Canon Rebel vs D60

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by meredith_cornett, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. hey all...I have the Canon Digital Rebel and I've seen a nice D60
    for the D60 more medium format based or 35mm like the
    rebel??? I know the D60 has more features on it, but is there really
    a huge difference in the cameras?? can one give me better results
    over the other??? thanks to all!!!
  2. I have a friend with the D60 which I have tried. I currently own both a 10D and Digital Rebel. The Digital Rebel has better, faster, more sensative AF and better high ISO noise performance than the D60. If you want the manual options the D60 offers over the Digital Rebel and you don't want to buy a new camera, buy a nice, used 10D. Either are a better choice than the D60.
  3. if you want custom functions like mirror lock up, or iso3200 try the russian firmware hack, i've heard it's great. if you have a digital rebel dont even think about the d60.
  4. I have a D60. First thing to say is, I can create (I think....) some great images with it. Here
    are some examples:-

    Having said that, the same would be true of the D-rebel - you just have to know how to
    use what you've got. There are differences between the two, of course, and other posters
    have alluded to some of them. There is one other major factor, to my mind: the
    D60 can't take EF-S lenses. The 18-55 you probably got with the D-Rebel won't fit on the
    D60. More importantly, neither will the 17-85 which is a much better lens, nor
    the 10-22. So while the D60 is a very capable machine, and in some areas surpasses
    the D-Rebel, in other significant ways it would be a step back.
  5. You need ultrasonic lenses for d60 for good AF performance. D60 is more solid, the body fits nicely to your hand. As for quality, I did 2 big calendars with d60 for 2005 with L zoom and quality was very good. Asa goes to 1000 only, I sometimes use 800 and quality is decent.
  6. "You need ultrasonic lenses for d60 for good AF performance"

    but the same lens on the 300d will be faster.

    The d60 is a capable camera (no-one says it isn't), but in many ways the 300d is more so.

    Meredith, if you have money to spend, spend it on lenses.
  7. Build quality and features are significantly better on the D60.
    The Digital Rebel is a great camera, but more suited towards beginners. (offering better quality straight-from-the-camera photos over the D60 due to the DIGIC processor)
    However, since most serious photographers use their PC as a digital darkroom to refine their shots, i dont really see this as an issue unless you're using the camera for holiday snaps. Where a compact would be far more efficient.
    With the level of experience i have, I'd feel limited by the Rebel and i'm very happy with my D60, although its put to shame by my neighbours 1Ds :eek:(
    However, either camera is a good choice.

    My gallery, all taken with D60

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