Canon produces 30 millionth EOS-series SLR camera

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  1. Canon produces 30 millionth EOS

    TOKYO, December 20, 2007 - Canon Inc. today announced the achievement of a new
    camera-manufacturing milestone as combined production of the company's
    EOS-series film and digital single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras passed the
    30-million mark. Additionally, production of EOS Digital-series SLR cameras has
    passed the 10-million unit threshold.

    The achievement coincides with Canon's 70th anniversary and the 20th anniversary
    of the launch of its EOS line of SLR cameras.


    A little history:

    Canon produces 30-millionth EF lens

    TOKYO, January 19, 2006 - Canon Inc. today announced the achievement of a new
    lens-production milestone as production of the company's EF lenses passed the
    30-million mark.

    Production of interchangeable EF lenses for Canon EOS-series AF (autofocus) SLR
    cameras began in 1987 at the company's Utsunomiya Plant. Canon produced its
    10-millionth EF lens in August 1995, its 20-millionth in February 2001 and, a
    mere five years later, has now reached the 30-million plateau. This achievement
    reflects users' high level of satisfaction with the performance and quality
    realized by EF lenses, as well as the service offered through Canon's marketing

    Canon's proprietary EF (electro-focus) lens, which combines a large-diameter
    fully electronic lens mount and an internal autofocus motor, was born in 1987.

  2. cool, thanks

  3. I wonder if they'll be a special edition anniversary model? I remember the EOS 10S anniversary model. They painted the plastic silver, attached a special anniversary badge and
    charged a lot extra. A nekid titanium 40D with ECF and matching titanium pancake lens
    would be way cool.
  4. Whoo. Lots of supply. When are the prices going down?

  5. Lots of supply? The cameras become obsolete so fast...

    I believe my 5D will stop working next month after Canon announces (hopefully) its replacement. I will be forced (against my will) to purchase one - oh well!
  6. I keep trying to kill my such luck yet, so I guess I am stuck with the dinosaur.

  7. I was hoping that my 30D would fail, but WTH, i got a new 40D. I would have wait forever, my 300D is a tank... ;-)
  8. oops, i meant 300D... 4 years and counting

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