. Sheldon took a look at the image you linked to. Your right that did blow me away! Big time. Pretty incredible.
  5. The Canon EF 15mm Fisheye has the best MTF of any Canon wide angle lens, zoom OR
    prime. By far. Even after de-fishing, it should still have excellent quality. I don't have
    one, but it's next on the list as I shoot with a 10D and my 'ultra wide' EF 20-35 f/3.5-4.5
    doesn't feel nearly as wide as it did on the 1n.
  6. or save a few bucks and get the Zenitar 16/2.8 <p> <img src =>
  7. Sheldon: On the Russian Zenitar... you have to buy an adapter ring for a Canon EOS? If so, I would assume you lose the AF. Do you also lose the metering capability?

  8. I mostly use Av with my Zenitar FE. Metering is never a problem since it is TTL anyway.

    Mine came with EOS mount, no AF, but focusing is not a problem. You can either manually focus with wide open - for brighter image in viewfinder - then stop down to whatever aperture, or simply turn the focusing ring to the approximate distance mark on the scale.

    The Zenitar is sharp even wide open, very sharp from 5.6 or down. The front element extrudes so it is easy to get dirt on it, however the low price also give me peace of mind.

    Happy shooting

  9. Mine was M42 mount, and I use it w/an adapter. Unfortunately, mine was not "sharp wide open" like Lei's and I had to adjust the infinity point - not too hard to do, but it was worrisome when I opened those first files. But for $110 vs. $400+, I'm willing to put up w/such.
  10. I would not call the Zenitar truly "sharp" at any aperture, especially in the corners, but it's a decent value for the money.
    You can see some samples from the Zenitar on a 20D here: Zenitar fisheye on 20D

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