Canon Sees Impossible

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by alan_bryant|1, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. An interesting page up at
    Assorted teasers. "At Canon, we see impossible." Reads like a rough translation of a Japanese original.
    And there's a countdown timer, currently at 31 and a half hours.
  2. That's quite a build up -- it better be something good!
  3. I'm sure it's going to be one heck of a copier! ;)
  4. A page of pretentious twaddle and a countdown clock? That's... not the most enthralling teaser I've ever seen.

    Probably is for a copier.
  5. My money is on them expanding their 3D printing partnership/offerings (currently Japan only). Not a lot of money, mind you...but 2 bits at least... :)
  6. I'm guessing all current Rebels will be soon available in white...
  7. I was thinking maybe it was the long-awaited fuchsia 5D mk 3.
    I do wonder if it's a Japan-only release, since the US teaser page seems like an afterthought? Could be a copier or printer, or maybe something with EOS M.
    It's coming right after Photokina, which would have been the logical time to do a major photography-related announcement, so perhaps it's only peripherally related to photography.
  8. A new instant film camera in partnership with The Impossible Project.
  9. It may have nothing to do with cameras or lenses. If it were a major camera announcement, they'd have made it at Photokina.
    I'd guess some sort of office product, maybe a copier that makes toast and coffee or something similar.
    I'd hope that it's printer ink at $1/gallon rather than the current $5000/gallon, but that's impossible...
  10. I'm betting it's the long-awaited Direct Print Button II with a new icon.
  11. Just because they "see impossible" doesn't mean they are doing anything about it!
  12. 6D with joystick.
  13. ...Apparently it wasn't a product at all, but an announcement of a new marketing campaign with new branding. "Canon See Impossible".
  14. That was a letdown! I was expecting at least a new Rebel or S series.
  15. Great start to the new marketing campaign by annoying the customer base!

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