Canon Rapidly Discontinuing DSLR Lenses

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by Mark Keefer, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Still don't get it when people switch to RF because of the weight.
    The RF lenses they are releasing now are not light at all.
  2. Canon response is that they are "optimizing" the EF line not discontinuing lenses.
    Canon Is Not Discontinuing EF Lenses But Making Sort Of "Spring Clean
    Sounds like typical corporate BS to me.

    I would agree that swapping from DSLR FF to mirrorless FF is unlikely to result in significant weight savings. Only exception would the RF 70-200 F2.8 which is about 30% lighter/smaller than its EF counterpart. No idea if the shorter flange distance or some other enginining feature allowed such weight reduction .
  3. Not only that but Canon has quietly increased UK prices on the EF and RF lenses and RF bodies over the last few months. The 50mm TS-E which is on my want list is over around 15% more expensive than 18 months ago. Even the R5 & R6 bodies have gained £100 lately.
  4. Hardly surprising. First, there has been a global increase in the price of many complex electronics because of supply chain problems, chip shortages, etc. This has had repercussions throughout the economy--e.g, a steep price in the cost of rental cars. (Agencies unloaded their fleets when COVID reduced demand, and now that demand is creeping up, cars are hard for them to come by because manufacturers, faced with chip shortages, have been producing fewer low-price cars.) Second, the camera market has been shrinking. Even though the ILC market has shrunk far less than the market for cheaper cameras, it's shrunk. Smaller volumes mean that fixed prices (design, testing, retooling production equipment, facilites costs, etc.) have to be spread over fewer units, and that raises prices. I think it's remarkable that at least in US prices, after taking inflation into account, Canon is selling the R5 for nearly the identical price of the 5D IV when it was introduced.
  5. Obviously I haven't been keeping up on Canon- Just bought a 1st version 6D from KEH today to upgrade from my 14 year old 1st version 5D. Looking at 35 and 24 ef L lenses and figured maybe I ought to mosey over here...

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