Canon Rebel XT "Error 99" at every 5th shot

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mendel_leisk, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. We have a Canon Rebel XT, about 2 years old, which is now consistantly showing
    these symptoms:

    Start by removing and re-inserting main battery. Shoot 4 shots. Shooting a
    fifth shot results in "Error 99" message. Turn camera off/on dispels message.
    Taking another shot results in immediate "Error 99" message. Remove and re-
    insert of main battery allows you to shoot 4 more shots, but fifth shot
    yields "Error 99".

    The camera is out of warranty, and I *think* has had about 6200 shots taken.
    We've tried shooting with different lens, without lens, cleaning contacts,
    without card. Have tried shooting with lens off with mirror lock-up, to have a
    look at the shutter leafs, they look flat and uniform. The camera has the
    latest firmware.

    Any ideas?
  2. zml


    Try turning the camera off, removing the storage card and reinserting it (or insert a different card altogehter.) Error 99 is a general communications error which is - in my experience - sometimes triggered by the storage medium, not the body/lens connection.
  3. Thanks Michael, but I don't think that's the problem: We've tried 2 cards, a 1 gig Lexar and a 2 gig Sandisk, and shooting with no card. The latter, done after remove/reinstall of battery *still* allows 4 shots, then "Error 99" at the fifth shot.
  4. G`day, have you tried it without a lens on?
  5. Yup.

    Just to verify my wine-clouded memory, I went through the exercise again, same result (with battery removed/installed): 4 shots ok, "Error 99" at fifth shot.
  6. Something more:

    If I remove/replace the battery, take 2 shots, turn the camera off/on: it does not reset the 4 shot limit. When I turn the camera back on, I can take a further 2 shots, the next results in... "Error 99".

    Here's someone with a similar issue, but I don't think he resolved it:
  7. R u using a sigma lens?
  8. Nope: the lens are Canon 17-85 and 10-22 (plus no lens).
  9. Try again, with approx. 5 minute delay between shots: still 4 shots work, then "Error 99" with fifth shot.
  10. Tried resetting all settings to default. The camera was set to save Raw only, after reset it set to large/fine jpeg. No change: 4 shots after battery remove/install are ok, then "Error 99".
  11. Maybe reload the firmware. I`m not a computer expert, but sounds currupt somewere in the memory. or a call to canon.
  12. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    >>> Start by removing and re-inserting main battery. <<<

    Take BOTH batteries out and leave out overnight.

    Reinsert both batteries.

    [Assuming you have reloaded the firmware]

    If still stuffed send it to Canon.

    My guess: Mirror Box Assembly, it displays error 99 too, (well it did for me, but was intermittent for only three frames then died completely.)

    Keep us informed, please. Good Luck

  13. zml


    Send it to Canon. Unfortunately pretty much all digital camera manufacturers have decided to follow the footsteps of computer makers and instead of reporting extended error conditions in plain language, we get "Error99." (Yeah, there is a need for a catch-all error because like all complex systems digital cameras are testable, but by no means are ever fully tested. Still...)
  14. Tried reloading firmware: 1.0.3 to 1.0.3. Took four shots, crossed fingers, took fifth shot: no joy ;(

    Will try taking out both batteries now.

    I see new Rebel XT's are $394US at B&H. Also looking at the XTi, and see there is an Xsi on the horizon. I'm a bit uneasy about another Rebel purchase at this point, tho...

    Hmm, the Rebel's are cool little cameras: this is our son's camera, and it's the first time I've played around with it. I like the menu structure better (compared to 20D/30D/40D/5D format), with the columns accross the top allowing you to jump to the menu sub-catagories, and most if not all individual menu items then available without scrolling. Neat little camera.
  15. Changed File Numbering from Continuous to Auto Reset. No more "Error 99" at fifth shot. Breakthrough! :)

    Changed back to continuous: "Error 99" back, at fifth shot. :(

    Changed back to Auto Reset: "Error 99" persists, at fifth shot. Setback! :|
  16. Took *both* batteries out for a minute or two. When replaced, the camera indicate low battery state, all of a sudden. Maybe the camera has been falsely optimistic about battery state, and removal of both batteries has reset this. The (big) battery has never been replaced on this camera. Grasping at straws.

    Now that I know *where* the little battery is, I'll leave *both* out for a proctracted time interval, per William's suggestion, and get the big one fully charged, and see how it goes.

    Still, I'm sure I was on to something, changing file count from "continuous" to "auto reset". Nice while it lasted...
  17. I know this sounds peculiar, but put the body without batteries into a plastic ziplock bag and freeze for at least an hour.<BR>Take it out and let the condensation occur onto the baggie for about 20 minutes, reinsert batteries and see if it works. <BR><BR>I am amazed how often this will get results with electronics.
  18. I can't bring myself to do it, yet...
  19. Mendel,

    Try this - set the camera to A mode and put the aperture as high as it goes (f22 or higher). Fire a shot, it should give you err99. If it does it is a bad aperture assembly on the lens. If it is doing it without a lens then most likely a bad shutter and the shutter will have to be replaced - no self fix there. The fifth shot err99 just sounds like a strange coincidence as err99 is usually random, not at predisposed intervals but i guess if one of the shutter blades is warped it could cause the shutter to fail after a set number of shots.

