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  1. Has anyone ever been to or used the Canon Repair Facility in Jamesburg, NJ? I am looking to get my 60D's peeling body put back together soon and am interested in hearing about other's experiences.
  2. I had a modification done to my 7D on one occasion, and a warranty repair on a 100-400 on another. No problems for me
    at all. Easy to get to, and turnaround was very quick.
  3. I'm there more often - I get sensor cleanings done there too - and find the same thing as Larry; quick turnaround, clear information and easy to get to.
  4. I had a good experience a few years back getting some drop damage fixed. Reasonably fast, acceptable communication,
    but most importantly they fixed it.
  5. A few years ago, I sent back my 5D (Classic) for sensor cleaning. It was a month or 2 out of warranty, but they cleaned and adjusted it for free anyway. It came back quickly, nicely cleaned and fully functional. My 5D went back a 2nd time for a detached mirror--a problem that was somewhat common with this camera. The NJ site repaired the mirror quickly and at no cost.
    More recently, I had my 100-400 repaired for failed IS while the lens was in warranty. It took 2 round trips to get this issue resolved. When it came back after the first "repair", it wasn't repaired at all. They did send me a shipping label to return it again, so I didn't have to pay the shipping/insurance a 2nd time. The did give good, prompt service on the 2nd attempt. They said the failure-to-repair the first time was due to the IS chip being incorrectly mounted.
    Maybe 6 months after getting the 100-400 lens back the 2nd time, the IS slider broke off, which I thought was a bit odd since the lens had seen no rough treatment. I actually found the slider sitting on my desk next to where I kept the lens. This fix was $300 (ouch!). I still have some lingering thoughts that the slider failure was somehow related to the earlier repair, despite their claim that the 2 events were unrelated.
    So, for me, their record is a bit mixed. They have shown a kindness to disregard that my 5D warranty period had expired by a month or 2 and fully repair the mirror failure at no charge, but then later had a more spotty record on their repair of my 100-400. Turnaround was always quick, but not completely effective on the first go.
  6. When my 100-400 went under the wrench, it was a couple months out of a refurbished (90 day) Canon warranty. The lens simply couldn't be used with either the IS or AF on, as the IS block was acting up, and making the image jump in the VF. It would also lock up the 7D with an error on occasion. It came back in a few days, repaired free, and with a laundry list of parts replaced. It has been fine for more than a year now.
    The 7D went in for the Locking Mode Dial modification. I still think if I'd gotten there first thing in the morning, I'd have had it back the same day...
  7. I live right around the corner from there. They do a great job.
  8. My 5DII body came through that facility, it was an early s/n unit that traveled with a Canon rep or it was a dealer/distributor demo. Looked, felt and smelled like a new camera. They do excellent work.
  9. How do I find a Canon Repair Facility that serves Indiana, specifically those of us here in Central Indiana? Normally I'd take it to my local camera shop that I've gone to for 22 years, but they close forever on the 15th; how depressing! Now I've got to find a facility that'll fix the unit that communicates with the batteries in my 7D.

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