Canon Pixma Pro9000 custom paper sizes

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by nickm, May 27, 2007.

  1. The printer manual states it can print sheets of up to 14" x 23". This
    requires the front tray and a custom paper size selection since this is not a
    standard size.

    When I attempt to print from any app, the list of paper sizes for the 9000
    includes a custom entry. From there, I go to setup\printer\properties to get
    to the 9000 setting screen.

    I then create a profile including the custom dimensions, front tray input,
    etc. Next I choose 'retrieve from profiles' to configure the printer drivers
    to the new profile settings. On clicking 'ok' and returning to the initial
    app, the printer page size never changes from 8 1/2" x 11"

    Do non-standard custom paper sizes work for this printer?

  2. Problem was fixed with a Microsoft Office update. Nothing to do with the printer drivers.

    Man the Pixma Pro9000 has an odd oversized print procedure. For anyone's info, it takes 16" of space behind the printer to print the max sized doc since the sheet is fed into the front and exits back out the front. The printer wheels are really useful and the whole procedure is kind of fun.

    I bought some 23 x 48" paper at ok in order to print the maximum 14 x 23" on the printer. Fun to watch the printer pull the giant sheet through itself and then spit it back out with a perfect image!
  3. "I bought some 23 x 48" paper at ok in order to print the maximum 14 x 23" on the printer."

    Nick: where did you buy that paper? (I have a Pro9000, and would like to try this.)
  4. After much digging for info and calling Canon to check if it would harm the printer, I have successfully printed 14 x 23 on the "Breathing Color" brand canvas. I used the fine art photo rag setting which Canon CS rep told me was quite close to the "canvas" profile. This allows a full size 14 x 23 print with a narrow border all around and eliminates the need for the 35 mm margins top and bottom that the canvas setting requires. The only thing I noticed was that the printer liked the canvas fed with the roll curl direction fed directly into the printer. I tried it cross wise and it seemed to make one very slight line artifact at the beginning and then the end of the print process. Results were very good with this experiment. I did pull slight amount of magenta out and also reduced the saturation by chosing manual instead of auto in the print setup. Thought other pro 9000 owners might be interested in this. I will be trying Canson XP canvas in the future.
  5. Hi, which MS Office update did you use to fix the original problem? I'm encountering something similar, in which I can't set up a custom print size for 11 x 14.
  6. Yes - very interested to learn which MS Office update (I don't use or have office installed ).. also, are their profiles for paper such as Arches paper? Thanks!

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