    Good Luck

  20. Thanks, Mark. I'll think about that. It's for sure not the lens tho (I wish it was): at the latest I've just been shooting in manual, with no lens attached and the body cap on. Also, I did a few shots with mirror lock up on, and after the first shutter depression had a good look at the exposed shutter. It "looked" fine: flat and even spaced blades.

    A stumper. And yes, it every fifth shot that results in error message, very strange. One time, upon changing the shot counter from continuous to auto-reset, I got past the 5 shot barrier. But then, with subsequent switches between shot counting modes, there was no difference.

    Kevin, et all, I tried putting it in the freezer for an hour. Then left it sitting almost a day sans *all* batteries, *and* crossed my fingers when testing the result, but no change ;(

    I emailed Canon Canada an extensive email explaining in detail the symptoms. They sent back the form letter to send it in, they'll provide free estimate. I think a human being gave my email a cursory glance and then pushed a button to generate their response.
  21. I just thought of a problem I had with the 1st D body D30 back about `02, the battery got a crook cell and brought up `99`, everytime I turned it of it would recover just for a few shots, but not a set count, I guess you have tried a new battery? Mine was charging like in ten minutes so I thought fully charged, long shot:)
  22. Chris,

    That actually is one thing I've been suspecting, and I think I should follow-up. I don't have a spare battery in that format, it's the only Rebel in our household, but I'm thinking to see if I can try a battery at a local store. Still wary though, my hopes have been dashed so many times, LOL.

    One symptom I've seen is the battery will show "full charge", then a few test shots latter it shows "completely depleted", and refuses to take a shot. The camera is over 2 years old, on orig. battery. I'll check that out (trying another battery) and post the outcome.
  23. Update: I tried another battery at a local store (Kerrisdale Cameras), and unfortunately: no change. Think it's off to Canon ;(
  24. Pity, they most likely replace the shutter then agin could be anything, good luck with it...
  25. Shipped it to Canon, to be told the "standard" charge would apply. This works out to about $100 less than the price of a new XT through B&H. Got it shipped back without repair, not sure what to do now. It's likely become a door stop ;(
  26. Hi Mendel,

    Just wondering if any further update with your error 99 problem - I am crossing my
    fingers something magically worked, as I have exactly the same problem as you! (error
    99 appearing on every 5th shot).... Hope you have good news...
  27. Did Canon say why they would not repair it? Did they charge you $100 and not fix it?
  28. Kevin!....?
    "I know this sounds peculiar, but put the body without batteries into a plastic ziplock bag and freeze for at
    least an hour.
    Take it out and let the condensation occur onto the baggie for about 20 minutes, reinsert batteries and see if it

    I am amazed how often this will get results with electronics."

    LOL! I am amazed it would ever have worked. I was an electronics technician for years before I became an
    engineer, freezing the electronics will cause the metal in the camera electronics to contract. Possibly this
    could have effected any physical connection of metal to metal or a cold solder joint (if that were the problem)
    but in the unlikely event that this somehow worked it would not a permanent fix. A fluke at best and once the
    camera was bumped or temperature changed the problem would be back. It may not harm the camera any worse than
    leaving it in you car overnight on a cold winter evening.

    But I would no more suggest this than to suggest putting the camera in a shake and bake bag with barbecue sauce
    and baking at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

    Has Canon said this camera is unrepairable? They can't put a new board in it? Has Canon decided if it takes the
    technician more than 10 minutes to fix the camera it is non reparable? Did you have a lazy bench tech that didn't
    want to deal with fixing it? I would like to know more of what they had to say. I have a Digital Rebel XT and it
    was not a cheap Camera, I would expect it to be reparable by the manufacturer.

    I would write a letter to Canon, I would expect that a Camera that sold for $800 new should not be a throw away
    Camera and this will greatly influence future purchases. Obviously if the Camera can take 4 photos, it works. It
    has the ability to take a photo. The issue is in the electronics handling the files., electronics should be able
    to be replaced. More than likely Canon has the cost of the replacement board higher than the $100 repair cost and
    they don't want to take a loss.

    I feel your pain Mendel. Good luck.
  29. Sorry for not checking back on this thread sooner. We're still in limbo on the 4-shot XT, thwarted by Canon's "standard" charge for camera repair. I suspect it's often the case that near perfect electronic goods get dumped when there is a simple fix available, but the price is too high. Anyway, we bought our son an XSi ;)
  30. Just to clarify:

    Canon would not quote a repair price prior to me shipping the camera to them. Upon receipt of the camera they
    quoted me a repair price which they described as their standardized camera repair charge. In other words, it doesn't
    matter what the problem is, the repair cost is the same. Now why they need the camera in their hands *before* they
    tell you this... has me stumped.

    This is a repeat of a previous experience I had with them involving a lens repair. In that case the charge was fairly
    low, and I followed through and got the repair done.

    But in this case, the price was rougly $100 less than B&H's current price for a new replacement camera. I'm sorry I
    can't be more specific, it looks like I've deleted the email. I would hazard it was in the high $200's.
  31. How does the camera work with the remote shooting software? USB line to the camera. Any limit when you shoot with the Remote Camera software. Using a notebook PC may be an awkward work around, but would enable the camera to be useful in some applications. I would pay the $100 for the repair if it were me.
  32. I'll give the remote software a try, thanks for the idea.

    Please note, the repair price was *not* $100 (that I would have gone for), it was around $100 *less* than the price of a new XT through B&H, when I checked. In the high $200's, I've lost the email with the exact quote.

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