Canon RAW processor DPP 4 adjustment sliders don't work

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by ray ., Jun 8, 2021.

  1. Hi Folks

    I picked up a used Canon 6D (1st version) and downloaded Canon's DPP 4 RAW processor. The software converts the files to TIF alright but none of the sliders like brightness or contrast adjustments do anything. I can move them but they don't affect the image at all. So far the first shots have come out fine though and have needed little to no adjustment in photoshop.

    Doing a search I see some complaints about DPP 4 from 2014 and wonder to what degree things were resolved by Canon. I'm on OS Mac Mojave 10.14.6 and have been successful so far hanging onto and using CS4 photoshop. I had been using CS4 to convert the RAW files from my 5D classic with 'Camera RAW 5.0', make adjustments there, with final tweaks after converting to TIF.

    Am I missing anything just using DPP 4 only to convert the files to TIF, or should it be fully operable for adjustments? 'Camera RAW' 5.0 in CS4 offers quite a lot of nuance and flexibility for 5D RAW files, but it's unusable with the 6D.
  2. Are you trying to adjust a jog or raw image? The sliders don’t work with jpgs.
  3. RAW
  4. photoshop CS4 seems to give better results from the 5D than Canon's DPP4 so far, with easy options for adjustment. Just a bit disconcerting right now since CS4 can't convert 6D RAW files.

    Also, what's happened to this forum? Back in the day there would be at least 10 replies here by now.
  5. OK now I'm seeing the first horizontal row of tabs under 'Tool palette', in the 3rd box over with 2 circles inside is to adjust specific areas, so it's me not knowing that's what it was or how to use it that was the problem. And I just discovered the 'Advanced' menu that has more of what I want and does work. Still seems clunky but I need to get more familiar with it… Anyone with a 1st version 6D use something else? I'm guessing newer editions of photoshop might support 6D RAW files.

    Haven't looked but I assume the 6D doesn't allow for interchangeable screens for the viewfinder. A 25mm manual focus Zeiss is a bit difficult to focus, especially if you're not up close to the subject.
  6. "Also, what's happened to this forum? Back in the day there would be at least 10 replies here by now"

    What is left of PN is very Nikon centric, not like the old days when Phillip ran PN and EOS was the most prominent brand in terms of forum responses. I found that DPP was very clunky for anything more than RAW conversion, and I abandoned it completely over 10 years ago when I bought my first Olympus and stopped carrying the 5D around due to my deteriorating spine. I know that people do convert RAW to DNG in order to use the files on an older version of PS that does not support direct RAW conversion of their camera. I don't do that since I use a current version of Lightroom, so it may help to ask this specific question Digital Darkroom forum. You may get a better response than in the EOS forum.

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