Canon Photo Thursday August 4, 2022

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  1. It is time for this week's Canon Photo Thursday. This is your chance to share your epic, fun, cool, and/or interesting photo with everyone here on PN. Show us your vision, your style, your projects, your travels, adventures, photo missions or just something you shot that captured your fancy. You all know the drill, post one, two, three, or more photos shot from your Canon EOS Camera (SLR or DSLR or Mirrorless. Was your camera made by Canon? If so, post your shots). All are welcome to participate. Late postings are welcome. If you miss Thursday, feel free to add to the thread another day. Looking forward to seeing your shots. Pick up the camera and shoot something. Even if you didn't get out this week , you know you have some blast from the past stashed in your archives. We have a lot of regulars here reading. Jump in and post. Show us your shots.

    Sorry ran late this week. Crazy week here.
    Can9n 5D MKIV - Sunset through the trees.
  2. Another from a series of shots from last week--R6, 100-400L 590Bb.jpg
  3. IMG_1055.JPG
    Early Morning.
    Canon PowerShot G1X.
  4. Kalmar Nyckel 2022750.jpg The Kalmar Nyckel visited Greenport, Long Island NY this week. She's a beauty! Canon 90d Tamron 16-300mm

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